Sunday, 20 September 2009

2 Months To Go

Eeeek!! 2 months today until my due date! Not that i think for a minute baby will cooperate and come on time - ive more than likely got 2 months and 10 days at least!

Got weighed last week and am now 18 st 11 lbs, was 18 st 11.5lbs when i found out i was pregnant, so i havent done too bad! When i was last at midwife baby was measuring big so they want to keep an eye on me in case of gestational diabetes, so as i may have no choice but to give up sugar i may lose weight again!! Fingers crossed!

This is a pic of bump as of yesterday :)


  1. Cool bump pic :o)

    I think that is absolutley fantastic that you are maintaining your weight - should be a lovely drop when you give birth!!!

  2. You look fabulous!!! Well done on not gaining during your pregnancy :-)
    Good luck for the last 2 months, I hope they're not too tiring. Keep updating us!!!

    Take care,
    Sara xxx