Tuesday, 29 December 2009

So Annoyed :(

Im really really annoyed at myself and have let myself down big time! Since i last posed i have not stopped eating :( I know i've put on probably a quiet considerable amount of weight! All i can say is I cant wait for all the Christmas food and temptation to be gone and i can get back to being a successful Weighwatcher! Im just dreading the first weigh in now!

My mum got me Biggest Loser for the Wii for Christmas, and i obviously have the Wii fit too, so its going to get a serious hammering before first weigh in!!

I have to accept responsibilty for everything i have put in my mouth and face up to the consequences. At least i'll be back in the swing soon enough and on my way to being a Yummy Mummy (10 years after becoming a mummy!)

Oh, Merry Christmas by the way!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Starting Point

I got weighed today - 8 days after having Kieron. I have to say i'm well chuffed! I was 18st 11.5 lbs when i found out i was pregnant, top weight was 19st 1lb while pregnant and today i weighed 17st 13lbs. Woo Hoo!! I havent been 17 st anything in years!!

So this is my starting point! I dont ever want to see 18st something again, so although i'm not officially back at Weightwatchers until the New Year i'm going to sort of start watching my food and start to increase my activity levels so that when i do have my official start weight it isnt above 18st!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Post Birth Figure!

I havent weighed in yet since having baby, but at my final weigh in just before he was here i was 19 st 1lbs, meaning a total weight gain of 3.5 lbs in the pregnancy!!

I just decided (for a laugh!) to try on a pair of jeans i bought before finding out i was pregnant, they are a size 20, and have never been worn before as i was a 22 and they didnt quiet fit - Im so chuffed- they fit!! Four days after giving birth and i'm thinner than ive been in aaaaaaaages!! Just need to watch what im eating now im not being sick every day though or it'll be piling on!!

Im actually really looking forward to getting back to weightwatchers and back in the swing of things! I cant go back officially though until 6 weeks post birth, which is between Christmas and New Year, so looks like i'll be back first week in New Year - with all the post Xmas dieters and New Years Resolutioners!!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

He's Here!! :)

Well after going into hospital on 13th November to be induced, after a very traumatic and long drawn out weekend, baby Kieron finally entered the world on Tuesday 17th November 2009, at 10.54am, weighing in at a very healthy 9lbs 5oz! Im so glad they didnt let me go overdue!!

He is absolutely gorgeous and so far has been a very good baby. Only came home Wednesday night so im still finding my feet and wondering where to begin with the chaos!
Some pics - last pic of bump with DH taken on 12th Nov, my lovely mother in law with all the children!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I had an appointment with my consultant today. I have 9 days until my due date, but have been backwards and forwards to hospital for monitoring of my blood pressure. It has been creeping higher again the last week to 10 days, and i've been feeling ill.

Anyways, im going to be induced on Friday!! (the 13th but im not superstitious!!) So all being well i'll have a baby before this weekend is out! Its my middle sons birthday on Saturday so he could be getting a baby brother for his birthday!! How unique a present!

Im so excited, yet scared and nervous too! But more than that, im just so relieved i'll have my body back! I've been sick every day for over 7 months, so i cant wait for that to stop!

I had a scan last Weds and baby was estimated to be approx 8.5lbs then, so he could be about 9lbs now, but i suppose i'll find out before long!!

Friday, 30 October 2009

Fully Cooked!!

Well as of today I am 37 weeks, and therefore baby is now classed as full term! How the heck did that happen, its gone so fast the last few weeks!

Im still being montiored for my blood pressure but it seems to have settled down now and all is well with baby too.

Im not expecting anything to happen just yet, my other 3 babies have all been late, so im still expecting to have another month of pregnancy! If im induced at 10 days over it will be 30th November. If anything happens before then - bonus! :D

Latest bump pic

Friday, 16 October 2009

5 Weeks To Go

or 7 at the absolute most!!!

I've now finished work - was supposed to finish today but ended up finishing last Thursday. I felt ill in work so rang the midwife who wanted to see me. Turns out my blood pressure was high, and as i've had pre eclampsia in 2 of my previous pregnancies i was sent to hospital. Im now on medication to lower my blood pressure, but after an appointment yesterday was again sent to hospital. I now have to go twice a week for monitoring, unless it settles down and stays down!

Baby is now behaving himself, is head down and is no longer measuring 4 weeks ahead - only 1 week ahead now - so maybe im not having the 13lber my hubby keeps saying i am!

Hopefully my bp will settle, or it'll make the next 5 weeks seem forever! I want to be able to relax before baby comes, not be rushing to hospital every other day!

Latest bump pic - taken this morning at 35 weeks

Monday, 5 October 2009

Measurements & Weigh In

I've just measured myself for the first time in ages! Im very pleased to report that other than 4 inches i have gained around my belly/bump all other measurements are the same as when i last measured before finding out I was pregnant!! Woo! And my belly is still 3.5 inches smaller than when i first measured after joining weightwatchers - and i'd already lost a stone by then! This is quiet shocking to think that i was bigger than someone 9 months pregnant, and spurs me on to be rejoining once im allowed to!

