Friday, 31 December 2010

Need Help!

I havent followed weightwatchers for weeks now. I dread to think how much weight ive put on. I havent been binge eating like I was before, but I am eating a heck of a lot and it is all things I shouldnt be eating. Im so fed up, im so depressed. I have struggled with depression in the past, and have been off anti depressants for over 2 years, but im going to have to go to the docs in the new year and see about go back on them. I really dont want to but im struggling with life and having silly, dangerous thoughts. I just hope I can sort myself out before I get to 22 stone again. I've worked too hard to gain it all back but I know how easily it can pile on. I need to sort my head out, but i dont want to sacrifice all my hard work in order to do that.

Hopefully i'll be back soon with my weightwatcher head back in place and feeling better about things.

Friday, 17 December 2010


Ive put on this week. I dont know how much, I didnt go to weigh in. Ive been binge eating again :( I really dont know whats wrong with me, think im a little bit depressed in general.

Also, am off sick from work with what i think is neuralgia - basically - face ache. It hurts so much, going to try to get to docs today, see if i can get me some stronger painkillers as paracetamol are doing naff all. I also have at least 4 mouth ulcers to which are agony, but on the plus side I dont want to eat :)

Friday, 10 December 2010

Gain This Week

I gained a lb this week. I knew I would have, I havent been sticking to this Propoints plan at all. Just cant get into it. Im going to go back on to the old plan until the new year, and then give Propoints a real try.

Feels good to be doing the old plan at the mo! I know what im doing and what I can have!

Thursday, 2 December 2010


I dont know how but i've lost 2lbs this week!! I am more than happy with that as I havent had the best of weeks. I havent counted a point all week! So ive had a lucky escape, because i did overindulge at weekend. I ate loads of rubbish i shouldnt have eaten, but ive been good since Monday and have been going on the Wii Fit loads. I was hoping to stay the same so i could have danced with delight at the scales!!

Im now 12st 10lbs (or 178 lbs), i think this could be my lowest weight since I was school age, yay! Oh and i have new pyjamas - in a size 12-14, so chuffed, although my brain is still struggling to comprehend that im anywhere near a 12!!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Damage Limitation!

I am going for damage limitation this week! This is why I no longer go out drinking, when I do, its not just the night that I go off the rails for, its the rest of the week, well it would be the rest of the week but im getting back on it today. I wasnt ill on Saturday but i was most definitely feeling the effects of a night on the vodka! I ate whatever I wanted on Saturday and havent counted a propoint all weekend!

Im off work today with a poorly little one, so desperately trying to get back on track. I have to admit though to being totally bored and fed up of counting points! Fingers crossed for a stay the same this week , and getting back to it from today.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pic From Last Night

Just thought i'd share a pic from last night, you dont really get the full effect of the "little black dress" as I didnt get a full length pic, but I thought I scrubbed up all right, and I got lots of compliments :)

Friday, 26 November 2010


1 lb this week. Had a relatively good week. I had 11 of my weekly allowance points. Ive built up around 10 or so activity points, mainly through the walks i did, but ive also been on the WiiFit a couple of times.

Im going out tonight (shock horror!!), its a wedding reception - and im wearing a dress, eep! I havent wore a dress for years (apart from my wedding dress and the bridesmaid dress i wore in June!). Its a size 14, and if i get any half decent pics i will share!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Catch Up

I havent been able to get on for a couple of days. Thursday I had all 29 (ive dropped a point!) of my daily points and same again Friday, still no weekly allowance touched.

I didnt make it swimming on Friday, it was a gorgeous sunny day so i decided to go for a walk instead of swim, and walked about 3.5 miles (4 activity points), on saturday I went for another walk, about the same distance, so 4 more activity points. ALso on Saturday I broke into my weekly allowance, had 7 points over my daily allowance. This was mainly because i did pasta and bolognase for tea and it worked out at 11 points (shock horror!!), need to find some lower alternatives!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Niiiiiiice One!!

Those 11 lbs i gained last week = GONE!! I lost 11lbs this week, taking me back to 12 st 13lbs, im so glad to be back in the 12's, phew, that was scary being back in the obese category too!

Had a good day so far, should still come in under points and with none of my weekly allowance used.

Back to work tomorrow so the daily blogging might drop a bit, although i am finding it very helpful to write every day.

Day 6, Tick

Day 6 went well! Once again i havent used any of the weekly points allowance, and managed to have a piece of birthday cake!

I did a buffet for Kierons birthday and didnt pinch any sausage rolls, pork pies, egg butties or ham butties, or mini pizzas! I kept my mitts off the various crisps and cakes too. While everyone else tucked in i made myself a fully pointed chicken sandwich! Another thing that has disappeared from my childrens parties is alcohol!! I now drink water or i'll have a coffee!

Looking forward to weigh in tonight, it'll be a bloody big improvement on last week, lol!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day 5

Day 5 was another good day. My weekly allowance remains intact! I have something to thank my children for - my lack of social life means no dipping into the extra allowance!!

I had all my 30 points again, and was feeling peckish last night but had no points left, so I had an apple and a satsuma. Im so loving the zero points values on fruit (I know, I know i keep repeating that!), but I am eating so much more fruit, it can only be a good thing!

In other news, my baby boy is 1 today!! I cant believe where the last year has gone too, its flown by. Here's some pics to compare now and then!!! His first ever picture taken and one I took on Sunday. Happy Birthday my precious gorgeous Kieron!!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Day 4

Yesterday went well again. I had all 30 points, and once again none of my weekly allowance.

The funeral went ok, it was the strangest funeral though! There were 6 of us there, including the funeral director. We played Will Young, Evergreen as entrance music, then i said a few words, we played Mancunian Way by Take That as Dot was originally from Manchester and moved to Blackpool and theres a line about travelling the mancunian way, before the lights came and took us away - we thought fitting for Dot. Then my mum shared a few of her memories, as Auntie Dot was like a second mum to her, then we said the Lords Prayer and played Vera Lynn, We'll Meet Again. So very personal and touching, i hope we did her proud :)

I'm still of work so I finally went swimming this morning! I did 20 lengths of the 25 metre pool, it took me 25 minutes, and it was non stop. I did have a wobble when i got there and drove around the car park twice thinking "I cant do this". And when i was in the pool i had a brief moment of "everyones looking at the fat girl who obviously hasnt swam in years", but no one did really, its all in my very silly head!

Got a shock in the showers too. All the erm, older, ladies dont appear to have a care in the world, all stripped off and showering together! I kept my eyes to the front and my costume firmly in place :D

Monday, 15 November 2010

Day 3, In The Bag!

Another good day yesterday. I once again had all 30 points and none of my weekly allowance. I even managed to have a piece of birthday cake, I worked out the propoints for 100g and then weighed a 30g piece out, it worked out at 2 propoints :).

Activity wise, well, I spent an hour ironing! I took Jake to his party at the swimming pool and spent an hour splashing around in there, so probably not really enought to earn any activity points, but at least I was moving around.

Had a few people round for Elliots birthday which involved cakes and crisps, but i didnt have any.

So, still going good. Today is Auntie Dot's funeral, i'm a bit nervous, she didnt want a minister or anything, so its up to one of us to say something. SHe only wanted family at the funeral, so thats me, my mum and my cousin Sharon. My mum will probably be too upset to speak and Sharon hasnt seen her for years and doesnt know her that well, so that leaves me. Im no good at speaking but there'll only be the few of us.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

So Far, So Good!

Day 2 done :) Once again i had all 30 points but none of my weekly allowance.

I went for a walk, but didnt go as far, still earned 2 activity points though. Not sure i'll get out today for a walk as Ihave a mountain of ironing to get through and its my eldest boys 9th birthday so have people coming round after. Need to get balloons and things up before he comes home from his dads, oh and wrap his presents, oops! Also Jake is going to a party this afternoon, its a swimming party though so i might get in with him, that's a bit of activity for me!

Had a sneaky peek at the Wii Fit last night and was 13 st 6lbs, so 4lbs down! Not sure how accurate that is, but its spurred me on anyway!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Day One - Tick!!

I had a good day yesterday. Right back on track and im enjoying it!! Fruit tastes so much better now it has zero points allowance!

The swimming didnt happen, got to the pool and it was closed for school lessons. But, it will happen, I am not back in work now until next Friday so I intend to go at least twice before then, and have also decided im going to start going on my way home from work on a Friday, I finish at lunch time and my mum has Kieron so she wont mind an extra hour with him!

I went shopping, as I unpacked everything I worked out the new points values and put all my little stickers on that we were given in the meeting. I am on 30 points per day and yesterday I had all 30 points, but didnt use any of my weekly points. Had a mini disaster when I dropped our tea all over the floor, but I had already served part of mine up so it just meant the rest of the family had takeaway!!

