Wednesday, 30 September 2009

7 weeks to go

EEK! Due date is 7 weeks and 2 days away!

Have been to the hospital today as baby is measuring on the large side and is also breech. They werent too concerned about size, so not overly huge (phew) and she commented that as last baby was 9lb 7 it is expected for me to have one at least that size this time!

If baby is still breech in 2 weeks, they will start to look at options for turning him and for delivery - quiet scary to think that if i end up with a section i could have a babba in 5 or 6 weeks!!!!!!!!! (Ive totally convinced myself that nothing will happen til end of Nov so any earlier is going to be a bit of a shock!)

Latest bump pic, taken on Sunday - getting brave with this one, you can see skin!

Also, i mentioned my mum had had to have her dog put to sleep on 1st Sept. Well look at who came to live with her on Saturday!! Sooooo cute (and sooooooo much hard work!), she is 9 weeks old, a cross jack russell and beagle and is called Jenni!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

2 Months To Go

Eeeek!! 2 months today until my due date! Not that i think for a minute baby will cooperate and come on time - ive more than likely got 2 months and 10 days at least!

Got weighed last week and am now 18 st 11 lbs, was 18 st 11.5lbs when i found out i was pregnant, so i havent done too bad! When i was last at midwife baby was measuring big so they want to keep an eye on me in case of gestational diabetes, so as i may have no choice but to give up sugar i may lose weight again!! Fingers crossed!

This is a pic of bump as of yesterday :)

Sunday, 6 September 2009

What a Week

Well i knew things werent going to be easy this week as my mum had made an appointment for the vet to come on Tuesday, to have her little dog, Sally, put to sleep. We've had her for 16 years, and she was about 2 when we got her, so she was a very elderly dog, and we felt the time had come. It wasnt too bad, very upsetting, but she went quickly and didnt struggle at all.

On Wednesday, my ex (whose wedding we went to on Saturday), rang to tell me his mum had passed away. She was only 60, and although i'd thought on Sat at the wedding that she didnt look well, i really wasnt expecting that. I'll admit i haven't seen much of her the past few years, but Olivia and Elliot had got quiet close to her, so i was dreading having to tell them. I spent all day on Thursday in floods of tears, think it was a build up of emotions from Sally dying too. Then when i told them, Olivia says, aww thats sad and looks upset for about 2 seconds, and Elliot said, oh so she's gone with Sally then. So after all that worrying they were fine.

Im really hoping there'll be no more sad news this year, this will be the 4th funeral i've been to this year.

All is fine with baby though, he's been going daft in there this week, moving loads!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Another Hospital Visit!

Last Monday (24th Aug) i ended up in hospital again. I was walking over to a meeting with my supervisor, in the rain, and slipped on a path, landing right on bump. Managed to get to my feet, and before i'd done 10 more steps i was on my arse again! If it hadnt been for my supervisor holding me up i'd have fallen another 3 or 4 times, it was soooo slippy :(

About an hour after falling i started getting lower back ache and shooting pains across bump so decided to go get checked out. All was fine with bubs and he was wriggling away in there. I ended up being kept in for a while though as my blood pressure was high (i wonder why that could have been!!)

Anyway all is well now, and bubs has been wriggling about sooo much the last few days! Some of those kicks are getting very big now!

The dad of my eldest 2 children got married on Saturday, so thought i would post pics of Olivia and Elliot looking so pretty and handsome!! Was so very proud of them! Felt a bit weird to be at my ex's wedding, but we get on better now than we ever did, and we're both pleased that each other have found someone else to be happy with!