I also got weighed last Friday - still 18st 11lbs - so no gain since last weigh in 2 weeks ago and still less than when i got pregnant. I know this has a lot to do with all the sickness coming back again, but im hoping to be lighter than i have been in a long time once this bambino is born!!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

7 weeks to go

EEK! Due date is 7 weeks and 2 days away!

Have been to the hospital today as baby is measuring on the large side and is also breech. They werent too concerned about size, so not overly huge (phew) and she commented that as last baby was 9lb 7 it is expected for me to have one at least that size this time!

If baby is still breech in 2 weeks, they will start to look at options for turning him and for delivery - quiet scary to think that if i end up with a section i could have a babba in 5 or 6 weeks!!!!!!!!! (Ive totally convinced myself that nothing will happen til end of Nov so any earlier is going to be a bit of a shock!)

Latest bump pic, taken on Sunday - getting brave with this one, you can see skin!

Also, i mentioned my mum had had to have her dog put to sleep on 1st Sept. Well look at who came to live with her on Saturday!! Sooooo cute (and sooooooo much hard work!), she is 9 weeks old, a cross jack russell and beagle and is called Jenni!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

2 Months To Go

Eeeek!! 2 months today until my due date! Not that i think for a minute baby will cooperate and come on time - ive more than likely got 2 months and 10 days at least!

Got weighed last week and am now 18 st 11 lbs, was 18 st 11.5lbs when i found out i was pregnant, so i havent done too bad! When i was last at midwife baby was measuring big so they want to keep an eye on me in case of gestational diabetes, so as i may have no choice but to give up sugar i may lose weight again!! Fingers crossed!

This is a pic of bump as of yesterday :)

Sunday, 6 September 2009

What a Week

Well i knew things werent going to be easy this week as my mum had made an appointment for the vet to come on Tuesday, to have her little dog, Sally, put to sleep. We've had her for 16 years, and she was about 2 when we got her, so she was a very elderly dog, and we felt the time had come. It wasnt too bad, very upsetting, but she went quickly and didnt struggle at all.

On Wednesday, my ex (whose wedding we went to on Saturday), rang to tell me his mum had passed away. She was only 60, and although i'd thought on Sat at the wedding that she didnt look well, i really wasnt expecting that. I'll admit i haven't seen much of her the past few years, but Olivia and Elliot had got quiet close to her, so i was dreading having to tell them. I spent all day on Thursday in floods of tears, think it was a build up of emotions from Sally dying too. Then when i told them, Olivia says, aww thats sad and looks upset for about 2 seconds, and Elliot said, oh so she's gone with Sally then. So after all that worrying they were fine.

Im really hoping there'll be no more sad news this year, this will be the 4th funeral i've been to this year.

All is fine with baby though, he's been going daft in there this week, moving loads!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Another Hospital Visit!

Last Monday (24th Aug) i ended up in hospital again. I was walking over to a meeting with my supervisor, in the rain, and slipped on a path, landing right on bump. Managed to get to my feet, and before i'd done 10 more steps i was on my arse again! If it hadnt been for my supervisor holding me up i'd have fallen another 3 or 4 times, it was soooo slippy :(

About an hour after falling i started getting lower back ache and shooting pains across bump so decided to go get checked out. All was fine with bubs and he was wriggling away in there. I ended up being kept in for a while though as my blood pressure was high (i wonder why that could have been!!)

Anyway all is well now, and bubs has been wriggling about sooo much the last few days! Some of those kicks are getting very big now!

The dad of my eldest 2 children got married on Saturday, so thought i would post pics of Olivia and Elliot looking so pretty and handsome!! Was so very proud of them! Felt a bit weird to be at my ex's wedding, but we get on better now than we ever did, and we're both pleased that each other have found someone else to be happy with!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Getting Scared!

Well with now officially less than 3 months to go (due 20th Nov) I am now officially getting scared! Not about birth but about having another baby!! I cant imagine how i will cope with 4!! But to be fair i couldnt imagine coping with 3 so im sure will be fine.

Got weighed yesterday and am 18st 7lbs, so gaining weight now, i dont think i'll be able to avoid it any longer, but im still less than when i found out (for a couple of weeks anyway!).

Latest bump pic at 27 weeks :D. Taken before 6am so excuse the tiredness clearly showing on my face!!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Do Do DO doooooo - The Final Countdown!!

99 days to go until Due Date - eek! Im 25+6 weeks pregnant. Had a midwife appointment this morning and all is well. Blood pressure still behaving so pleased about that. I am measuring 29 weeks though, so a little ahead of where i should be measuring. Midwife said nothing to worry about as last bubba was 9lb 7 and i parted with him no probs, so she reckons i'll be ok up to 10 and a half lbs!!!

Well this is a weightwatching blog - and that'd be a good result!! I got weighed this week and have gained a lb from last week, so 18 st 5lbs again (but havent stopped eating and have an uncontrollable craving for fruit cake!).

Heres the latest pic of me and my belly, taken on Sunday

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

OOps - Am Bad At Blogging!