My friend Helen called round a we decided to go for a "little" walk, and we managed 3 miles, and we both enjoyed it. Am going to attempt some more walking today, although I will have Jake, my 6 year old, and he doesnt like walking much!! While we were walking we discussed my binge eating. It all started with 2 mini mars bars on halloween night, and i think i was chasing that fix again. The one thing i didnt have during my binge was chocolate - but maybe that would have sorted my cravings, mmmm, I dont know!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Kick Up The Bum....Tick!

Ok, so if anything is going to kick me up the backside and realise what i was doing to myself, its an 11lb gain. Ouch! I knew it was going to be bad and painful but bloody hell that hurt. Especially when the leader made a big deal of rechecking the scales to make sure they were right. Even though i told her i'd been bad and eaten everything in sight. She still seemed to think it was impossible to gain so much in 2 weeks.

Anyway, im raring to go this morning. I am fully armed with my calculator to go shopping and calculate the Propoints values of everything. I cant wait to have a banana or pear or some grapes knowing they're not costing me any points - it used to bug me having to spend 1.5 points on a banana when i could have a WW choc bar instead, lol!

But first, im going swimming! I am off work for a week, so I intend to get some me time in, once i've dropped Kieron off with childcare. The last time I swam was in 2007 on honeymoon, and that was just splashing around in the water really, today i intend to actually swim! Wish me luck!

Ive been awake since 4am planning receipes in my head! This new plan couldnt have come at a better time for me. New focus and something new to get my teeth into. Hopefully those 11lbs will very soon be vamooshed.

Ive also cleaned up the Wii Fit and am going to get reacquainted with it over the coming weeks. Weighed in last night and it is pretty accurate to the WW scales so will give me an idea how im doing over the next week.

Thursday, 11 November 2010




11lbs on

I certainly know how to binge eat :(

Wednesday, 10 November 2010



*kick* *up* *the* *backside* *BOOM*

I cant stop eating :( Im shovelling it in without even thinking about what im doing. Dreading weigh in tomorrow, but i know i'll have gained weight and hopefully it will kickstart me back into positive weight loss mode again. New plan = new start, fingers crossed.

Now wheres that needle and thread in the meantime to sew my bloody gob up............

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Bad Week

Ive had a terrible week. Ive got a cough which has kept me awake every night since Monday, Sunday night I was up throwing up all night, Sat night i was up with Kieron all night. My Great Auntie Dot passed away on Thursday, so ive had all sorts running through my brain since then. My mum and I will be sorting everything out for her, as we are the only family she still has. We got to see her before she passed which meant a lot as for the last 5 years or so she refused to let us visit her. She would talk on the phone and write, but when she agreed to see us on Thursday we were over the moon. She died just 4 hours after we left her. RIP Doris 12.12.1916 - 04.11.2010 :)

Im on a binge eat at the moment, it started on Thursday and im just eating so much crap its untrue. I dont want to do it, its like a compulsion, an itch that has to be scratched with bad food and the badder the better.

Will be back when im back on track and feeling positive!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Yay *Squeal* OMG!

Oh My God!
Oh My God!
Oh My God!

Im in the 12's!! I am 12st 13lbs! I lost 2 lbs this week. I got my 19th silver seven and have now lost 9st 8lbs!! For any who dont deal with lbs and stones, thats almost 61 kgs!!

Thank you to all who have taken the time to comment on my blog over time, and especially on my last post, some really nice comments there and it feels fab to know that others see me as an inspiration!

I bought a size 14 dress to wear to a wedding at the end of November, and it was pointed out to me that it may be too big by then. My brain will not comprehend this thought, I cant think that i could possibly be a size 12!! I have never in my adult life wore a size 12. Its scary, but the thought that I could go and but a size 12 is such a thrill too. I would never have thought it remotely possible 2 years ago :D

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Happy 2 Years To Me!!

It is 2 years today since i joined weightwatchers, for the last time!!

I have joined weightwatchers, not to mention slimming world and rosemary conley, many times, in order to battle my weight.

In 2007, leading up to my wedding, in August 2007, I lost 3 stones, going from 21 and 1/2 stones to 18 and 1/2 stones. I felt good on my wedding day, and vowed to continue to go to weightwatchers as soon as the honeymoon was over..... forward to October 2008, 14 months married and I was a mess. I had gone up to my biggest ever weight, and my health was affected. My periods had more or less stopped, i only had 2 cycles in the whole of 2008. I was wearing size 28 clothes and almost bursting out, but i refused to go up to 30. My breathing sounded awful, if i walked across the room, I would be sweating and breathing heavily. People looked worried if i stopped to talk to them, they thought I was about to keel over, I gasping for breath so much. I spent every spare moment I had in bed, sleeping, I didnt have the energy to do anything else.

In September 2008, i went to the hospital about my lack of periods, and was told very bluntly that I needed to lose weight.

One day in October I had to ask my 9 year old daughter to put on my shoes and socks for me. I was mortified, embarressed and disgusted I had let myself get so bog. That day was 2 years ago today. I went to weightwatchers that very night, weighed in at 22 stone 7 lbs (315lbs). I was horrified at having my weight confirmed, but not surprised. I had gained 4 stone in 14 months. Looking back and trying to work out my points im not surprised, I was having around 60 points a day (at least!)

My first week I lost 5lbs, but gained some confidence in myself! By the end of month 1 I had lost 14 lbs. It took a while for the results to start showing in my appearance, but from the inside I was thrilled. By the end of January, I had lost 37lbs (including losing over Christmas and New Year!!) and by body kickstarted back into action with my periods restarting (TMI I know, but its important!). In March, I realised they had stopped again and something didnt feel right! Turns out I was pregnant with baby no 4! I weighed 18 st 11.5lbs when I found out I was pregnant. Panic set in, how could i possibly go through pregnancy without piling on all that weight again, and ending up even heavier?

I spoke to my leader, who informed me I wasnt allowed to do the plan while pregnant. I thought I was scuppered, how could I do it without her support? I stuck to the plan for the next 3 weeks, and then chronic sickness set in. I was sick up to 15 times a day at first, then while on meds it reduced to a more manageable 3/4/5 times a day! Horrible to cope with and it made me miserable, but it resulted in me weighing in at 19 st 1 lb the day before i was to be induced. So only a gain of 3.5lbs, Kieron weighed in at 9lbs 5 oz on 17th November 2009.

I rejoined ww in January 2010, weighing 17 st 13.5lbs! I have stuck to it ever since and my goal is becoming much closer!

So now, I am 132lbs lighter, I am wearing size 14 clothes, I have confidence I havent had for a long time. I can put on my own shoes and socks! I fit in the bath and can shave my legs while in there without feeling Im about to pass out! I have lots of energy, I can play with my children. I can fit on a swing and swing higher than my children (and feel so free while doing it!) Im learning lots about cooking healthier food, and enjoying trying new things. I have my picture taken without cringing or hiding from the camera.

Theres a way for me to go yet, but even 2 years on im more determined than ever to get there and to feel even better than I do now!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Weigh In

Weigh in again! Have had a good week, stuck to plan, not done very much in the way of exercise, not as much as I would like anyway, but i managed to lose half a pound this week (not bad considering ladies issues!! sorry TMI, but it can and does make a difference!!)

So total gone 132 lbs, total left to lose 23lbs!

Saturday, 16 October 2010


Went to the children's schools halloween disco last night! We had a great time! I had a bit too great a time and got a little bit tipsy! Its very rare for me though so it made a nice change!

Things is, not only did I have the confidence to get up and dance, I also didnt hide away in a corner all night, as I used to. AND, I also went in fancy dress!! I got loads of comments from people who havent seen me for a while, one woman kept walking past giving me funny looks, I thought she maybe didnt like my halloween costume, turned out she couldnt think if it was really me or not!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Gosh *Shocked Face*

AHem, weigh in time again. Im down 3 lbs!! WOOT WOOT!

I have been extra good this week to compensate for binging on Saturday night. I didnt point my binge but guessed at 20 points, maybe i overguessed, but whatever i did, it worked!

Im now 13 st 1.5 lbs!! Wow! Its coming up to my 2nd anniversary of joining weightwatchers (this time!) and im still going strong and ever so close to goal. Only 23.5lbs to go!

Thought it about time I updated my "current pic" shot so thats at the side ------------>

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

These Boots Were Made For Walking....

A NSV today :)

I bought a pair of almost knee height boots! This may not seem a big deal, but to me, having so many years morbidly obese I am thrilled. Never have I been able to buy a pair of boots that go anywhere past ankle height, unless i go to "a store for the larger lady". They would never fit over my massive fat calves.

So to try some on and have them fit in a "normal" persons shop is a blinking good feeling. Now i just need to find summat to wear them with.

