Thursday, 31 January 2013


I've had another good week this week.  I've really stuck to the plan this week, and i've done a bit of walking - not loads, but it was more than I have been doing!  Result = I lost another 2 lbs :)   :)

I also won the Slimmer of The Month award for January.

It's going good, i'm so pleased to be back on track with my journey!  I'm also wearing the top today, that I wore to a friend's wedding in August, I posted a picture a couple of weeks ago.  It was skin tight then, but fits just nice now!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Update :)

I updated my tracker last week, but forgot to write an update so here it is!

Last week I lost 2.5 lbs, meaning a total of 27.5lbs, and only 1/2 a lb away from the 2 stone award.

I had my first NSV (non scale victory), when I put on a pair of trousers which were waaaaaaaay too tight before Xmas, and they fit now, woop!

This week, I felt i've had a bad week.  On Sunday, my mum had made jam tarts for the children.  They had 3 between them, I had the rest (about 6 I think), and this led to me having a binge (crisps, biscuits and chocolate).  Then on Monday, because I was fed up of myself having a binge on Sunday, I had another one, not quiet so big this time.  A good thing I did on Monday was to take the boys sledging in the snow we had, due to school being closed.  So, I was walking for about 1.5 hours and it involved lots of hills.  This must have done me some good, because i've just been to weigh in and.....

.......I lost 3.5lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, i got my 2 stone award, and i've now also lost 10% of my start weight, so got my Club 10 award too.  Very pleased with that.

I also had my hair cut yesterday for the first time in almost 2 years!!  Feels much better, I need to dye it though, when did I get so old, these children are turning my hair grey very quickly!!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Before Pic

Thought it was time I added a before pic, of me at my biggest once again.  This was taken on 31st August 2012, with my very good friend Jackie who was over from America for her daughter's wedding (love my Jackie I do!!).  There aren't many pictures of me around, this is very rare!  Yuck

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Back On It!

Well the great news is that the electrician turned up just after I posted last week (I really must try to blog more often!!), so I managed to get back on track with it all this week.  Although I did burn the first two meals as the oven is taking a bit of getting used to!!

 I was ill with an upset tummy last Friday/Sat morning, and didn't really eat a lot over the whole weekend with being so busy on Sunday (getting hot and sweaty doing housework!!).  This has all meant a fab result on the scales - I lost 8.5 lbs!  So that's my Xmas/New Year gain gone, and I have now lost 25lbs in total.  Only 3 lbs to go to 2 stones off.  That'll do me!  I have done far better than I thought I would in such a short space of time, only 7 weeks I have been going for, and 2 weeks of that was off plan for Xmas time.

I can't tell in my clothes yet, but I was brushing my hair this morning and thought my face didn't look as "round", lol!

In other news, I finished by CBT (therapy) yesterday, and all in all, feel much much better and more positive than I have felt in a long time.  I can feel "me" coming back again :)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy 2013 :)

Happy New Year!

I have had a lovely Xmas and New Year.  It was very quiet and we didn't get up to very much.  The only time we went out was Xmas Day to my mum's, and Boxing Day to watch the local pantomime, our 10th year of going - i'm fairly sure they should be paying us for going now!!  I was a very proud mum as Jake got up on stage at the end to sing a song a show the actions, he was very good, no nerves, a future star I think!

I went to weigh in between Xmas and New Year and had gained 3 lbs.  Instead of that spurring me on to start being good again, I thought, well sod it, and carried on eating like a pig.  I have really pigged out, actually went to bed a couple of times with that overfull, I need to be sick feeling.  So I was dreading weigh in on Thursday, thinking up allsorts of excuses not to go!  In the end I went, and am glad I did, as I had only gained 1 lb!!  So 4lbs over the whole 2 weeks.  I can live with that.  Am trying my very hardest to get back on track, but my oven has broken so I can't cook anything, which is making things difficult!  We are waiting for an electrician to come and wire in our new one, he was supposed to be here an hour ago, am really hoping he turns up, I neeeeeeeeed my oven back!