I havent updated for a while. Im now 24 weeks 4 days pregnant. I got weighed today, and am 18st 4lbs. So still 4lbs lighter than when i first got pregnant! Im quiet pleased with that, i know im not gaining weight - apart from where it matters cos baby is growing well (as is my belly!)

Im still having the odd bout of sickness but i can cope with it now! Ive also been getting lots of headaches, and just really not enjoying myself at all!

Last week i ended up with swine flu so was in bed from Tues afternoon until Sat afternoon, it was not fun, had to keep myself isolated, but it seems to have paid off so far as none of the family have had it - really dont want the kids getting it! Think it may be this that has contributed to me not gaining weight, as last week the most calories i had in a day was 300! I managed without any anitvirals drugs and just paracetamol - so hopefully thats my lot now and i wont get it again! Ive had flu before and to be honest it was worse than last week, so whether i've had a mild dose or its just not as bad as the media would have us believe im not sure!

Feeling good now - although tired after a day at work - its a rarity these days to get a full day in!!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Baby News

Its taken me a while to get around to updating but we've been busy :-D

Had my 20 week scan on 3rd July, all looking well with baby, all measurements are normal, and we found out that we are having a boy! He kept it a closely guarded secret until the very end of the scan when he gave us a flash and left us in no doubt!!

I had been worrying a little until the scan as i still hadnt felt movements, but since then ive felt loads! Little wriggler in there, and just today ive been feeling very strong, most definite kicks!!

Heres a piccy of our little bubba, not very clear unfortunately! Im hoping to have a 4d scan in a few weeks so should get better pics from that.

I just took some measurements, and apart from gaining 2 inches on my belly and 1.5 inches on my b00bies (!), i have lost weight elsewhere so all good so far. Not long now til i'll be back at Weightwatchers!

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A Weighty Update

Thought i'd better update with a weigh in every now and then - after all thats what i'm here for!

Got weighed yesterday and was 18st 7lbs. Im very happy with that as im still a lb lighter than when i got that positive test! So almost at the halfway mark and no weight gained as yet - im quiet thankful for all that sickness now!!

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Cant believe its a whole month since i last updated! Im now 19 weeks and 1 day pregnant, so nearly halfway there (at last - gosh its been a long pregnancy so far!). Im not being sick any more (i hope!), but that means im now gaining weight!! At least its for the right reasons!

I have my 20 week scan next Friday, and we're hoping to find out if we're having a pink or blue bundle of fun!

Here's a pic of me at 19 weeks pregnant - starting to get a bump now, although it could be too much food too!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Another Little Update

Well, im now 14 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Got weighed today, am 18 st 3 lbs, so only put on 1lb since 29th April, and still 5lbs lighter than when i got pregnant - so am more than happy with that!

Having said that im not quiet sure how ive managed to put any weight on - ive given up eating several times over - every couple of days the sickness is so bad i cant eat, and can only sip water, but i do have a good day every 3 or 4 days, so i must be making up for the bad days then!

Not a lot else to report really. Ooo we bought a new car - pick it up on Friday - its a Vauxhall Zafira so we'll have enough room for all of us in the car when bubs comes along! Darren says we can have another baby cos we'll have a spare seat - i cannot repeat my answer but it involves bricks and a rusty knife!!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Hospital No 2!!

Another little update! I had my dating scan on Wednesday, so now officially have a due date of 20th November! Am so excited - except i'll probably have a December baby cos i always seem to go 9 days over before things start happening. Although after all the problems i've had in the first 11 weeks, i think it only fair that i should get a nice early baby this time!!!!!!!!

I was weighed on Wednesday at the hospital and have lost 6lbs since i found out i was pregnant. I was 18st 8 lbs and am now 18 st 2 lbs! Think i know the reason for that though! When i attended my appointment i had been sick all day so had no food in me, and the day before i was sick a massive 13 times! Think thats a record for me! Anyway, needless to say i ended up back in hospital on a drip, had to stay in for 2 nights.

My consultant came to see me, and said she was most surprised at seeing me on the maternity unit. She saw me in September last year when i was being investigated due to my lack of periods (none for 7 months at that stage). I was 22.7 stones, and she advised me to lose weight. So the week later i joined WWers and, well you know the rest! She was very pleased for me, and said if i'd have told her i'd be pregnant in 6 months she'd have told me where to go! I was beaming under my little halo!

Friday, 24 April 2009


I've spent most of the day in hospital today. As per my last couple of entries i've had really bad sickness. Anyways, Weds afternoon it got really bad and carried on all the way through yesterday and this morning. My doc advised me to go to A&E, who sent me onto the maternity ward.

Anyway, had an antisickness injection, and they've started me on tablets. I had 2 litres of fluid via a drip.

Anyways, they said they wanted to do a scan to check if i was carrying twins - gulp!

I wasnt! Theres only one! Im about 10 weeks, but have my official dating scan still next Weds.

Heres a pic!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I have been sooooo bad at blogging that i thought i'd better nip on to catch up with everyone and post a little update.