Incidentally, while talking about boots/feet - I always used to wear size 8 shoes, and they were tight, now im a comfy size 7, so some excellent shrinkage of me feet there!! Lol!

Ooooh ooooh oh and ...... size 16 are now too big for me, but size 14 dont yet fit, so I am now officially a size 15 in clothes :)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Oooops, I Did It Again :(

Rarrrr at myself! Yesterday (well last night) i started eating and for some silly reason could not blinkin well stop. I havent tracked it all cos i lost count, but think i may have gone 15-20 points over. I wasnt hungry and knew i shouldnt have been eating it all, but did that stop me, NO!

Im fed up of this, why do I do it to myself.

Feeling better today as we just got back from Ingleton Waterfalls, 4.5 miles walked, plus most of it is up steps and hills, so that should get rid of some of the overeaten points. Plan is to try to have only 18 points a day from now until Weds, and fingers crossed by Thursdays weigh in i'll have eradicated the damage.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Wi Time Again

Once again Thursday has skyrocketed around, and its weigh in time. I've lost half a pound this week. Which is ok, not great, not rubbish, just ok! Ive had a good week, and it is half a pound in the right direction.

26.5 lbs to go to target :)

Saturday, 2 October 2010


I went shopping on Thursday, i bought clothes - trousers and a blouse for work - in a size 14!! They are still an ickle bit too small, but i can get in them and fasten them, they just look a little silly! Wont be long though!

Also, my old jeans! My old staple, the only clothes i could wear at one point (outside of work that is), size 26-28. And I now fit in one leg of them!

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Weekly News

I seem to only be reporting back on weigh ins at the moment! I havent really got a lot else going on at the moment to report on!

I lost 1lb this week. Ive been good and stuck to plan so a pound will do!

I went back to my old high school on Tuesday to have a look round for my daughter starting next September. It was so strange! Like stepping back in time, but it was soooo different too, i couldnt beleive how much its changed. Anyway the good thing is that Olivia is now looking forward to going, whereas before she went she didnt want to go there.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Woop Woop :)

Well, having the class tracker seems to have done the trick for me!! I lost 4.5lbs this week! Yay yay yay!! Taking my total to 127 lbs, or 9 st 1 lb!! Am over the moon and back with that result.

SO what did i do different!!? I track every week so having the class tracker surely wouldnt make that much difference. Wrong!! As i knew other people would be seeing my tracker this week i made a concious effort to vary my foods, tomake sure i got my 5 portions of fruit vegy stuffs every day (most days having way more!). I also bought the "Fabulous & filling" recipe book and made a couple of things out of there. I made some 0 points soup to have, which lasted me from Saturday til today, and was gorgeous and filling!

It was my daughters 11th birthday yesterday, and i did all the same foods that i pigged out on last week. But because i had the tracker, i didnt have any of it. I had a ww ready meal instead, but treated myself to a crispy chocolate cookie and a chocolate orange brownie - both made from the recipe book, total of 2.5 points for both!!

Feeling fab and focussed and ready to go again!! Only 2 stones to go to my target :)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Another Bad Week..

....last week! I was so angelic from Friday to Monday afternoon. It was my son Jake's 6th birthday on Monday, and i bought carrot sticks and humous for me to munch on.

Except I overidulged on mini pizzas, mini sausage rolls, potato wedges, cocktail sausages, pork pies, and to top it all off a jaffa cake bar and generous slice of birthday cake. Oh, and i forgot the onion rings and cheese puffs :/

This then led to me carrying on being "naughty" for the rest of the week, including all day Thursday. Got to scales and had gained 1.5 pounds, which I dont think was too bad after everything I put away. Im just hoping the "true" damage doesnt catch up to me this weeks weigh in.

I have the class tracker this week. Everyone who has had it so far has lost weight, and usually a good weight loss too, so no pressure!! I have been so so good so far, and hopefully having this tracker for the week will help me get back on track. Its my daughters birthday on Wednesday, so fingers crossed i can resist all the bad foods, and just eat my own meal that im going to make seperate from their "party" nibbles!

Saturday, 11 September 2010


Check out my ticker!! My BMI is now 29.9, im overweight! No longer obese!

This could all change next week though, I pigged out and binged my way through last week. Fell off the wagon in spectacular style. Scared me really as I thought I had all my food demons beaten, it seems not, they are still there, and they can come back to get me sometimes. But i've knocked them all on the head (I hope), again for a while and as of yesterday I am back pointing and tracking.

Weigh in - I lost a pound! I have no idea how, but due to all the binging I am not going to be surprised if I have a gain next week, even though I plan on being good!

I suppose what i should have done is come here to my blog or log on to the boards, I m sure that would have encouraged me to stop the binging, but i didnt think of it. I didnt think of anything other than what i could shove in my mouth next. I just don't understand why i do it, rarrr!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Having a bad week! Lost half a pound last week, will be totally unsurprised if i get away with a small gain this week! Hormones and emotions have resulted in me having a 2 day binge, but im now back to being good (although i haven't started tracking again - will do that after Thursdays weigh in!)

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Not Got Much Time...

... but thought i'd nip on while I have a few mins to report this weeks weigh in - I lost half a pound. Very very pleased with that after my excesses last Saturday/Sunday!! I was hoping i'd scrape by with a STS!

My mum has been struggling the last 3 weeks and has stayed the same. I kept trying to advise her, and found that she was having only 15 points ish a day, instead of the 21 she is allowed. So i told her to try 21 points for a week and see what happens, I also gave her a lesson on her WW scales, so she started weighing/tracking last Monday, and come Thursday weigh in - she lost 2.5lbs!! So just goes to show that tracking might be boring and seem like hard work to keep on top of - BUT IT WORKS!! So she finally got past that 1 stone barrier. She goes on holiday in a week though, so no doubt she'll put a little back on, especially all inclusive!!

Im ever so close to my BMI being <30, im nearly overweight! Yay!

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Well its been a strange weekend, having only one child at home, I dont know what to do with myself!

Darren and I went out for an Indian last night. I think i chose quiet well, I had shamee kebab starter, and tandoori chicken for main. It was lovely! I also had quiet a lot of wine! A whole bottle with the meal, then we went for a few drinks and i had 4 wines. A lot for me these days, being virtually teetotal! I declined any dessert too, despite them looking sooooo good! But i was full, and unlike the old days i dont eat when im already stuffed. Before WW, i'd have had onion bhajis and poppadoms to start, a chicken korma with a full portion of pilau rice, and probably a dessert too!

Today I have been rough, rough, rough! I threw up during the night, so most of meal came back - i hadnt pointed it but im not sure if i would have needed to as i didnt keep it! (Sorry for way too much info there!) Today, ive had 2 glasses of full fat pepsi, a 500ml strawberry milkshake and toast with jam on to try to combat the hangover! Ive also had a sunday lunch - loads of veg tho and not much meat! Anyway i dont have the energy for pointing today, therefore i've had the whole weekend off tracking, back to it tomorrow, and hoping for damage limitation by Thursday!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Weekly Round Up!

I havent been able to get here all week, ive been so busy and so tired!

Very important things first, weigh in - i lost 1/2 a pound. Am happy with that, its in the right direction, and after all the cough sweets and medicines i've been having I wasnt too sure how it would go.

I've had a very emotional week, kicked off by 2 weeks of not a lot of sleep. Which resulted in me having some sort of breakdown at work, through sheer exhaustion. I felt like I could no longer function! Anyway as the week has gone on i've gradually caught up on sleep and am feeling much better.

Something im very proud of this week is that I didnt comfort eat! I was feeling so down, and in the past would have binged on crap food. But my head wouldnt let me do it! I just thought to myself that if i did, I would feel 10 times worse afterwards. So I feel i've beaten a few food demons this week and am so proud of myself. Maybe, finally, just possibly, after all these years I have finally cracked it :)

On Thursday, it was getting on for 8.30 before i got chance to eat, and I have nothing in so i went out to get a kebab (a chicken one so wouldnt have been TOO bad!), but I walked past the kebab shop and bought a WW meal instead! Arent I good?! Main reason though is because me and hubby are going out for a meal tonight, for our anniversary, and i intend to eat whatever i feel like, no point counting tonight! We only have baby at home until Monday night, so should be a quiet weekend! Olivia and Elliot are off on holiday with their dad until next Friday and Jake has gone to Butlins with his Nanna and Grandad. Peace and quiet, ahhhh!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Weigh In Update

It was a good result, i lost 2lbs this week! Very pleased with that, am now weighing in at 13 st 11.5lbs. I still cant believe im saying that i am 13 st something!! Woop woop!

It's Thursday!

I have no idea what to expect at weigh in later!

Last Thursday I was ill after WW meeting so Thursday and Friday I was very much drastically under points. I think i had 10 points in total on Friday.

