Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Last Post of 2008!

Had an unofficial weigh in last night and this morning. Last night went to my mums and weighed in at 20st 7 lbs (ish but my eyesight not so good!), which means a 1.5lb loss. As i didnt trust my eyes or the scales - and i prefer to see it in digital i have been to Boots this morning and weighed in again. So glad i did!! Weight was 20st 6lbs, meaning a 2.5lb loss. Yay! So that is now 29lbs lost and i have got past the 2 stone mark (albeit unofficially until next weigh in!)

As this is the last post of 2008, i thought i'd write a little about what i have acheived and what i would like to achieve! I gave up smoking 3 years ago, but havent really congratulated myself on this before now and it deserves a mention! Also i was taking strong antidepressants for 4 years following the birth of my youngest son, and i managed to stop taking these this year (since August) and i'm still feeling good!

Obviously i'm pleased to be ending the year on a high with my weight loss, but i'm still heavier now than i was at the start of the year - this will not be the case next year as i'm hoping to be closer to my goal weight!

My first target is to get to my 10% loss, which i am hoping to acheive very soon in the new year - i only have another 3lbs to go! My next target is to lose 50lbs by my 31st birthday in March - a 50lb certificate would be a great birthday present, plus i'd love to have some pics taken with the kids this time.

Wishing all a very happy new year and a happy and healthy 2009. Good luck to all on their journeys

Sunday, 28 December 2008

A Little Bit Off Track!!

First of all I havent updated my last weigh in, which was on Tuesday 23rd December. I lost 0.5 lb. I was pleased with this because a) it was 2 days earlier than normal weigh in and b) i'd been eating properly after being ill the last week so thought i might have gained.

My plan for Christmas was:- Christmas Day off - totally angelic the rest of the time.

Well, my halo slipped!

Christmas Eve was going well, until i finished work and thoguht "what the hell, its Christmas!". Proceeded to a new Indian takeaway, dangerously within walking distance. Meat samosas, onion bhajis and poppadums with chutney followed by chicken korma, pilau rice and a chapatti. Mmmmm, but bang goes my Christmas plans!

Christmas Day - not one but TWO bacon butties (with marg and red sauce and on Warbies Toastie), then full Christmas dinner, oh wow it was good! Didnt finish it there was that muc - but still managed a whole bowlful of sherry trifle. Then i started on the Roses/Quality Street and i havent even mentioned the wine yet! All of this i'm not bothered about as i promised myself the day off anyway!

Boxing Day - back on track, or so i thought! Went to the panto (Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs), with Stu Francis (again!). I was really good all day, then went back to my mums for turkey and chips!! This isnt too bad, but had a few slices of bread with good old butter on and lots of tommy sauce! Then i had a chocolate, and another, and another and on and on! When we got home i hadnt satisfied the chocolate need and opened a large bos of dairy milk chocs and proceeded to chomp away. Bleurgh, i felt ill!

Yesterday morning, i grabbed my halo from squashed at the back of the couch, polished it and straightened it and plonked it back where it belongs! Back on track now and feeling healthier for it! Fingers crossed that the damage will have been reversed by next weigh in on 8th Jan!

My plan for next Christmas is to have some pictures taken with the kids as i avoided cameras like the plague still this year!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Yay - Or is it?!

Weigh in today - possibly last one before Chrimbo. Lost 4lbs, taking total loss to 26lbs in 8 weeks and i now weigh 20stone 9lbs.

Have been ill and not eating properly all week so it could all go back on when i start eating properly, but its off for now!

Feeling good!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Monday, 15 December 2008

Yuk - Cough - Sneeze

I am full of a stinking cold today! Its the third time i have been ill since joining WW! Am beginning to think it's a curse! Sticking to plan has been the last thing on mind today,especially as two fo the children coming down with same thing. Hope we're all better by Christmas, at least we're getting it now and not this time next week.

Just had a WW profiterole dessert - yummy - thats cheered me up!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

pictures of me taken 13th December - 20st 13lbs

October 2008

I've been trying to lose weight pretty much constantly since i was 19. I was very successful and lost 5 stone - getting to my lowest weight of 12st 7 in Sept 2000. The death of a very close uncle, closely followed by a friend and a very close auntie meant i turned to food for comfort and have been battling ever since.

I got married in August 2007, weighed around 18 and half stones. Then over the next year i piled on 4 stone in weight until in October 2008 i decided enough was enough and i rejoined weightwatchers - weighing in at 22 stone 7 lbs.

Today is 13th December and i have been back at WW for 7 weeks - and have lost a total of 22lbs so far.

This time is my time and i will succeed!