Im still not really following the WW plan, im eating what i can when i can - and even that seems to come back half the time, i just feel soo rough, bleurgh. I havent weighed in for a few weeks as i havent been at work. I was off sick the week before Easter weekend, then on leave last week to look after my youngest, then this week i have been off again to look after youngest as he has chicken pox and an ear infection - luverly jubberly!

We went to a wedding on Saturday so thought i would post a couple of pics, it was a gorgeous day, and everything was fantastic. The groom is hubby's cousin Michael and the bride Angela. The other pic is off me wearing the mother of the grooms hat! Lovely!

Apart from feeling rough, all appears to be well with the pregnancy, i have my first scan on 29th April so i'm looking forward to that, i'll finally know how far along i am, when bubs is due and also how many are in there (please please please only be 1!)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Bolton Hospice Midnight Charity Walk

I signed up to the above a couple of months ago, and i've finally got my pack through! Its an 8 mile walk starting in Bolton Town Centre at midnight on 13th June! Could be interesting as i'll be about 17 weeks pregnant by then! Just hope the sickness will have stopped.

So need to start getting in some training now! Im excited though!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Pregnancy is so unWeightwatcher Friendly

I havent bothered to weigh in this week! Ive been off work all week with the all day blinking long sickness (and all blinking night long too!). In order to try and keep the sickness at bay i need to eat every half hour to hour - not good! I was on dry crackers at the beginning of the week, but they didnt seem to be working so i swapped to ginger nut biscuits (so not good for trying to maintain my weight!).

Also, things that i think will be ok - such as dry toast and cereal - make me barf for England, but naughty things like bacon & sausage butties and Mcdonalds Double Sausage & Egg McMuffins go down lovely and stay down! Also diet drinks make me wanna upchuck, but full fat coke works a treat - AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!

Never mind, it should settle down soon - and then i'd better live off fruit and veg for the remainder of this pregnancy!!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Weigh In

I decided to still have my own little weigh in - it being Thursday! So waited until 6.30, jumped on the WiiFit - and was 18st 11 - thats 3lb on since last week - totally not happy, will have to go to Boots tomorrow, it might be more accurate! I've hardly eaten anything this week cos i feel so bleurgh all the time! Im thinking maybe its water retention or something.

I've been feeling nauseous pretty much 24/7, it starts off alright in the morning and gets progressively worse as the day goes on, meaning evenings are absolutely awful, i've been living off cereals and toast this week (maybe hence the 3lb gain?!). Today i have started to actually be sick, and in previous pregnancies have had sickness all the way through, maybe this one will be different and it'll disappear at 12 weeks like its supposed to! (please please please!)

Had my first midwife appointment today, it was the midwife who delivered my first nearly 10 years ago and my youngest nearly 5 years ago! I really like her so i'm very pleased to have seen her again! She has also made my booking in appointment (which will be at home), for 11th April, cos she knows she's on shift that day so it'll be her who comes. She's also booked me in for my first scan on 29th APril, yay!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Been A Lazy Blogger!

I havent posted for over a week, deary me! One of the main reasons is that I am no longer weighing in on a Thursday at Weightwatchers - i have been kicked out and am not allowed to go any more :(

Over the next few months i'll be growing my belly back again (but hopefully nowhere else), cos im pregnant! Im only very early (about 6/7 weeks), so a long way to go yet.

So as i said above i am not allowed to be a member of WW anymore, but i know the plan now so i have no excuse for not sticking to it - apart from the sickness of course! I have been feeling sick in the mornings for nearly a week now, and today has been horrible! I felt a little bit sick this morning and it has got worse as the day has gone on :(

I made myself boiled rice and piri piri chicken for tea, sat down to eat and couldnt face it - so ended up with abowl of sultana bran instead! Think i may be living off cereals for the forseeable future if this carries on!!

I'll still be getting weighed as i dont want to gain loads of weight and have to loose it all again afterwards! And i'll be keeping my blog and still following everyone elses xx

Saturday, 21 March 2009

TV Stars??!

Yesterday I went watching The Jeremy Kyle show with Darren, my mum and my cousins boyfriend Eddie. We had a really good laugh - the numptys they have on that show! I'm sure we shouldnt have been laughing quite as much as we were!!!

Anyway - guess where we were sat??!! Front blinking row!!! Right opposite the guests (which made it difficult when trying to hide the laughing!!) Dont know yet when it'll be on the tv, they should write to let us know, i'm fairly sure it'll be sometime soon as it was a really good show! I've been watching it before and when it was aired i was on for about a second - blink and you missed me!!! Maybe this time there'll be more of me, being sat right there in the thick of the action!
Im having a party tonight for my birthday (31 tomorrow!), and i have absolutely no intention of being good whatsoever!! Am spoiling myself for the weekend!! I've ordered pasty and peas - should be here about 8pm and i cant wait!!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Woo Hoo!!!

I lost another 3lbs this week! I got my certificate too. I am soooooo pleased with my little self! Not much to report other than that - so heres a pic!! I am happier than i look - my camera is sooooo slow - but i hear rumours of a digital camera for a birthday present - so my photos should be improving shortly!!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Weigh In Result

I lost 6lbs this week - taking total to 51.5lbs!!!! Yay. I got my 50lb certificate - although havent actually got it as couldnt stay to the meeting - but i think Toni has to order it anyway. She said as soon as i walked in that i'd lost weight this week!!!