On Sunday we did the Ingleton Waterfalls trail again, which I enjoyed, and didnt find it as difficult as the first time we did it.

Ive had a cough/sore throat/cold since weekend too. The cough has got considerably worse the last 2 days so yesterday I was scoffing cough sweets all day, so havent a clue how they will affect things.

The weather is awful, so despite having been off work for 2 weeks i have done no exercise whatsoever. Im going to have to find something else to do other than walking, but thats not easy with 4 children around who all want to do different things.

Im also well and truly shattered, I haven't been sleeping with the coughing, and Tuesday night only got a little bit of sleep from approx 2.30 til 5.45, up with Kieron. Last night Jake and Kieron took it in turns to be up through the night, Kieron just playing! And Jake being sick, bleurgh!

Will report back later on Weigh In result.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Better Now!

Urgh I was rough on Thursday night! It came over me so suddenly, i was sat at the WW meeting and stood up to leave and started feeling a little sick. So that was 7.30pm, by 9pm i was being sick, and it carried on all night. Yesterday i was still rough, more tired than anything, and a banging headache. Got through the day on 4 slices of toast with jam on! The only thing i felt safe enough to eat!

If ever i needed a reminder not to get pregnant again, that was it!! I had 7 months of feeling like that while I was pregnant, and i cant believe it became a way of life i got so used to it!

My mum stayed the same this week, but isnt following the plan properly at all! She wasnt eating enough, having about 15 or 16 points per day, when she should be on 21. So this week she cut back even more, she doesnt believe me when i tell her if she eats more she will loose weight!!

Thursday, 5 August 2010


A very quick post this week as i am feeling well and truly awful. Feel very very sick :(

Lost 3lbs so am very excited as im now in the 13s.

More when feeling better

Friday, 30 July 2010

Weigh In News

Weighed in yesterday, lost 1lb this week. Very pleased with that, as I didnt feel as though I'd lost anything this week. Ive stuck to plan all week, so no reason why i shouldnt have lost (although it is TOTM again! Comes round quick!). I'm just have a blaaaaarrr week, where im feeling like I cant be bothered and i want to eat everything in sight! I havent done though!

My mum weighed in too, she lost 2lbs this week, she has 1lb to go now to her first stone off.

I bought some chippy chips last night on the way home from WW. One portion split between the three children, and i had about 10 myself. Just to see what they taste like - i have craved them a couple of time recently. Im glad I tried them, because i probably wont bother again! I didnt enjoy them at all, and i dont know if it was my imagination, but my jaws ached while i was eating them! Must be all the grease, Ugh, wont bother again!

On the NSV front, I was getting in the bath the other night and caught sight of myself, well to be more precise, of my bare bottom - and for the first time in a hell of a long time, i thought, mmmmm not bad!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Myself and Darren went to Ingleton Waterfalls today. Theres a lovely trail you can follow, its 4.5 miles (8km), and there are lots of steps, some more steps, a few steps, a couple of hills, oh and did I mention the steps!
It is a lovely area with some fantastic views. Im so glad I am now able to do trails of this nature, i certainly wouldn't have been able to do this, probably even 2 stones ago. My old favourite walk up to Rivington Pike is soooooo so tame compared!
Some pics from our day, it really is a spectacular area!!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Weigh In Again!

Gosh, weigh in defo comes round quick every week! Anyways, i lost 2lbs this week. Im very pleased with that, was expecting half a pound after a sneaky peek on the Wii!!

WHen updating my weight charts a few minutes ago i realised something quiet exciting!!


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Another One Down!!

I lost 2lbs this week, taking me to 8 st 1.5lbs lost, woop woop! So pleased. Thats silver 7 number 16! I've only got another 6 silver 7s to go to my target weight!

I have had a good week so was hopeful for a good result. I did the 10k on Saturday, went belly dancing on Monday, and have had a couple of hour long sessions on Wii Fit Plus. Ive also stayed within my points all week.

ANother thing - onions - red ones to be precise! I cant get enough of them! I never used to eat an onion unless it was deep fried in batter and leaking grease all over my 12 inch pizza! I though onions were vile - now, im asking for extra onions, and adding onions to almost everything i eat! Love em!! Another example of how much my food tastes have changed :)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

I Did It!!

I completed my Race For Life! It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes, which I was very pleased with! I was hoping to come in under 2 hours and did so! The most difficult bit was from 6km to 8km, a lot of it was uphill with the 8km marker being right at the top of a hill from hell! The hill was so steep that at the beginning of the race (approx 2 km) I had to run down it! The only bit of the race i did run!

Anyway, heres a pic of me just coming up to the finish line! I'll defo do it again - maybe jogging next time, we'll see!!

Race For Life

Todays the day :)

ALl my nagging finally paid off and Darren isnt working, so today Im doing a 10k Race For Life (although i wont really be racing!!).

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Great Result!

Am very very pleased after weigh in this week! I've stuck to my points and been doing lots of walking again this week, and finally it paid off, after a few slow weeks! I lost 4lbs this week, so very very chuffed to pieces! Only half a pound to 8 stone gone now - woop woop!

On another, not so very happy note, i am not happy at all! Im supposed to be doing my 10k Race For Life this Saturday. An event I have been building up to and planning for 4 months. An event my husband knows all about and has heard about for the last 4 months. He's been told he HAS to work (which i dont believe a word of - I think he WANTS to work, something always comes up when im doing something for ME). So, i have no one to watch the children (ive asked everyone i can think of), therefore i can now not do my Race For Life. I am sooooooo upset its untrue.

There isnt just this issue, theres many many things that are winding me up about him at the moment. He really is so selfish, and i had to get some of it out before I scream, rant and rave.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Ooooh Baby The Hips Dont Lie!

Ive just been belly dancing! ANd my hips wont be lying to me in the morning, in fact I think they're going to be shouting at me! Ooooh Im going to feel that in the morning!

I used to go belly dancing three years ago, whilst on one of my less successful stints at weightwatchers. I really enjoy it, i dont know why I stopped going. I took Olivia with me as I thought it would be good for us to have some mummy/daughter time together.

Two NSVs while i was there too! First one is that I didnt have to stop to catch my breath and guzzle water after the warm up! In fact i didnt have to stop all the way through. Second NSV isthat when doing the stretches I could do the standing on one leg holding your leg up stretch! I couldnt do this before as I couldnt reach my foot to hold it up!

Saturday, 3 July 2010


I decided to do my measurements again, to try to cheer myself up! My weight loss seems to have slowed down a little the last few weeks, but im getting loads of comments about how "I've lost weight this week", "look slimmer than ever" etc, so thought maybe i've lost inches - and i have :)

Measurements were taken today (3rd July) and last month (5th June)

Right arm was 15.5 inches now 15 inches loss 1/2 inch
wrist was 7 inches now 63/4 inches! loss 1/4 inch (a lot for a wrist!)
Right calf was 14.5 inches now 14 inches loss 1/2 inch
Boobs was 41 inches now 40.5 inches loss 1/2 inch
under boobs was 38 inches now 35.5 inches loss 2 1/2 inches!!
belly was 44, still 44 inches - no loss
right thigh was 28 inches now 27.5 inches loss 1/2 inch

So total loss in the last month is 4 3/4 inches!

But, compared to when i first measured myself, at 20st 8.5lbs, on 3rd Jan 2009:-
Right arm was 18.5inches - so 3.5 ins down
Under boobs was 43 inches - so 7.5 ins down
Belly was 55 inches - so 11 ins down
Right thigh was 34.5 inches - so 7 ins down!! Wow, cant believe Ive lost as much off my thighs as i have under my boobs!!

Feeling much better now :)

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Just been to weigh in, i lost a whopping half a pound! I've had what i consider to be a good week. Ive stayed inside my points, and ive done loads of walking. I went yesterday to Hollingworth Lake and walked round 3 times, which is just short of 6 miles. So i was expecting more than half a pound really.

Still, its off, its in the right direction and i've lost 107.5 lbs. Onwards and inwards!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Week So Far

Im trying to make an effort to blog more often! Going well so far this week.

I always work out on a Sunday night my average daily steps for the week, ie total steps divided by 7. This week I actually, finally managed to average over 10,000 steps per day, and thats without wearing my pedometer on Thursday, if i'd worn it then i'd have been well over 11 or 12,000 (Doh!)

On Saturday hubby and I took the 2 youngest ones to Hollingworth Lake (thats my 3rd time in less than a week! It is a lovely place though!). We walked round once (approx 1.5 miles), but then I had to stop cos i was wearing daft shoes (doh again!)

On Sunday, i made up for it by going for a walk, approx 9km, so over 5.5 miles. Very pleased with myself, but im feeling it today! My hips are quite sore, which isnt good considering I am doing a 10k Race For Life in 12 days, Im going to need to try to get out most days this week and next for a good walk every day.

