Saturday, 28 August 2010

Not Got Much Time...

... but thought i'd nip on while I have a few mins to report this weeks weigh in - I lost half a pound. Very very pleased with that after my excesses last Saturday/Sunday!! I was hoping i'd scrape by with a STS!

My mum has been struggling the last 3 weeks and has stayed the same. I kept trying to advise her, and found that she was having only 15 points ish a day, instead of the 21 she is allowed. So i told her to try 21 points for a week and see what happens, I also gave her a lesson on her WW scales, so she started weighing/tracking last Monday, and come Thursday weigh in - she lost 2.5lbs!! So just goes to show that tracking might be boring and seem like hard work to keep on top of - BUT IT WORKS!! So she finally got past that 1 stone barrier. She goes on holiday in a week though, so no doubt she'll put a little back on, especially all inclusive!!

Im ever so close to my BMI being <30, im nearly overweight! Yay!

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Well its been a strange weekend, having only one child at home, I dont know what to do with myself!

Darren and I went out for an Indian last night. I think i chose quiet well, I had shamee kebab starter, and tandoori chicken for main. It was lovely! I also had quiet a lot of wine! A whole bottle with the meal, then we went for a few drinks and i had 4 wines. A lot for me these days, being virtually teetotal! I declined any dessert too, despite them looking sooooo good! But i was full, and unlike the old days i dont eat when im already stuffed. Before WW, i'd have had onion bhajis and poppadoms to start, a chicken korma with a full portion of pilau rice, and probably a dessert too!

Today I have been rough, rough, rough! I threw up during the night, so most of meal came back - i hadnt pointed it but im not sure if i would have needed to as i didnt keep it! (Sorry for way too much info there!) Today, ive had 2 glasses of full fat pepsi, a 500ml strawberry milkshake and toast with jam on to try to combat the hangover! Ive also had a sunday lunch - loads of veg tho and not much meat! Anyway i dont have the energy for pointing today, therefore i've had the whole weekend off tracking, back to it tomorrow, and hoping for damage limitation by Thursday!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Weekly Round Up!

I havent been able to get here all week, ive been so busy and so tired!

Very important things first, weigh in - i lost 1/2 a pound. Am happy with that, its in the right direction, and after all the cough sweets and medicines i've been having I wasnt too sure how it would go.

I've had a very emotional week, kicked off by 2 weeks of not a lot of sleep. Which resulted in me having some sort of breakdown at work, through sheer exhaustion. I felt like I could no longer function! Anyway as the week has gone on i've gradually caught up on sleep and am feeling much better.

Something im very proud of this week is that I didnt comfort eat! I was feeling so down, and in the past would have binged on crap food. But my head wouldnt let me do it! I just thought to myself that if i did, I would feel 10 times worse afterwards. So I feel i've beaten a few food demons this week and am so proud of myself. Maybe, finally, just possibly, after all these years I have finally cracked it :)

On Thursday, it was getting on for 8.30 before i got chance to eat, and I have nothing in so i went out to get a kebab (a chicken one so wouldnt have been TOO bad!), but I walked past the kebab shop and bought a WW meal instead! Arent I good?! Main reason though is because me and hubby are going out for a meal tonight, for our anniversary, and i intend to eat whatever i feel like, no point counting tonight! We only have baby at home until Monday night, so should be a quiet weekend! Olivia and Elliot are off on holiday with their dad until next Friday and Jake has gone to Butlins with his Nanna and Grandad. Peace and quiet, ahhhh!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Weigh In Update

It was a good result, i lost 2lbs this week! Very pleased with that, am now weighing in at 13 st 11.5lbs. I still cant believe im saying that i am 13 st something!! Woop woop!

It's Thursday!

I have no idea what to expect at weigh in later!

Last Thursday I was ill after WW meeting so Thursday and Friday I was very much drastically under points. I think i had 10 points in total on Friday.

On Sunday we did the Ingleton Waterfalls trail again, which I enjoyed, and didnt find it as difficult as the first time we did it.

Ive had a cough/sore throat/cold since weekend too. The cough has got considerably worse the last 2 days so yesterday I was scoffing cough sweets all day, so havent a clue how they will affect things.

The weather is awful, so despite having been off work for 2 weeks i have done no exercise whatsoever. Im going to have to find something else to do other than walking, but thats not easy with 4 children around who all want to do different things.

Im also well and truly shattered, I haven't been sleeping with the coughing, and Tuesday night only got a little bit of sleep from approx 2.30 til 5.45, up with Kieron. Last night Jake and Kieron took it in turns to be up through the night, Kieron just playing! And Jake being sick, bleurgh!

Will report back later on Weigh In result.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Better Now!

Urgh I was rough on Thursday night! It came over me so suddenly, i was sat at the WW meeting and stood up to leave and started feeling a little sick. So that was 7.30pm, by 9pm i was being sick, and it carried on all night. Yesterday i was still rough, more tired than anything, and a banging headache. Got through the day on 4 slices of toast with jam on! The only thing i felt safe enough to eat!

If ever i needed a reminder not to get pregnant again, that was it!! I had 7 months of feeling like that while I was pregnant, and i cant believe it became a way of life i got so used to it!

My mum stayed the same this week, but isnt following the plan properly at all! She wasnt eating enough, having about 15 or 16 points per day, when she should be on 21. So this week she cut back even more, she doesnt believe me when i tell her if she eats more she will loose weight!!

Thursday, 5 August 2010


A very quick post this week as i am feeling well and truly awful. Feel very very sick :(

Lost 3lbs so am very excited as im now in the 13s.

More when feeling better