Fingers Crossed & Thinking Light Thoughts

I need a really good weigh in result tonight if i'm still to be on target for losing 50lbs before my birthday! I have had a really good week and been almost (!) angelic! My only slip up was yesterday really. I went to my Aunties funeral and despite my best intentions i got very drunk on white wine! But i didnt eat a lot (just 1 bowl of potato pie - without the delicious looking crust!!) When i got home i wanted a splurge and takeaway - i had 4 cadburys choc fingers instead! Was tucked up and snoring in bed by 9.30pm! Not exactly "fresh as a daisy today!"

I'm going to visit my friend Fatima today who had a baby girl, Mariam on 3rd March - am sooooooo excited! I love babies!!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

My Saturday

Been for a lovely walk today, at Hollingworth Lake in Rochdale. We walked all the way round it - and its no pond!! Its a lovely area, and we'll go again when the weather improves - was a bit rainy and windy today! We'll take a picnic in the summer! I liked it because there were no hills or steps (unlike where we may be going tomorrow, shhh OH might forget!)

A couple of pics from the day, a bit of scenery - and a rather scary picture of me being a bit blown away and rained on!

We went for tea at a lovely pub after the walk. I wish i'd have had what hubby had it looked delicious - he had a mixed grill followed by a humoungous ice cream/profiterole sundae thing (looked yummy!). But I had quorn chilli with rice and tortilla chips, followed by frozen low fat yoghurt with fruits of the forest (which i didnt finish, was lurvely but i was full!)

Pic of hubby's dessert! Not the best pic but you get the general idea - it was calorific!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Just A Quick Note

..to say that i've put on half a pound this week. But i'm ok with that cos i thought it would be a lot worse. Gotta get back to it now or i wont be getting that 50lb target by me birthday!!!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Uh Oh

I am so not looking forward to weigh in this week. Saturday i wasnt too bad, although i did drink what seemed like my own body weight in vodka (and thats a LOT!). Didnt eat much apart from a plate of boiled rice and chicken curry. But then on Sunday i ate far too much. Had takeaway pizza (again), but also had garlic bread, had Dairy Milk choc bar (only a small one though - quiet pleased as before WW i'd have had a family size one! Also had a few mini eggs.

Have been good again since Monday and hoping for damage limitation - but i'm still expecting a gain =( I'm certainly making hard work of trying to get my target of 50lbs by my birthday! Still have 4lbs to go - but now only have 19 days til my birthday - eek! Major exercise this weekend!!

Saturday, 28 February 2009

It Happened!

Last night (well yesterday),i had the blow out i was wanting and hopefully got it out of my system!
Went for lunch yesterday at an Italian, had 1/2 garlic bread, and canneloni (didnt turn down the parmesan cheese this time though!). It was lovely and i was stuffed so didnt really need anything else to eat for the rest of the day.

Didnt stop me though - had a takeaway pizza last night - 9 inch pepperoni and 1/2 portion of fries. I really blinkin enjoyed it too! Then i had a Creme Egg (as my treat!! ha!).

Still, i wasnt as bad as i could've been and will get back on track today as much as i can - although am at a 70th tonight so will probably go over. Damage limitation the rest of the week then!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Lost 2.5lbs this week, so last weeks gain is gone.

Am struggling today, my auntie died this morning, we didnt know anything was wrong and then all of sudden we were told she had hours to live so its all a bit of a shock.

I was badly affected by my uncle dying 8 years ago, and i'm feeling just like i felt when he died, in fact i'm thinking more about him. I've never had bereavement councilling but i think i'm going to have to look into it, i'm obviously not as over him as i thought i was. When Ken died i turned to food in a big way, and ended up 9 stone heavier. I dont want to undo all my hard work, but at the moment i just want a pizza and onion rings, and chocolate and crisps and cream cakes and all the things i shouldnt be having.

Have bought some carrots and humous to try and stave off these cravings.

Night Night God Bless Geraldine. 17.03.50 - 26.02.09

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sunday Walk

I just got back from this weeks walk. It was up another hill (mountain type thing!), but with fewer steps than last week. I found it hard but made it in the end! Some pics above. This is Peel Tower in Ramsbottom, Bury. The top one is when we made it to the top, the bottom one is in the car park at the bottom - eek!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Rarrrrr =(

Weigh in today. I put on 2.5lbs!!

I'm not too fussed cos the big picture is that i have still lost 43.5 lbs in 17 weeks. I think that last weeks result may have been a bit of a false one and that i didnt really lose 6lbs, cos i just think it was too much to lose in a week at this stage without having done anything drastically different.

Next week - 2.5lbs will BE GONE!!!!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Where I Walked today!

I just found this pic of where i walked up today! Oh My God - i cant believe i made it up those steps!! I am going to do this walk once a month - and soon i'll be jogging up them! Not turning puce and nearly passing out! I must add that this photo is taken from about half way up the steps!!!