Today, I spent 1.5 hours ironing, then 3 hours sorting out the childrens rooms, which were a disgrace, so it kept me on the move. I then didnt have time to go walking as I had to pick the children up, so had a quick 30 mins on the Wii Fit.

Day off tomorrow, (as was today!), but I intend to spend it on time for ME! Im planning a walk, help my hips get used to it. Then chilling out, relaxing bath and reading for a while. Might even dye my hair :)

Friday, 25 June 2010

Weigh In And Other Bits

Weigh in yesterday - another 1.5lbs gone :) I should have got a silver 7 last week so i got it this week instead.

I've now lost 7st 9lbs, which is the same weight as my 10 year old daughter! Ive tried lifting her and cant shift her off the ground, so how i used to get around lugging all that weight with me I have no idea! Well i do - with difficulty and pain and breathlessness!

My mum lost another 2lbs this week, so has now lost 10lbs and is doing well!

I felt I had a really good week this week. I have been eating lots and lots more veg with my meals to bulk them out more. I still eat quite a lot of snack type things (ie WWers biscuits and things), which i want to get used to cutting out for when my points really drop. So im getting used to more veg! And i have to say enjoying it! Only thing is, my insides are like a wind turbine! OMG the farting!! Ive been tempted to move my desk into the corridor at work just in case, but so far i've managed not to let any escape while at work!! All the ass clenching must be firming my bum up a treat!

Ive also done a lot of walking this week, getting 10000+ on my pedometer in aerobic mode on 3 days! Ive been drinking water too, lots more than normal.

TOTM is looming so we'll see how that goes over the next week, and bring on another good week!!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Early Weigh In!

Ok, so last week i didnt have an official weigh in, as i couldn't make the meeting due to doing my bridesmaid bit! I did get weighed on Wednesday though, at Boots and was 15st on the dot! Thus a 1lb loss from the week before.

I cant make official weigh in again this week as my daughter is singing in her school choir at a local music festival, so my mum and i went to a different meeting - meaning weigh in was a whole day and a half earlier than usual! Anyways, my mum lost 1lb, total now 8lbs in 4 weeks, and I weighed in at 14 st 13.5lbs! So half a pound down from last week and 1.5 lbs down from last "official" weigh in nearly 2 weeks ago!

Im very pleased with that result - i had 2 days totally off plan last Thursday and Friday. Thursday night i had a chinese takeaway, and lots of nibbles, not to mention orange juice and champagne. Then Friday, it was bacon butties followed by strawberries and champagne, then a chicken dinner with apple pie and ice cream dessert, and i lost track at the buffet, and with alcohol - i drank white wine and soda all day.

So - woop woop to being in the 14s!! Bring on the 13s!!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

More Wedding Pics!

Me & my hubby, a full dress shot of the bride, me in the ceremony room, and my daugter Olivia all ready!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Fabulous Day!

Well the wedding was wonderful yeserday! Helen was a gorgeous bride and they had such a happy day together! I didnt think about points at all - probably a good thing as I dread to think how many I had over the last 2 days! Back on plan today, damage limitation for next weeks weigh in!!

A couple of pics - one of me with the bride & groom, and one of me dancing with my son, Elliot!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

So Excited!!!

2 sleeps to go!! I cant wait for the wedding! Im going to weigh in tomorrow evening then straight off to Helens to stay the night, so probably wont update now til after the wedding!

I dont think i was this excited about my own wedding! Its probably the thought of having a full nights sleep tomorrow thats doing it!

Thursday, 3 June 2010


Been to weigh in. Its all good, lost 4lbs! I dont know how or where its gone but i'll take it! Although i know it probably means i'll gain or sts next week, but hey ho, thats the name of the game on this journey!

I got my 100lb certificate tonight, so that was good. Also my mum has joined weightwatchers and it was nice to hear her say how proud she is of me! She lost 4lbs last week and 2lbs this week, so is chuffed with herself, although she's not overly impressed that i weigh less than her!! I think that was what finally spurred her on to join, as I have never been lighter than her before.
I went and picked up the dress today, it looks lovely, and i cant wait for next Friday now - only 8 more sleeps!!
Piccie of me with my certificate! Im going to have it as my new current pic too!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Hangover Cures!

I need some! I have a hangover after going to Helen's BBQ Hen Night last night. So much for not drinking! Had rather a few vodkas, with Diet lemonade - nice and low points. I only had 2 chicken legs and 2 mini sausage rolls to eat as well, so didnt do too badly! Lots of walking this week (if the rain pigs off!) to rectify the damage.

Anyway, as I said I need some low fat hangover cures! Obviously the "usual suspects" that used to work are out - ie McDonalds with a Extra Large full fat coke! Followed by at least 2 litres of coke! Or the other option is a big fat fully fried fry up! Golden syrup porridge oats just dont cut the mustard with hangovers!!

Only 13 more sleeps til THE WEDDING!! Yay, cant wait to show off my new figure in my lovely bridesmaid dress!!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

I Did It!!

I lost 3lbs this week, taking my total weight loss to a not inconsiderable 100lbs!! Yes, thats one hundred whole pounds!! Im dead chuffed, although i didnt burst into tears like i thought I would!!

This week has been a good week. I did a fair amount of walking on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday i did loads as I went on a school trip with my sons class, walked there and back (approx 5 miles) plus stood up all day apart from 20 minutes while eating lunch. I certainly wouldnt have been able to do that before I lost weight, even the standing for a few hours would have worn me out, without the 5 mile walk!

I also stayed within my points (and still havent got round to putting a couple of days worth of trachers on here, i promise i will!)

Friday, 21 May 2010

Weight Gain!!

I put a lb on this week!! Im totally not surprised though, I was expecting to after a shock 3.5lbs loss last week! In the big picture though i've still lost 97lbs so these little blips dont matter! Im sticking to the plan and i know that pound will be gone again next week!

I took an old pair of jeans into work today. People were shocked at the size of them (size26/28) and really dont believe that I used to wear them! But i did - and they were getting tight too! Anyway first of all I put them on to show everyone.

Then 2 of the girls, Nicola and Sarah decided to see if they could get in them - and they could - TOGETHER!! Was soooo funny. Another colleague commented that that means i have lost a Nicola!! Which i suppose is almost right in a way!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Climb Every Mountain.. my case, Mt Ironing Pile! I managed to reach the summit today! As i stood there ironing, non stop for 3 hours, i thought back to before I began my weight loss journey. When I had to sit down to iron, with every door and window in the house open to get enough cool air into the room, to try to combat the profuse sweating that would start after 10 minutes or so. I had to have a break every 20 minutes to regain control of my breathing and wipe sweat off my forehead and out of my eyes. It then took me a good hour or so to put everyones clothes away, as I would have to have a 5 minute sit down after each persons clothes. This was without having to climb stairs as I would already be upstairs ironing. And I would have rounded it off by going to bed and sleeping for the rest of the afternoon.

Im glad to say that times have changed. Today I had music blaring while ironing and still had energy after 3 hours to be dancing to the music. I now iron downstairs and have to make at least 6 journeys up and down stairs to take it all up, I didnt need a sit down even after all that!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Weigh In

Went to weigh in, lost 3.5lbs this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Means I got silver 7 number 14, 7 stone gone and only 2lbs to go to the big 100!!!

I havent done anything different so im not sure why i;ve had such a big loss this week (but im not complaining!!) Fingers crossed it stays off and i dont see a gain next week, as has happened before when i've had a big loss I wasn't expecting!

It was my intention this week to post a couple of days worth of trackers as some people have asked what I eat. As for exercise I really dont seem to be getting around to doing much, although I am walking as much as I can fit in.

4 weeks today until the wedding, but i've taken my dress to have a corset fitted, just in case i dont get in it!!! I only had about an inch to go but its just not worth leaving it any longer. At least now i know it'll fit, and the corset will hold "the girls" in place!!!

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Yay, lost another 2lbs this week! That could partly have something to do with me being ill part of the week I suppose! Its also TOTM though, so im really pleased with a 2lb loss! I have done lots more walking this week (apart from yeserday when i was in bed ALL day!) so that must have helped too.

Im well and truly in the 15s now, at 15st 10.5lbs. Im feeling really good about myself! I still cant take compliments though! I was told on Tuesday that im looking "too thin"! WHAT!! I felt like screaming, im still obese - how can i be too thin! People look at me like im daft when i say ive got over 4 stone to go! My clothes must be clever at hiding the "real me"!!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bye Bye Plans!!

