Friday, 29 January 2010

Blog Award

Aww, have to say thank you to Karon (Twinkle Eyes) for giving me a blog award :) It's nice to know someone appreciates my waffling!!

Now i have to come up with 7 facts about myself which no one knows, mmmm that could be difficult, i need to have a reet good think about this one!! Might have to do them in stages as and when i think about them, if i want them to be of any interest! I then have to nominate 7 blogs i enjoy reading.
Fact 1 - I married my first love! We first met when i was 15, he was 17 with a girlfriend so i fancied him from afar!! We got together in 1997 and were together for 9 months, until i finished with him for being a bit of a - well a prick for want of a better word!! We got back together in 2002, just after I split with my ex and the father of my first two children. We got married in August 2007.
Fact 2 - both my husband and my ex are called Darren, which gets very confusing! They both have a brother called David, and their birthdays are only one day apart. Also after splitting up with me they both went on to have a relationship with someone called Rochelle (different people though - the same Rochelle would have just been way too weird!!)
Fact 3 - my stepmum is 4 years older than me! My dad met his wife while he and my mum were going through a divorce, he was 52 and she was 18. Everyone said it was doomed because of the age difference, but they are still married now at 70 and 35, and have 3 children aged 12, 10 and 8!!
Fact 4 - i have been a member of Weightwatchers now since 1998!! In my time i have lost several people, only to find them again, and more besides! The lowest weight i got to was in 2000, when i went from 17st 7lbs to 12 st 7lbs. I banged all that weight and more back on over the course of the next 8 years or so. I keep loosing weight only to end up pregnant and then gain it all back! Probably why i was so determined this time round not to gain and to stick with it. I have never felt as motivated as i do now!
Fact 5 - I was told i would never be able to conceive naturally!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha, that doc was having a laugh! When he actually told me this I was already pregnant with my daughter. With my 2nd we started trying on valentines day - Elliot was born 9 months later on 14th November. I got pregnant in July 2003 without trying, but unfortunately miscarried in August 03. by Christmas 03 i was pregnant again with Jake. Then in February 09 had a little accident which resulted in Kieron!! So i think the doc got it a bit wrong, which i am very glad about and feel blessed to have four healthy children!
Fact 6 - my first job was at Burger King. Not an amazing fact i know - but im struggling now! I started work for my current employer in July 1995 and have its been "happily ever after" ever since! (honest!)
Fact 7 - I dont have a good history with pets! I had a pet hamster which drowned in the bath, and pet rabbit which got attacked by a fox and died, several goldfish, all by the name of Freddie!, who lasted anywhere between an hour and 3 weeks. I also once looked after the class guinea pig during the Easter holidays, when i was in infant school, and had to very sadly take the empty cage back to school when it died of pneumonia! My daughter has carried on this bad run of luck and her 2 pet goldfish didnt last very long! Bobby 1 died after 2 days, Bobby 2 after 2 weeks! (but she did pour an entire tub of glitter in his tank to make it pretty!)
So i managed 7 facts, now i'll have a think about who to pass the award on to and update later.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

That Time Again!!

Ive been to weigh in, lost 2.5lbs this week. Am pleased with that. Not much else to report. have been trying to do more steps each day, actually did 10,000+ one day and just short of 10,000 another day!! Ive been going on the Wii most days and have been on the Biggest Loser game a couple of times.

I seem very tired a lot of the time though, so its hard getting into any exercise - and the long mammoth walks i was planning still haven't happened!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Weigh In

I lost 1.5lbs this week. Thought it might have been more as i've been so much more active this week, but maybe it will show next week!

Still it is a loss, and takes my total since starting this journey on Oct 08 to 65lbs!!!!!!!!!! Only 5 more lbs to 5 stones and then 5lbs after that is 75lbs! Its so close i can almost reach out and touch it!

Not much else to report, am feeling a bit naff with a cold thats started today but hopefully it wont be around for long!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Cant Think Of a Title!!

Im still going good! After the disaster with the WW choc bars, i cut the rest of them up into chunks and gave them to the children!
I have been on the Wii every day, trying to at least get 10 minutes worth of steps in and I really enjoy doing it. Hopefully as Kieron gets into more of a routine i'll be able to start maybe doing an exercise DVD a couple of times a week.

Anyway, the snow has gone (woop woop) so i plan to get out for a couple of walks this week before weigh in. First one will be today as Kieron has his jabs so a walk might get him back off to sleep if he's upset after :(

My daughter took a pic of me last night, and for the first time in ages i wasn't freaked out by how horrible I looked! So i thought i'd share it!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Never Again!!

Ok, so two weeks in and all is going relatively well, until that is, i buy Weightwatchers chocolate bars. I havent had any chocolate since i ate my own body weight in the stuff on New Years Day (i kindly polished off all my mums so she didnt have to!). I havent missed it, and my treat has been a Skinny Cow hot choc at night, and this has suited me.

On thursday at the meeting, i bought 2 boxes of Weightwatchers choc bars. Big mistake. I ate 1 on Thursday night - no problem there. Last night I ate 3 of the buggers one after the other, plus the one that i'd already eaten during the day. Just pointed up though and i've still come in under points (by one point!) so thats good. That must be down the pizza I had for tea - a weightwatchers one, 5 points it says on the pack - bargain i think! A pizza for 5 points. Woop! It was the tiniest thing i've ever seen!! Was very nice though!