Pics & My Sunday!

Current pics as of today - 46lbs lost. I also took measurements today, and have lost some inches. My belly has gone from 55 inches when i first measured to 48 inches. I forgot to do my measurements when i started though!
I went for a walk today that there is no chance i would've been able to do 4 months ago! I only just managed it today! It wasnt the distance - i think i only did 7000 steps - its the fact that it was more or less all uphill! Some very steep steps, i had to stop halfway up due to going so dizzy, but i got there in the end!
On the way home we decided to go for a meal out, and as i hadnt had any lunch, i decided to treat myself to fish and chips - mmmm. Anyway, they had no fish so i ended up with jacket potato and chicken! And i'm sure i enjoyed it more than i would fish and chips as i'd have felt so guilty! I didnt finish the meal anyway, and didnt even consider dessert. Good me!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Am Smiling!

I got a text today off my Weightwatchers leader - it says:-
"Hi Gemma its Toni. Could you dig out some old photos? You truly are an inspiration. I would love to share your success with everyone else in the class if you dont mind? COME ON 50!"

I am so chuffed that Toni has taken the time to do this. The problem will be finding some photos - i avoided cameras like the plague! I did go to a christening the weekend after i had joined WW, and all the family kept coming round taking pics so someone must have some. If i get hold of any i will post on here - along with some new ones i am planning when i get the magic 5-0!!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

This Weeks Weigh In

Wow, i cant believe it. I wanted to lose 2lbs this week in order to get my 3 stone mark. Well i blew that out the water and lost a huge 6lbs!! Thats the most i've lost in week since starting! I was asked what i have done this week to have such a good result. All i can say is "i dont know"! I have done exactly what i have done every week. I did feel when i got to the meeting though that i'd had a good week!

Have posted my weight tracker above to show how i've done over the time since i joined WW. 46 lbs now in 15 weeks. Wahey - only 4 lb to my 50lb target before my birthday!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Eating Out - Before WW!

Having eaten out twice in the last two days i thought i'd list what i ate now, and what i would've eaten before WWers!

Friday lunch - all you can eat Chinese buffet
Actually Ate:- 1 bowl chicken & sweetcorn soup,
3 small pieces prawn toast
Plate 2 - 1/4 plate boiled rice
pork and peppers (mainly peppers as i picked them out) in black bean sauce, 1 spoonful,
1 spoonful spicy peppered chicken
Dessert 3 cubes jelly, 2 small scoops ice cream

Before WW would have been
1st plate 6-8 pieces prawn toast
3 spring rolls
3-4 spicy chicken wings
2-3 large onion rings
2nd plate - 1/2 plate egg fried rice
3 spoonfuls sweet & sour chicken
3 spoonfuls honey lemon chicken
more prawn toast
Dessert 2 choc chip muffins
3 or 4 banana fritters
lots and lots of cream (and would then have gone back to work and had chocolate as still wouldnt be full)

Yesterday i had lunch at a lovely Italian restaurant
I had 2 pieces garlic bread
penne pasta arrabiata (sp?), (spicy sausage with garlic and chillies in a tomato sauce)
black coffee and 3 mint imperials

Before WWers i would've had:
full portion garlic bread with cheese
lasagne or canneloni, with loads of parmesan cheese (i declined it yesterday!)
a scoopful of mint imperials

So already a huge difference in the food choices i make - and no blinking wonder i got to 22 1/2 stone!

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Phew. I am so relieved. I went along to my meeting absolutely dreading it. I dont feel i've had a good week and was this close (...) to not going. I am sooooo glad i did, i lost 3lbs!! Woo! Thats 40lbs in total! Woo Woo!!
So, 2lbs next week (fingers crossed and it'll be 3 stone!)
I want to have lost 50lbs by my 31st birthday in March, 10 lbs to go and i have 6 weigh ins left so it is doable!!
I've bought some Weightwatchers scales so am looking forward to playing with them this weekend and finding out if i've been going wrong anywhere with my points.
Also have a walk planned for Saturday with Helen and the kids, needs to be a good one as i havent had a good walk for a few weeks now.
Back on track (not that i ever went off track it seems!), mentally at least!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

I Need Motivation!!

I'm struggling this weekend?! All i want to do is eat eat eat and i'm getting strong cravings for chocolate and crisps and lots of them! I havent succumbed, but am going to have to go to bed in a minute (its only 9pm!), or i'm going to start troughing!

A reminder to myself of what i hope to achieve:- i want to wear my wedding/engagement rings again, i want to lose 50lbs by my birthday in March

A reminder of what i have already achieved!
* A loss of 37lbs in 14 weeks, meaning 10% of my start weight gone
* I fit in clothes i didnt just three months ago
* People are starting to pay me compliments and i'm not hiding away as much
* I can climb stairs without feeling the need to pass out at the top
* I can fasten my own shoelaces and put on my own socks, without having to ask my 9 year old to help me
* I can shave my legs without the need to be a contortionist

And a final warning to myself - if i was to put on just 2lbs this week, i will be back in the 20's - something I have vowed to myself i will never be again!