Well, my plans for this week are out the window! Waling walking and a bit more walking was the plan. I walked Saturday, walked a bit Sunday, walked some more Monday, today, halfway through my walk, ended up being struck down by the lurgy! Had a sore throat and headache when i woke this morning, now feel as though flu is kicking in big time :(

Ive had 9 points today and dont feel like any more!

I went today to meet up with some ladies from a pregnancy forum i joined when pregnant. We met up at Heaton Park and had a little picnic. I was having a good look round, as I have signed up to do a 10k Race For Life there in July. I think i'd better get some serious training in! Theres more hills than I remember!

Anyway, off to feel sorry for myself! Kieron isnt well at the moment so I have not a lot of chance of getting the rest I need! I think politicians would win many a vote if they brought in sick pay for mummies! Supplying an au pair would be good!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Where To Start!!!??

Well I'll start with weigh in! I lost 2.5lbs this week! YAY! Means I am in the 15s at last! Who'd have thunk it back in October 2008 when I weighed in at 22st 7lbs!!!

It also means I got my 13th silver seven! I still love getting them no matter how many i've got!

Im feeling very confident at the moment. Im eating even better since being back at work as I take lots of fruit to snack on during the day. Im also drinking much more water.

This week i decided to try to count up how many points I was having on a typical day before Weightwatchers! All I can say is, its no wonder i got to 22st +. I was having on average well above 60 points a day :-0

Here is what would have been a typical day:

Breakfast - toasted teacake and 1 slice toast (both with so much butter it dripped down your chin!)
lunch - either a baguette with cajun chicken or a large chicken tikka pastie & large sausage roll, iced finger or cream cake
evening meal - takeaway 3-4 times a week, norm would be a 9 inch mighty meaty pizza, onion rings, some fries (with lashings of ketchup of course), and a couple of slices of the free garlic bread! Dessert would be either a double pack of cream cakes, or a double pack of pecan & maple pastries, depending on whether I had cream cake or iced finger at lunch!
Snacks - afternoon, packet crisps (walkers Max!), can cherry coke, snickers
Evening - large Dairy Milk or large bag peanut M&Ms, 2-3 packs of crisps.

I told my friend Catherine who comes to the meetings with me, and she reckons all that would have been on a particularly bad day, but NO, it would have been most days!
No wonder i managed to gain 4 stone in 12 months! Looking at it now freaks me out a little that I ate that amount - and as for where the money came from to eat all that, who knows! I cant even remember what i would have cooked on the rare occasions that i did so! I was certainly never actually hungry!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Weigh In Time

Gosh weigh in seems to come round so fast every week!

This week i had a few targets in mind:-

1 lb would take me to 90lbs lost
2 lbs would take me to 6 and half stone lost
2.5 lbs would see me in the 15s for the first time in about 5 years i think!

Anyway, i got l lb off this week, so 90lbs lost!!

Next week i want another silver 7 and to be in the 15s!!

7 weeks now until bridesmaid day. Still got a couple of inches to go to get in that dress, next try on in 4 weeks, then i'll panic! At the mo im still thinking i can do it!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

NSV's (and SV's!)

NSV's first! AT work today, i got a few comments off different people. Firstly I was told i was looking "rather slim and fabulous", then another said i was looking "fantastic", and then i was told i was "looking skinnier today". Must be the outfit im wearing or something! I was very chuffed to hear these comments though, and the person who said "fantastic" also said she had to do a double take when I walked in the office, and that I was an inspiration to her. Very good to hear!

Also on a Scale Victory front, i've been waiting for ages for the "obesity" level on the Wii fit to drop - its been right up at the top since i started using it, and now its started falling! Something else for me to try to get a pic of when i next remember!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

WI Result

Weigh in went ok today. After a big loss last week i was expecting a STS really, but I lost again! Half a pound this week, which im ok with, its still in the right direction!

Not a lot else to report. Off to bed, am shattered today, think its going back to work and still having not a lot of sleep at night catching me up!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

No Title Really!

Ive had a new "current pic" taken this morning, to compare to the "starting again" pic. I'll keep updating the "current pic" every month or so!

Im back to work this week, although part time so i have Wednesdays off. I should be doing loads at the moment to catch up in the house but I cant be bothered!! It only gets wrecked again with an hour! Its going good so far, ive found it easy to stick to my points. Ive upped my water intake loads, and ive been using my lunch times to go for a 20-30 minute walk, rather than sitting on my backside browsing the net all lunch time! So fingers crossed for a good weigh in! I went to my mums earlier and she called my "slimbo"!! Said i look as though ive lost more weight this week. Its probably just cos she hasnt seen me for 3 days when she's used to seeing me every day!

Will report in after weigh in tomorrow :)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

My Week!

I havent been around much this week, ive been busy trying to get the house into some sort of order! Not easy with my tribe around!

Over Easter I allowed myself a creme egg (3.5 pts) but froze it to make it last longer! The chocolate was fine but the gooey inside was a bit weird! For Easter I got a malteaser bunny (also 3.5 pts). Oh My - they should be taken off the shelves immediately! Oh they are just stunningly gorgeous! Its a good job I only had one in the house or I could have easily binged! I bought 2 for my mum and she ate them both at once!

Ive been active this week, but not in the walking sense, ive been decluttering, tidying and cleaning. I also spent a couple of hours on the Wii but not as much as I'd have liked.

Ive had TOTM this week and usually gain a little arouind about then.

So to weigh in tonight and was expecting a small loss, STS or maybe even a gain due to TOTM, but i Lost 4lbs!! So pleased with myself!

Back to work on Monday, not looking forward to that at all, just cant see how im going to find the time to get anything done! Eeek!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Results Are In!!

Phew, thank the lord for that!! I lost .5lb this week!! I am sooo chuffed with that, although I was expecting a gain or STS I would've been devastated with either!!!

We're setting summer goals at next weeks meeting. My first goal is to get into my bridesmaid dress in just 10 weeks time - eep! I also want my 100lb certificate before then, so I'll have a good think about a longer term goal to set for myself to see me through.

Weigh In Tonight

And I am really not looking forward to it! I went to a wedding on Saturday and drank my own body weight in alcohol! I went waaaaaaaaaaay over points, I havent really cut back this week in order to pull points back and although I planned to go walking loads, it hasnt happened because of the awful weather. So i think i'll be having a gain tonight, praying for a STS though!

In case you wondered what my body weight in alcohol is :- 3 mulled wines, 1 glass champers, 1 glass white wine, 2 glasses rose wine, 1 litre bottle rose wine. Yes I was ill on Sunday!! I havent had a drink in over 12 months!

A pic of me and 2 of my boys at the wedding.

Also I had a tattoo done last week, the childrens names on my wrist.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Just A Quickie

Weigh in - lost 1.5lbs, total now 6 stone off!! Yay!

Ive changed my target weight to 11st 6lbs from 12st 7lbs. So Ive got a little further to go, but im ready for it (at the moment! No doubt it'll get harder and harder but im still focussed enough to feel its acheiveable right now!)

Monday, 22 March 2010


Some pics! Me while broken down on The Big One rollercoaster, you can see the engineer next to me, he was stood on the track!

My birthday cake, and the slice I allowed myself, oooooh it was gooooooood :)

Forgot to mention that one of my highlights yesterday was when we did a maze, we were all running (yes, I ran - me!!!) around racing each other to the middle and I havent laughed so much in a long time! We got totally lost and its only a diddy maze really! The picture is of my hubby and Olivia and Elliot at the centre!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Great Day!

Ive had such a great day today! We went to Blackpool to go on the Pleasure Beach, I havent been on there in years! A big factor was the fact that i struggled to get in the seats on the rides, if i managed to get through the turnstile in the first place! No such problems today!!!! I sailed through all the turnstiles and had no problems on any rides. Although i had to put the seat belt to maximum on the Pepsi Max Big One - i was so panicking thinking it wasnt going to fit, i'd have been mortified if i'd had to get off! It broke down the first time we were on it! We were just at the 50ft mark, stuck there for about 20 minutes!!

Food wise, we went to Burger King, i had a children's chicken bites meal, which i think works out at 10.5 points (im sure they gave me regular fries instead of small otherwise i'd have said 8 points!). When we got home we called at the chippy for chip barms - except i didnt get one and had a "good for you" ready meal instead!

Birthday tomorrow and ive just seen the cake my friend has made for me on Facebook!! Think i'll be having a very small piece, it looks very calorific! Will put some pics on tomorrow of cake and some taken today too.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wooop Woooop!

Weigh in - lost 3lbs this week!! Im now 16st 8.5lbs. I feel great! Im wearing my engagement ring again and it fits nicely now! Wedding ring is getting a little slack!!

Its my birthday on Monday, but i have no elaborate plans so hopefully wont be a problem for next weeks weigh in!

Im going to Blackpool on Sunday to go on the Pleasure Beach with my friend and her man, and my hubby and the 2 oldest children. I hope to do lots of walking and make sensible choices food wise, so again im hoping not to sabotage myself!

