Friday, 30 July 2010

Weigh In News

Weighed in yesterday, lost 1lb this week. Very pleased with that, as I didnt feel as though I'd lost anything this week. Ive stuck to plan all week, so no reason why i shouldnt have lost (although it is TOTM again! Comes round quick!). I'm just have a blaaaaarrr week, where im feeling like I cant be bothered and i want to eat everything in sight! I havent done though!

My mum weighed in too, she lost 2lbs this week, she has 1lb to go now to her first stone off.

I bought some chippy chips last night on the way home from WW. One portion split between the three children, and i had about 10 myself. Just to see what they taste like - i have craved them a couple of time recently. Im glad I tried them, because i probably wont bother again! I didnt enjoy them at all, and i dont know if it was my imagination, but my jaws ached while i was eating them! Must be all the grease, Ugh, wont bother again!

On the NSV front, I was getting in the bath the other night and caught sight of myself, well to be more precise, of my bare bottom - and for the first time in a hell of a long time, i thought, mmmmm not bad!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Myself and Darren went to Ingleton Waterfalls today. Theres a lovely trail you can follow, its 4.5 miles (8km), and there are lots of steps, some more steps, a few steps, a couple of hills, oh and did I mention the steps!
It is a lovely area with some fantastic views. Im so glad I am now able to do trails of this nature, i certainly wouldn't have been able to do this, probably even 2 stones ago. My old favourite walk up to Rivington Pike is soooooo so tame compared!
Some pics from our day, it really is a spectacular area!!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Weigh In Again!

Gosh, weigh in defo comes round quick every week! Anyways, i lost 2lbs this week. Im very pleased with that, was expecting half a pound after a sneaky peek on the Wii!!

WHen updating my weight charts a few minutes ago i realised something quiet exciting!!


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Another One Down!!

I lost 2lbs this week, taking me to 8 st 1.5lbs lost, woop woop! So pleased. Thats silver 7 number 16! I've only got another 6 silver 7s to go to my target weight!

I have had a good week so was hopeful for a good result. I did the 10k on Saturday, went belly dancing on Monday, and have had a couple of hour long sessions on Wii Fit Plus. Ive also stayed within my points all week.

ANother thing - onions - red ones to be precise! I cant get enough of them! I never used to eat an onion unless it was deep fried in batter and leaking grease all over my 12 inch pizza! I though onions were vile - now, im asking for extra onions, and adding onions to almost everything i eat! Love em!! Another example of how much my food tastes have changed :)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

I Did It!!

I completed my Race For Life! It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes, which I was very pleased with! I was hoping to come in under 2 hours and did so! The most difficult bit was from 6km to 8km, a lot of it was uphill with the 8km marker being right at the top of a hill from hell! The hill was so steep that at the beginning of the race (approx 2 km) I had to run down it! The only bit of the race i did run!

Anyway, heres a pic of me just coming up to the finish line! I'll defo do it again - maybe jogging next time, we'll see!!

Race For Life

Todays the day :)

ALl my nagging finally paid off and Darren isnt working, so today Im doing a 10k Race For Life (although i wont really be racing!!).

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Great Result!

Am very very pleased after weigh in this week! I've stuck to my points and been doing lots of walking again this week, and finally it paid off, after a few slow weeks! I lost 4lbs this week, so very very chuffed to pieces! Only half a pound to 8 stone gone now - woop woop!

On another, not so very happy note, i am not happy at all! Im supposed to be doing my 10k Race For Life this Saturday. An event I have been building up to and planning for 4 months. An event my husband knows all about and has heard about for the last 4 months. He's been told he HAS to work (which i dont believe a word of - I think he WANTS to work, something always comes up when im doing something for ME). So, i have no one to watch the children (ive asked everyone i can think of), therefore i can now not do my Race For Life. I am sooooooo upset its untrue.

There isnt just this issue, theres many many things that are winding me up about him at the moment. He really is so selfish, and i had to get some of it out before I scream, rant and rave.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Ooooh Baby The Hips Dont Lie!

Ive just been belly dancing! ANd my hips wont be lying to me in the morning, in fact I think they're going to be shouting at me! Ooooh Im going to feel that in the morning!

I used to go belly dancing three years ago, whilst on one of my less successful stints at weightwatchers. I really enjoy it, i dont know why I stopped going. I took Olivia with me as I thought it would be good for us to have some mummy/daughter time together.

Two NSVs while i was there too! First one is that I didnt have to stop to catch my breath and guzzle water after the warm up! In fact i didnt have to stop all the way through. Second NSV isthat when doing the stretches I could do the standing on one leg holding your leg up stretch! I couldnt do this before as I couldnt reach my foot to hold it up!

Saturday, 3 July 2010


I decided to do my measurements again, to try to cheer myself up! My weight loss seems to have slowed down a little the last few weeks, but im getting loads of comments about how "I've lost weight this week", "look slimmer than ever" etc, so thought maybe i've lost inches - and i have :)

Measurements were taken today (3rd July) and last month (5th June)

Right arm was 15.5 inches now 15 inches loss 1/2 inch
wrist was 7 inches now 63/4 inches! loss 1/4 inch (a lot for a wrist!)
Right calf was 14.5 inches now 14 inches loss 1/2 inch
Boobs was 41 inches now 40.5 inches loss 1/2 inch
under boobs was 38 inches now 35.5 inches loss 2 1/2 inches!!
belly was 44, still 44 inches - no loss
right thigh was 28 inches now 27.5 inches loss 1/2 inch

So total loss in the last month is 4 3/4 inches!

But, compared to when i first measured myself, at 20st 8.5lbs, on 3rd Jan 2009:-
Right arm was 18.5inches - so 3.5 ins down
Under boobs was 43 inches - so 7.5 ins down
Belly was 55 inches - so 11 ins down
Right thigh was 34.5 inches - so 7 ins down!! Wow, cant believe Ive lost as much off my thighs as i have under my boobs!!

Feeling much better now :)

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Just been to weigh in, i lost a whopping half a pound! I've had what i consider to be a good week. Ive stayed inside my points, and ive done loads of walking. I went yesterday to Hollingworth Lake and walked round 3 times, which is just short of 6 miles. So i was expecting more than half a pound really.

Still, its off, its in the right direction and i've lost 107.5 lbs. Onwards and inwards!