Thursday, 29 April 2010

Where To Start!!!??

Well I'll start with weigh in! I lost 2.5lbs this week! YAY! Means I am in the 15s at last! Who'd have thunk it back in October 2008 when I weighed in at 22st 7lbs!!!

It also means I got my 13th silver seven! I still love getting them no matter how many i've got!

Im feeling very confident at the moment. Im eating even better since being back at work as I take lots of fruit to snack on during the day. Im also drinking much more water.

This week i decided to try to count up how many points I was having on a typical day before Weightwatchers! All I can say is, its no wonder i got to 22st +. I was having on average well above 60 points a day :-0

Here is what would have been a typical day:

Breakfast - toasted teacake and 1 slice toast (both with so much butter it dripped down your chin!)
lunch - either a baguette with cajun chicken or a large chicken tikka pastie & large sausage roll, iced finger or cream cake
evening meal - takeaway 3-4 times a week, norm would be a 9 inch mighty meaty pizza, onion rings, some fries (with lashings of ketchup of course), and a couple of slices of the free garlic bread! Dessert would be either a double pack of cream cakes, or a double pack of pecan & maple pastries, depending on whether I had cream cake or iced finger at lunch!
Snacks - afternoon, packet crisps (walkers Max!), can cherry coke, snickers
Evening - large Dairy Milk or large bag peanut M&Ms, 2-3 packs of crisps.

I told my friend Catherine who comes to the meetings with me, and she reckons all that would have been on a particularly bad day, but NO, it would have been most days!
No wonder i managed to gain 4 stone in 12 months! Looking at it now freaks me out a little that I ate that amount - and as for where the money came from to eat all that, who knows! I cant even remember what i would have cooked on the rare occasions that i did so! I was certainly never actually hungry!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Weigh In Time

Gosh weigh in seems to come round so fast every week!

This week i had a few targets in mind:-

1 lb would take me to 90lbs lost
2 lbs would take me to 6 and half stone lost
2.5 lbs would see me in the 15s for the first time in about 5 years i think!

Anyway, i got l lb off this week, so 90lbs lost!!

Next week i want another silver 7 and to be in the 15s!!

7 weeks now until bridesmaid day. Still got a couple of inches to go to get in that dress, next try on in 4 weeks, then i'll panic! At the mo im still thinking i can do it!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

NSV's (and SV's!)

NSV's first! AT work today, i got a few comments off different people. Firstly I was told i was looking "rather slim and fabulous", then another said i was looking "fantastic", and then i was told i was "looking skinnier today". Must be the outfit im wearing or something! I was very chuffed to hear these comments though, and the person who said "fantastic" also said she had to do a double take when I walked in the office, and that I was an inspiration to her. Very good to hear!

Also on a Scale Victory front, i've been waiting for ages for the "obesity" level on the Wii fit to drop - its been right up at the top since i started using it, and now its started falling! Something else for me to try to get a pic of when i next remember!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

WI Result

Weigh in went ok today. After a big loss last week i was expecting a STS really, but I lost again! Half a pound this week, which im ok with, its still in the right direction!

Not a lot else to report. Off to bed, am shattered today, think its going back to work and still having not a lot of sleep at night catching me up!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

No Title Really!

Ive had a new "current pic" taken this morning, to compare to the "starting again" pic. I'll keep updating the "current pic" every month or so!

Im back to work this week, although part time so i have Wednesdays off. I should be doing loads at the moment to catch up in the house but I cant be bothered!! It only gets wrecked again with an hour! Its going good so far, ive found it easy to stick to my points. Ive upped my water intake loads, and ive been using my lunch times to go for a 20-30 minute walk, rather than sitting on my backside browsing the net all lunch time! So fingers crossed for a good weigh in! I went to my mums earlier and she called my "slimbo"!! Said i look as though ive lost more weight this week. Its probably just cos she hasnt seen me for 3 days when she's used to seeing me every day!

Will report in after weigh in tomorrow :)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

My Week!

I havent been around much this week, ive been busy trying to get the house into some sort of order! Not easy with my tribe around!

Over Easter I allowed myself a creme egg (3.5 pts) but froze it to make it last longer! The chocolate was fine but the gooey inside was a bit weird! For Easter I got a malteaser bunny (also 3.5 pts). Oh My - they should be taken off the shelves immediately! Oh they are just stunningly gorgeous! Its a good job I only had one in the house or I could have easily binged! I bought 2 for my mum and she ate them both at once!

Ive been active this week, but not in the walking sense, ive been decluttering, tidying and cleaning. I also spent a couple of hours on the Wii but not as much as I'd have liked.

Ive had TOTM this week and usually gain a little arouind about then.

So to weigh in tonight and was expecting a small loss, STS or maybe even a gain due to TOTM, but i Lost 4lbs!! So pleased with myself!

Back to work on Monday, not looking forward to that at all, just cant see how im going to find the time to get anything done! Eeek!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Results Are In!!

Phew, thank the lord for that!! I lost .5lb this week!! I am sooo chuffed with that, although I was expecting a gain or STS I would've been devastated with either!!!

We're setting summer goals at next weeks meeting. My first goal is to get into my bridesmaid dress in just 10 weeks time - eep! I also want my 100lb certificate before then, so I'll have a good think about a longer term goal to set for myself to see me through.

Weigh In Tonight

And I am really not looking forward to it! I went to a wedding on Saturday and drank my own body weight in alcohol! I went waaaaaaaaaaay over points, I havent really cut back this week in order to pull points back and although I planned to go walking loads, it hasnt happened because of the awful weather. So i think i'll be having a gain tonight, praying for a STS though!

In case you wondered what my body weight in alcohol is :- 3 mulled wines, 1 glass champers, 1 glass white wine, 2 glasses rose wine, 1 litre bottle rose wine. Yes I was ill on Sunday!! I havent had a drink in over 12 months!

A pic of me and 2 of my boys at the wedding.

Also I had a tattoo done last week, the childrens names on my wrist.