FIngers crossed for next weigh in!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day

To all mummies out there, especially my mummy who is the best!!

Im having a day off for Mothers Day! Olivia and Elliot are with their dad and Jake and Kieron are with their Nanna (my MIL) for the day so myself and hubby went for a walk. We decided to walk up Rivington Pike. We did this last year and i really struggled! Had to stop halfway up the steep steps right at the top. Anyway, today, i got up there without stopping! Yes, it hurt and yes it was hard work, but it was easier than last time and next time will be easier again!

Some pics, taken from about halfway up, from the bottom of the steps and of me being blown away right at the top!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Aww Poo!

Been to weigh in - I gained 1/2 a pound. D'oh! I thought i'd done enough to eradicate the burger & chips & cheesecake! Ive done so much walking (36,000 steps since Monday), thats loads more than i normally do! Ive stuck to my points all week apart from Saturday, but i think i severely under estimated the number of points I had in that meal - a 6oz burger alone is 18 points (gulp)

I also have time of the month so that doesnt help matters! But, lesson learnt. In future i need to make sensible choices. There was no need for me to choose burger & chips or the cheesecake, but I made that choice and I ate that food, no one made me do it.

Onwards to a loss this week!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunny Blackpool!

Ive had a lovely day today. We decided to go to Blackpool for a walk along the front. The weather was stunning, like a summers day (without the heat!!). We stopped for lunch and my choice was a little more sensible today - jacket potato & beans and chicken.

Heres a pic of me with Kieron - think this is the only pic we've had together and he's nearly 4 months :( Ive got loads of pics of him but i need to start getting in a few more with him!

Oooh and other news! One of my targets has been to be able to wear my engagement ring again! I got it on today! Im so chuffed. I had to take it off again after a while as it is just a little too tight! But it went all the way on which it hasnt in ages - a NSV!!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

My First Treat!

We went for a walk today, to my favourite walking place - Hollingworth Lake. We walked round twice, at a fastish pace as we had Elliot and Jake on their bikes, so I should have built up a fair few bonus points there!

And its a good job really! We stopped for a pub lunch at the end and i decided to have a treat - my first one since New Years Day! I had beef burger & chips (although i did give quite a few of my chips to Elliot so i wasnt totally bad!). I didnt share my New York cheesecake with anyone though - ooops! I really enjoyed it though, and wouldnt of had anything like that if i hadnt had the 3 or so mile walk first!

Ive just been to the shop and walked there too, so about a further mile!

I tried on my bridesmaid dress earlier - there'll be no more burgers or cheesecakes for me! I need to loose about 4 inches round my back and middle if im to get in it! 3 months and 4 days to go!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Silver 7s

I love silver 7s! I worked out tonight that I should now have 11 of them (I lost 4lbs this week taking my total to 80lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!), and when ive counted them up I only have 8! So im going to get 3 silver 7s next week!!

Its been a good week, ive tracked everything I should in the usual way. Dropping down a point this week, thats the only down side of loosing weight!!

Exercise hasnt been up to much this week. Ive hardly been on the Wii, I just dont seem to get time! I have increased my daily steps though! It must've been those that added to my weight loss. I was hoping for 1.5lbs this week so I could say i was in the 16s! As it turns out I am well into the 16's! Im at my lowest weight for about 5 years now i think.

Got a little note through the post this week from my ww leader. Little things like this keep me motivated!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Yay ;)

Yay!! I did it, i got my 75lb certificate!! I lost another 2lbs this week, taking my total to 76lbs! My WW leader had already ordered it so I actually got it at the meeting tonight!

Ive had a good week. Ive had lunch out twice and made sensible choices, and didnt feel as though i'd gone without at any point. Hopefully, fingers crossed, i've got this healthy eating lark sorted! Never again will i feel the need to eat multipacks of crisps, 6 packets in one sitting, washed down with 2 litres of cola and a family sized choc bar!

Onwards to the next certificate now - 100lbs here I come!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Another One Bites The Dust....

...another pound that is. I lost 1lb this week.

Havent had time to blog very often, but things are still going well. Ive now got a silver fitpiggy on Wii Fit Plus and havent missed a day in 3 weeks! On Sunday me and hubby took my mums dog for a 2 hour walk. I really enjoyed it, but think i've got damage to my pelvis from the complicated birth i had, so after half hour or so im in agony when walking. Soldiered on though, brave me!

Next goal is another pound next week to get me my 75lb certificate! Have got 2 lunches out this week so fingers crossed I can behave myself!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Oh - WOW!

I have been ever such a good girl this week! I was determined to loose 1/2 a lb, in order to get to 70lbs lost. My 5 stones mark.

I lost 3.5lbs! Yay, omg i nearly ran round the room, im so thrilled and excited! I have the biggest grin on my face! Ive now lost more weight than i have left to loose. Im over half way there!

I have made an extra effort this week to eat all or most of my points, as i wasnt really eating them all before, was probably 4-6 points under each day. So i think thats helped. Ive also been on the Wii Fit plus every day, and been a bit more adventurous than just playing the games! Ive been doing some of the yoga and muscle exercises too - and whats more ive been enjoying them.

Next target is to get my hands on that 75lb certificate! My leader said tonight that she would order it now, but i told her not to! Dont want anything to jinx me!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Update and Blog Awards!

Well its flown round again - that time of the week! I lost 2lbs this week. Im oh so close to that 70lb mark - cant wait for next weeks weigh in, im sure to get it! (Fingers crossed!)

This week has been good. Ive eaten out twice and made sensible choices (choosing salad when offered chips or mash!!). Its my mums birthday today so i cut myself a slice of cake for after weigh in! Thought i had 3 points worth, but when i weighed it, it worked out at 8 points! Eek! So i cut off 5 points worth and just had the 3 instead! Once upon a time i would have just eaten the full slice. Not any more!

I went shopping on Saturday and bought my bridesmaid dress for my best mates wedding in June. Im currently a size 20, and ive bought the dress in a 16 - so i have something to aim for and im determined to get there (well i have to now i have the dress!) The dress was reduced from £90 to £27 in the sale so couldnt not buy it!

Ok, Karon gave me an award last week and i duly completed my 7 facts. Now i'd like to nominate my 7 people whose blogs i enjoy reading. So here goes:

Joanne - Jo's Journey

Enigmanda - Seeing A Little Less of Me

Phil - The Incredible Shrinking Man

Lanabanana24 - The Road To Success Is Not Straight

Natasha - Girl Stuck In a Rut

Mandy - I dont Skinny Dip - I Chunky Dunk

Shaz - Chewing The Fat

This week I have had a couple of goes on Biggest Loser on Wii and i also got Wii Fit plus which i am really enjoying. We've all been doing it together and having a good old giggle, am liking the calorie counter on Wii fit plus!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Blog Award

Aww, have to say thank you to Karon (Twinkle Eyes) for giving me a blog award :) It's nice to know someone appreciates my waffling!!

Now i have to come up with 7 facts about myself which no one knows, mmmm that could be difficult, i need to have a reet good think about this one!! Might have to do them in stages as and when i think about them, if i want them to be of any interest! I then have to nominate 7 blogs i enjoy reading.
Fact 1 - I married my first love! We first met when i was 15, he was 17 with a girlfriend so i fancied him from afar!! We got together in 1997 and were together for 9 months, until i finished with him for being a bit of a - well a prick for want of a better word!! We got back together in 2002, just after I split with my ex and the father of my first two children. We got married in August 2007.
Fact 2 - both my husband and my ex are called Darren, which gets very confusing! They both have a brother called David, and their birthdays are only one day apart. Also after splitting up with me they both went on to have a relationship with someone called Rochelle (different people though - the same Rochelle would have just been way too weird!!)
Fact 3 - my stepmum is 4 years older than me! My dad met his wife while he and my mum were going through a divorce, he was 52 and she was 18. Everyone said it was doomed because of the age difference, but they are still married now at 70 and 35, and have 3 children aged 12, 10 and 8!!
Fact 4 - i have been a member of Weightwatchers now since 1998!! In my time i have lost several people, only to find them again, and more besides! The lowest weight i got to was in 2000, when i went from 17st 7lbs to 12 st 7lbs. I banged all that weight and more back on over the course of the next 8 years or so. I keep loosing weight only to end up pregnant and then gain it all back! Probably why i was so determined this time round not to gain and to stick with it. I have never felt as motivated as i do now!
Fact 5 - I was told i would never be able to conceive naturally!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha, that doc was having a laugh! When he actually told me this I was already pregnant with my daughter. With my 2nd we started trying on valentines day - Elliot was born 9 months later on 14th November. I got pregnant in July 2003 without trying, but unfortunately miscarried in August 03. by Christmas 03 i was pregnant again with Jake. Then in February 09 had a little accident which resulted in Kieron!! So i think the doc got it a bit wrong, which i am very glad about and feel blessed to have four healthy children!
Fact 6 - my first job was at Burger King. Not an amazing fact i know - but im struggling now! I started work for my current employer in July 1995 and have its been "happily ever after" ever since! (honest!)
Fact 7 - I dont have a good history with pets! I had a pet hamster which drowned in the bath, and pet rabbit which got attacked by a fox and died, several goldfish, all by the name of Freddie!, who lasted anywhere between an hour and 3 weeks. I also once looked after the class guinea pig during the Easter holidays, when i was in infant school, and had to very sadly take the empty cage back to school when it died of pneumonia! My daughter has carried on this bad run of luck and her 2 pet goldfish didnt last very long! Bobby 1 died after 2 days, Bobby 2 after 2 weeks! (but she did pour an entire tub of glitter in his tank to make it pretty!)
So i managed 7 facts, now i'll have a think about who to pass the award on to and update later.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

That Time Again!!