SO lesson learnt. I dont need chocolate, so i dont need to buy it. If i do buy it i will eat it ALL, so no more!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

All Official Now!!

Have finally been to a meeting and now have an "official" weightwatchers weight!! And its all good! I was 18st 8.5 lbs when i last weighed in at a meeting and tonight was 17 st 13.5! So 9 lbs lighter than last time!! And i've lost weight since last week too. Think i've lost 9 lbs in total since 2nd Jan.

Still all going good, sticking to points. Havent had any chocolate and im not missing it (although i have just bought two packets of WW choc bars!!). My nightly treat is a Skinny Cow hot choc and a packet of french fries once all the children are in bed and that does me!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

A Successful (re)Start!!

Well!!! Week one back on track and it's all going fabby! Ive been able to easily stick within points all week. In fact i've banked some to have a tipple or 2 tonight with it being Saturday, but i dont really fancy a drink, so will find something else to have a Saturday night munch on instead!

As I thought Thursdays meeting was cancelled so I still haven't got an official start weight, but i weighed on my Wii fit at the same time today as i did last week, and weight was 18st 2lbs!!! Woop woop - thats a loss of 7lbs!! Am most very pleased with that!

Im enjoying the new series of Biggest Loser USA. Ive also set a few programmes to record. Sky Real lives are showing lots of extreme diet stories in January so i'm recording them. And Lorraine Kelly is doing a programme on Bio channel to sort out Emma and her family (from X factor = below), this looks good! Also My Big Fat Diet Show on channel 4. So if I cant find some inspiration in that lot, I wont find it anywhere!!

Onwards and inwards!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Still On It!!

Day 5 coming to a close and its going good still! I have stuck to points so far, although the exercise isnt going too well! We've been snowed in, pretty much like the rest of the country! So, not much (in fact make that none!) walking has been done. Ive missed doing Biggest Loser with having the kids at home all day, so not had chance! Put it on just now and it was a Yoga session, which i didnt fancy! So i've done 10 minutes step on the Wii Fit and im now going to watch an episode of Biggest Loser USA while eating french fries and drinking hot chocolate!

A couple of snow pics taken yesterday too!

Its highly unlikely there will be a class tomorrow evening, so it looks like i'll have to wait until next week for an official weigh in. I just weighed myself on the Wii though and was 18st 4lbs!!!! thats 5lbs less than Saturday! Woop woop! Im not taking it as gospel though as i'd prefer official weigh ins - but its going in the right direction and the Wii seems pleased with me!!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Going Well!

Day 3 now over and done with! I've stuck to the points and im not finding it a struggle at all. I've stopped saving all my points for evenings though as i've found that as evenings are my busiest times i wasnt getting chance to use all my points, which i know can have a negative effect on weight loss in time to come.

I put a new battery in my pedometer this morning so its all set for counting my thousands of steps - once all the snow goes that is! Cant walk out there at the minute, not with a pram at any rate. Its coming down thick and fast out there as i type and the highest temperature today was -1, so i cant see the snow being gone any time soon. I will have a lot to make up for when i get chance.

Was supposed to do Biggest Loser on Wii tonight but havent got round to it so will try to find time tomorrow. As long as i do it tomorrow i wont have missed a work out.

Also, a new season of Biggest Loser USA started tonight on Sky Real Lives, so i'll be recording that, so i can skim through all the crap chat on it. I love the programme but sometimes it bores me rigid! So inspirational though, and of course watching Bob is a nice bonus ;)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Day One

Well, day one is almost at a close and i feel excited about carrying on my journey! Ive stuck to the points and remembered how to work them out easier than i thought i would! Ive saved a few points though because at i've got into the habit recently of snacking at night, so ive a few points left should the urge overtake me!

I've been on the biggest loser Wii game, did the 6 minute warm up and the 23 minute workout!! I'll probably not be able to move tomorrow!! Felt good though. My weight was 18 stone 9lbs! So i've gained around 10 lbs over the Xmas and new year period.

So far so good :D

Back On It!

Well so far so good!! Im 12 hours in to my new weightwatchers regime, haha!

Ive been shopping and bought lots of healthy food stuffs. Got my daughter to take before pics of me, kept saying "you'll have to take another, that ones horrible" - then realised they were all going to be horrible - after all they are before pics! Im wearing pyjamas that only just fit me - so hopefully in a couple of months they'll be too big!

Will take measurements and weigh on Wii fit later, and if i have time will do some Biggest Loser. Its snowing again today so my idea of getting out walking isnt going to happen as i cant push the pram through it. Rarrrr!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Wow - Another New Year!!

Happy 2010! I cant believe its a year since i was doing a Happy New Year post! Its flown by. And when i did last years i never dreamed i'd have a 6 week old baby when i was doing 2010's!!

Anyway, today is my last day of eating crap! Im going to my mums for a New Years dinner, and she has lots of home made mince pies and choccies left over, not to mention trifle and christmas pudding! So i'm getting back on the weightwatchers wagooooon from tomorrow, after rolling home from mummy's house later!!

First weigh in will be Thursday 7th but i'll do a Wii fit weigh in tomorrow so I have an idea. I will be taking new "before" pics tomorrow and i'm looking forward to getting back to the WWers forum and getting to know everyone on there again!

Bring it on 2010!! I wont bugger my weight loss up this year by getting pregnant!!

Oh and i'll add a pic of bubba cos i havent done for a while! Taken Christmas Day!