So this week:
Back on plan from tomorrow, stop messing about.
Drink lots of water
Get in some exercise, at least 3 15 minute sessions (as per My Fitness Coach on Wii)

Thursday, 29 January 2009


I lost 1 lb this week, taking total to 37lbs since October 08. AM very pleased with todays result as i dont feel i've had the best of weeks, and also its TOTM for the first time since Sept, so its 4 months worth (sorry to any fellas reading this!!). So i think a good result!

I think something that has helped this week is that the printer (approximately 10 steps from my desk) at work is broken so i've been using one upstairs! I think i'll carry this on even when the printer is fixed as its definitely boosted my steps this week. (Might have no choice if I.T dont pull their blinking fingers out!!)

Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Fun Time Had By All!

Well last night i was very brave and went roller skating at our local sports centre! I had so much fun. The pic is of me and my friend, Dawn. I managed to stay upright the whole time, although there were a couple of wobbly moments! I cant wait to go again!! Highly recommend it as a form of enjoyable exercise! I was shattered though very quickly, its very hard work!! The skating was followed by a few drinkies, well we had to walk past a few pubs on the way home - it'd be rude not to! Stayed in points though and must have earned a fair few activity points!
Just got back from the cinema with the kids. We watched Bedtime Stories, really enjoyed it. I somehow seemed to devour quite a lot of popcorn though - again its all pointed so no worries.
Going to spend tonight chillaxing! Feeling a bit delicate still after last nights escapades!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

I Need A New Target!

Well its that time of the week again! This week i lost 4lbs!! Am so happy! I got my 5th silver seven, 36lbs in total, and i am now 19 st 13lbs!
My targets for Jan were:
a) 10%
b) in the 19s
So both are done now! Havent given much thought to my next target weight wise, but i suppose with being a member of the 18st Wannabees my next target would be to get into the 18s! My NSV target is to wear my wedding ring again. I want to be able to do this by Valentines Day, keep trying it on but its not quiet there yet. Also have many more clothes to keep trying to squeeze myself into.
What did i do different this week (the leader always asks!)? I drank loooooaaads of water! I've gone from struggling with half a 500ml bottle to now having 2.5-3 a day. Also exercise! This weekends exercise will be tomorrow night - i'm going to a roller disco, and cannot wait! I'm sure i'll spend most of the night on me bum - good job its padded. Will try to get some photos and put them on.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

A Good Weekend

I've been an angel this weekend! Pass me the Mr Sheen for my halo! I have stuck rigidly to my points, I have drank water (which i never normally do when i'm at home!). And, i've exercised!

Yesterday I bought some new "exercise" clothes, a pair of jogging type pants (size 20, but are stretchy so not overly excited!), and a tshirt, also size 20 and verrrrry tight! Hubby likes the look of a certain part of me in it (or 2 certain parts!) So a new target for me is to have them fitting nicely.

I tried the Claire from Steps 5 Step Fat Attack DVD with Helen yesterday. It was good, a bit omplicated to get your hand round in some parts, and i really struggled with the combat section, stood still for most of it looking confuzzled! We had a good laugh - especially at the point i fell on the couch and bounced onto the floor!! Still i got through the whole DVD which was good. I have ordered Rosemary Conleys Fat Attack on DVD as i used to love it when on video. Also today huby and i went for a walk to our "local" Asda and back - a lot of it uphill on the way back! Am not convinced pedometer working properly as it registered only 9000 steps, which is about the same as last weeks walk and i know we went further today!

Hoping to keep this up all week for a good weigh in on Thursday.

Friday, 16 January 2009

What I Did At Work Today

Well i wouldnt normally post two days on the run, dont want to run out of things to say and ramble on...

Anyway, today at work i wiggled my bottom at everyone - to show of the fact i was wearing THE trousers - yes the ones I couldnt move in last week!! And i was soooooo happy!

I'm going to have to think of some new targets - i keep having to cross them all off my list!!!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Guess What I've Got???

Weigh In result for week 12 - i lost 2lbs - which means i got my 10% keyring. Woooooooo Woooooo Woooooo - i'm a little bit over the moon! It means such a lot that i got there, its the main target I set myself.
A fab result methinks after the disaster with points on Saturday. Things that have helped me thins week are cutting back on my points each day, so although i went massively over on Saturday i have pulled back enough points that i am actually a couple under for the weeks total.
Also this week i have been really going for it with the water! I struggled to drink even half a bottle but am now up to 2 bottles a day (at work) and a couple of glasses at home, so that helps loads.
Am to treat myself with a hot soak in the bath, i think i deserve it!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Sorry, couldnt think of a title - i'm sure one will come to me eventually (once i've finished typing the whole post).

Well the pedometer isnt going too well! I seem to struggle to do more than 6000 steps a day! Still i suppose that is a start and i am trying to be more active now i know i'm recording my steps. Yesterday, i upped my water intake too as i havent been drinking enough water. I did a total of 5424 steps yesterday and i think 4999 of them were going to the toilet and back!! So that must be why drinking water helps lose weight, all those extra steps!!