Ive been to weigh in, lost 2.5lbs this week. Am pleased with that. Not much else to report. have been trying to do more steps each day, actually did 10,000+ one day and just short of 10,000 another day!! Ive been going on the Wii most days and have been on the Biggest Loser game a couple of times.

I seem very tired a lot of the time though, so its hard getting into any exercise - and the long mammoth walks i was planning still haven't happened!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Weigh In

I lost 1.5lbs this week. Thought it might have been more as i've been so much more active this week, but maybe it will show next week!

Still it is a loss, and takes my total since starting this journey on Oct 08 to 65lbs!!!!!!!!!! Only 5 more lbs to 5 stones and then 5lbs after that is 75lbs! Its so close i can almost reach out and touch it!

Not much else to report, am feeling a bit naff with a cold thats started today but hopefully it wont be around for long!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Cant Think Of a Title!!

Im still going good! After the disaster with the WW choc bars, i cut the rest of them up into chunks and gave them to the children!
I have been on the Wii every day, trying to at least get 10 minutes worth of steps in and I really enjoy doing it. Hopefully as Kieron gets into more of a routine i'll be able to start maybe doing an exercise DVD a couple of times a week.

Anyway, the snow has gone (woop woop) so i plan to get out for a couple of walks this week before weigh in. First one will be today as Kieron has his jabs so a walk might get him back off to sleep if he's upset after :(

My daughter took a pic of me last night, and for the first time in ages i wasn't freaked out by how horrible I looked! So i thought i'd share it!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Never Again!!

Ok, so two weeks in and all is going relatively well, until that is, i buy Weightwatchers chocolate bars. I havent had any chocolate since i ate my own body weight in the stuff on New Years Day (i kindly polished off all my mums so she didnt have to!). I havent missed it, and my treat has been a Skinny Cow hot choc at night, and this has suited me.

On thursday at the meeting, i bought 2 boxes of Weightwatchers choc bars. Big mistake. I ate 1 on Thursday night - no problem there. Last night I ate 3 of the buggers one after the other, plus the one that i'd already eaten during the day. Just pointed up though and i've still come in under points (by one point!) so thats good. That must be down the pizza I had for tea - a weightwatchers one, 5 points it says on the pack - bargain i think! A pizza for 5 points. Woop! It was the tiniest thing i've ever seen!! Was very nice though!

SO lesson learnt. I dont need chocolate, so i dont need to buy it. If i do buy it i will eat it ALL, so no more!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

All Official Now!!

Have finally been to a meeting and now have an "official" weightwatchers weight!! And its all good! I was 18st 8.5 lbs when i last weighed in at a meeting and tonight was 17 st 13.5! So 9 lbs lighter than last time!! And i've lost weight since last week too. Think i've lost 9 lbs in total since 2nd Jan.

Still all going good, sticking to points. Havent had any chocolate and im not missing it (although i have just bought two packets of WW choc bars!!). My nightly treat is a Skinny Cow hot choc and a packet of french fries once all the children are in bed and that does me!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

A Successful (re)Start!!

Well!!! Week one back on track and it's all going fabby! Ive been able to easily stick within points all week. In fact i've banked some to have a tipple or 2 tonight with it being Saturday, but i dont really fancy a drink, so will find something else to have a Saturday night munch on instead!

As I thought Thursdays meeting was cancelled so I still haven't got an official start weight, but i weighed on my Wii fit at the same time today as i did last week, and weight was 18st 2lbs!!! Woop woop - thats a loss of 7lbs!! Am most very pleased with that!

Im enjoying the new series of Biggest Loser USA. Ive also set a few programmes to record. Sky Real lives are showing lots of extreme diet stories in January so i'm recording them. And Lorraine Kelly is doing a programme on Bio channel to sort out Emma and her family (from X factor = below), this looks good! Also My Big Fat Diet Show on channel 4. So if I cant find some inspiration in that lot, I wont find it anywhere!!

Onwards and inwards!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Still On It!!

Day 5 coming to a close and its going good still! I have stuck to points so far, although the exercise isnt going too well! We've been snowed in, pretty much like the rest of the country! So, not much (in fact make that none!) walking has been done. Ive missed doing Biggest Loser with having the kids at home all day, so not had chance! Put it on just now and it was a Yoga session, which i didnt fancy! So i've done 10 minutes step on the Wii Fit and im now going to watch an episode of Biggest Loser USA while eating french fries and drinking hot chocolate!

A couple of snow pics taken yesterday too!

Its highly unlikely there will be a class tomorrow evening, so it looks like i'll have to wait until next week for an official weigh in. I just weighed myself on the Wii though and was 18st 4lbs!!!! thats 5lbs less than Saturday! Woop woop! Im not taking it as gospel though as i'd prefer official weigh ins - but its going in the right direction and the Wii seems pleased with me!!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Going Well!

Day 3 now over and done with! I've stuck to the points and im not finding it a struggle at all. I've stopped saving all my points for evenings though as i've found that as evenings are my busiest times i wasnt getting chance to use all my points, which i know can have a negative effect on weight loss in time to come.

I put a new battery in my pedometer this morning so its all set for counting my thousands of steps - once all the snow goes that is! Cant walk out there at the minute, not with a pram at any rate. Its coming down thick and fast out there as i type and the highest temperature today was -1, so i cant see the snow being gone any time soon. I will have a lot to make up for when i get chance.

Was supposed to do Biggest Loser on Wii tonight but havent got round to it so will try to find time tomorrow. As long as i do it tomorrow i wont have missed a work out.

Also, a new season of Biggest Loser USA started tonight on Sky Real Lives, so i'll be recording that, so i can skim through all the crap chat on it. I love the programme but sometimes it bores me rigid! So inspirational though, and of course watching Bob is a nice bonus ;)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Day One

Well, day one is almost at a close and i feel excited about carrying on my journey! Ive stuck to the points and remembered how to work them out easier than i thought i would! Ive saved a few points though because at i've got into the habit recently of snacking at night, so ive a few points left should the urge overtake me!

I've been on the biggest loser Wii game, did the 6 minute warm up and the 23 minute workout!! I'll probably not be able to move tomorrow!! Felt good though. My weight was 18 stone 9lbs! So i've gained around 10 lbs over the Xmas and new year period.

So far so good :D

Back On It!

Well so far so good!! Im 12 hours in to my new weightwatchers regime, haha!

Ive been shopping and bought lots of healthy food stuffs. Got my daughter to take before pics of me, kept saying "you'll have to take another, that ones horrible" - then realised they were all going to be horrible - after all they are before pics! Im wearing pyjamas that only just fit me - so hopefully in a couple of months they'll be too big!

Will take measurements and weigh on Wii fit later, and if i have time will do some Biggest Loser. Its snowing again today so my idea of getting out walking isnt going to happen as i cant push the pram through it. Rarrrr!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Wow - Another New Year!!

Happy 2010! I cant believe its a year since i was doing a Happy New Year post! Its flown by. And when i did last years i never dreamed i'd have a 6 week old baby when i was doing 2010's!!

Anyway, today is my last day of eating crap! Im going to my mums for a New Years dinner, and she has lots of home made mince pies and choccies left over, not to mention trifle and christmas pudding! So i'm getting back on the weightwatchers wagooooon from tomorrow, after rolling home from mummy's house later!!

First weigh in will be Thursday 7th but i'll do a Wii fit weigh in tomorrow so I have an idea. I will be taking new "before" pics tomorrow and i'm looking forward to getting back to the WWers forum and getting to know everyone on there again!

Bring it on 2010!! I wont bugger my weight loss up this year by getting pregnant!!

Oh and i'll add a pic of bubba cos i havent done for a while! Taken Christmas Day!