Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Starting Point

I got weighed today - 8 days after having Kieron. I have to say i'm well chuffed! I was 18st 11.5 lbs when i found out i was pregnant, top weight was 19st 1lb while pregnant and today i weighed 17st 13lbs. Woo Hoo!! I havent been 17 st anything in years!!

So this is my starting point! I dont ever want to see 18st something again, so although i'm not officially back at Weightwatchers until the New Year i'm going to sort of start watching my food and start to increase my activity levels so that when i do have my official start weight it isnt above 18st!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Post Birth Figure!

I havent weighed in yet since having baby, but at my final weigh in just before he was here i was 19 st 1lbs, meaning a total weight gain of 3.5 lbs in the pregnancy!!

I just decided (for a laugh!) to try on a pair of jeans i bought before finding out i was pregnant, they are a size 20, and have never been worn before as i was a 22 and they didnt quiet fit - Im so chuffed- they fit!! Four days after giving birth and i'm thinner than ive been in aaaaaaaages!! Just need to watch what im eating now im not being sick every day though or it'll be piling on!!

Im actually really looking forward to getting back to weightwatchers and back in the swing of things! I cant go back officially though until 6 weeks post birth, which is between Christmas and New Year, so looks like i'll be back first week in New Year - with all the post Xmas dieters and New Years Resolutioners!!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

He's Here!! :)

Well after going into hospital on 13th November to be induced, after a very traumatic and long drawn out weekend, baby Kieron finally entered the world on Tuesday 17th November 2009, at 10.54am, weighing in at a very healthy 9lbs 5oz! Im so glad they didnt let me go overdue!!

He is absolutely gorgeous and so far has been a very good baby. Only came home Wednesday night so im still finding my feet and wondering where to begin with the chaos!
Some pics - last pic of bump with DH taken on 12th Nov, my lovely mother in law with all the children!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I had an appointment with my consultant today. I have 9 days until my due date, but have been backwards and forwards to hospital for monitoring of my blood pressure. It has been creeping higher again the last week to 10 days, and i've been feeling ill.

Anyways, im going to be induced on Friday!! (the 13th but im not superstitious!!) So all being well i'll have a baby before this weekend is out! Its my middle sons birthday on Saturday so he could be getting a baby brother for his birthday!! How unique a present!

Im so excited, yet scared and nervous too! But more than that, im just so relieved i'll have my body back! I've been sick every day for over 7 months, so i cant wait for that to stop!

I had a scan last Weds and baby was estimated to be approx 8.5lbs then, so he could be about 9lbs now, but i suppose i'll find out before long!!