I've just signed up to the 18st wannabees so thats something else to keep me focused and motivated - hopefully i wont be a wannabee for too long!!

I'm doing well at pulling back my points after the overdose on points i had on Saturday, they should be all pulled back by time WI rolls round (2 days and counting down quickly!)

Had a huge NSV today - my MUM commented that she could see i've lost weight. She is my biggest critic and doesnt normally compliment me so i'm very chuffed that she has noticed!

On another note, off the topic of WW, my 7 year old, Elliot, has been undergoing tests for about a year due to difficult behaviour at school and i was struggling to cope with him too. Well at his final assessment today i was finally told that he has mild autism and ADHD. I'm happy that at last I have an answer, as i've said since he was about 1 that something wasnt right, but i keep bursting into tears about it. I think some of it is relief though that they havent told me i'm a neurotic mum and that he's just naughty! Not sure what the next step is, have to wait for the next appointment.

These things are sent to try us............

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Weekend Round Up

Not a very good weekend on the plan!! On Friday I managed to go over my points by 2, which isnt too bad in the grand scheme of things - easy to pull back the next day.

So Saturday - had my porridge for breakfast. Then went for a walk with the children, hubby and my friend Helen, and clocked up 5km on the pedometer. Very pleased with my little self! Had my usual Saturday lunch of a chicken & stuffing sandwich and a packet of french fries, all pointed and its all going well.

Then, went to Helen's for a girlie watching DVD night, and we decided to get takeaway. I had:-

2 poppadoms with mango chutney
1 medium onion bhaji
1 vegetable samosa
1 chappatti
korma with chicken & lamb (shared - half each)

Also had a fair bit of vodka, but did have diet lemonade!!

So all in all i have pointed the whole day at 50 points - a massive 21lbs over - eek!

So, halo is slightly battered and crumpled - but i will have it back in place and shining brightly by the time weigh in comes around.

Also, i forgot to mention i have bought a pedometer so i can keep an eye on my steps and check that i'm clocking up 10,000 a day - i managed it yesterday with the 5k walk but am a bit worried about just how far 10,000 steps is!! I'm sure it'll soon be second nature!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Official Post Christmas Weigh In

Not long back from weigh in. Have lost 3.5lbs since last official weigh in on 18th December, although only 1lb since weighing in at Boots on NYE.
Not sure what i think about it yet! Obviously its good, but think i was expecting more after having already lost 2.5lbs - even though i know they were different scales, different day, different time etc etc! Still its off - and wont be going back on again!!
On a plus point, i've had lots of comments over the last couple of days with people noticing i have lost weight and saying they can really see it now! Onwards and inwards i say!!
So total weight now lost is 30lbs (2 stone 2lbs). I want to lose 2lbs next week as i'm getting really impatient now for that 10% keyring!! The little shiny silver seven (4th one!), helped tonight though!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A Strange Day

I got up this morning and decided i would try on a pair of trousers that have been hung in my wardrobe gathering moth balls since i bought them (optimistcally) about 6 months ago. They are size 22 and wouldnt even go on. Annnnyway - they are now on!! I can fasten the zip and the button.....and then i cant move or breathe! But i am soooo chuffed they are on. I cant wait to wear them for work and wiggle my bum at everyone!!

This cheered me up after measuring myself the other night. This was after watching a programme about a pregnant lady whos bump measured 51inches, a couple of days before her due date. She gave birth to a 11lb 3oz baby!!!!! I thought she looked really big - then measured myself and discovered my "bump (he he)" is 54 inches and no baby to excuse it. I was devastated! But, in "glad game" mode, i'm glad i measured myself as i am now more determined than ever to lose weight!!

So i have been buzzing all day after my trouser try on. Then this evening i found out a close friend of my mums has died, aged 51. I feel strange, i suppose we all do when someone we know dies, even more so when they are young. Why do we all spend so much time worrying and stressing when we might not be here tomorrow. From now on my life is going to be for LIVING! i want to enjoy myself!

Anyway, enough of my ramble for one night! I just want to say thank you to everyone who is now following this, and especially to those who have taken the time to comment. If i help even one person it'll be good enough for me! Good luck all, i'll be back on thursday, post weigh in!!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

First Post of 2009!!

Well someone had to have one - and so they did - a picture of me at my biggest, which i have duly uploaded in its full horror for all to see! Ugh, hope no one has bad dreams after seeing it! I am wearing my "weighing in" outfit on this picture - i try to wear the same one every week. On the pic you can see it stretching accross my arms - it doesnt any more! HAHAHA!!

I'm making an effort to do more exercise and have been for two 3.5 mile walks, one on New Years Day and again today. Also went for a shorter walk on Friday - it all adds up.

Back to normal tomorrow, back to work - and the first two days back are going to be hell - very very busy. On the plus side at least i wont be thinking about food all day and should find it very easy to stick to plan!

Official WI on Thursday and i have fingers crossed for a good result. My first targets of 2009 are to get into the 19s and also to get my 10% badge! I aim to do this by end of Jan, which shouldnt be a problem (have i just jinxed myself!!)