Monday, 30 March 2009

Been A Lazy Blogger!

I havent posted for over a week, deary me! One of the main reasons is that I am no longer weighing in on a Thursday at Weightwatchers - i have been kicked out and am not allowed to go any more :(

Over the next few months i'll be growing my belly back again (but hopefully nowhere else), cos im pregnant! Im only very early (about 6/7 weeks), so a long way to go yet.

So as i said above i am not allowed to be a member of WW anymore, but i know the plan now so i have no excuse for not sticking to it - apart from the sickness of course! I have been feeling sick in the mornings for nearly a week now, and today has been horrible! I felt a little bit sick this morning and it has got worse as the day has gone on :(

I made myself boiled rice and piri piri chicken for tea, sat down to eat and couldnt face it - so ended up with abowl of sultana bran instead! Think i may be living off cereals for the forseeable future if this carries on!!

I'll still be getting weighed as i dont want to gain loads of weight and have to loose it all again afterwards! And i'll be keeping my blog and still following everyone elses xx

Saturday, 21 March 2009

TV Stars??!

Yesterday I went watching The Jeremy Kyle show with Darren, my mum and my cousins boyfriend Eddie. We had a really good laugh - the numptys they have on that show! I'm sure we shouldnt have been laughing quite as much as we were!!!

Anyway - guess where we were sat??!! Front blinking row!!! Right opposite the guests (which made it difficult when trying to hide the laughing!!) Dont know yet when it'll be on the tv, they should write to let us know, i'm fairly sure it'll be sometime soon as it was a really good show! I've been watching it before and when it was aired i was on for about a second - blink and you missed me!!! Maybe this time there'll be more of me, being sat right there in the thick of the action!
Im having a party tonight for my birthday (31 tomorrow!), and i have absolutely no intention of being good whatsoever!! Am spoiling myself for the weekend!! I've ordered pasty and peas - should be here about 8pm and i cant wait!!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Woo Hoo!!!

I lost another 3lbs this week! I got my certificate too. I am soooooo pleased with my little self! Not much to report other than that - so heres a pic!! I am happier than i look - my camera is sooooo slow - but i hear rumours of a digital camera for a birthday present - so my photos should be improving shortly!!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Weigh In Result

I lost 6lbs this week - taking total to 51.5lbs!!!! Yay. I got my 50lb certificate - although havent actually got it as couldnt stay to the meeting - but i think Toni has to order it anyway. She said as soon as i walked in that i'd lost weight this week!!!

Fingers Crossed & Thinking Light Thoughts

I need a really good weigh in result tonight if i'm still to be on target for losing 50lbs before my birthday! I have had a really good week and been almost (!) angelic! My only slip up was yesterday really. I went to my Aunties funeral and despite my best intentions i got very drunk on white wine! But i didnt eat a lot (just 1 bowl of potato pie - without the delicious looking crust!!) When i got home i wanted a splurge and takeaway - i had 4 cadburys choc fingers instead! Was tucked up and snoring in bed by 9.30pm! Not exactly "fresh as a daisy today!"

I'm going to visit my friend Fatima today who had a baby girl, Mariam on 3rd March - am sooooooo excited! I love babies!!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

My Saturday

Been for a lovely walk today, at Hollingworth Lake in Rochdale. We walked all the way round it - and its no pond!! Its a lovely area, and we'll go again when the weather improves - was a bit rainy and windy today! We'll take a picnic in the summer! I liked it because there were no hills or steps (unlike where we may be going tomorrow, shhh OH might forget!)

A couple of pics from the day, a bit of scenery - and a rather scary picture of me being a bit blown away and rained on!

We went for tea at a lovely pub after the walk. I wish i'd have had what hubby had it looked delicious - he had a mixed grill followed by a humoungous ice cream/profiterole sundae thing (looked yummy!). But I had quorn chilli with rice and tortilla chips, followed by frozen low fat yoghurt with fruits of the forest (which i didnt finish, was lurvely but i was full!)

Pic of hubby's dessert! Not the best pic but you get the general idea - it was calorific!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Just A Quick Note say that i've put on half a pound this week. But i'm ok with that cos i thought it would be a lot worse. Gotta get back to it now or i wont be getting that 50lb target by me birthday!!!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Uh Oh

I am so not looking forward to weigh in this week. Saturday i wasnt too bad, although i did drink what seemed like my own body weight in vodka (and thats a LOT!). Didnt eat much apart from a plate of boiled rice and chicken curry. But then on Sunday i ate far too much. Had takeaway pizza (again), but also had garlic bread, had Dairy Milk choc bar (only a small one though - quiet pleased as before WW i'd have had a family size one! Also had a few mini eggs.

Have been good again since Monday and hoping for damage limitation - but i'm still expecting a gain =( I'm certainly making hard work of trying to get my target of 50lbs by my birthday! Still have 4lbs to go - but now only have 19 days til my birthday - eek! Major exercise this weekend!!