Thursday, 25 February 2010

Yay ;)

Yay!! I did it, i got my 75lb certificate!! I lost another 2lbs this week, taking my total to 76lbs! My WW leader had already ordered it so I actually got it at the meeting tonight!

Ive had a good week. Ive had lunch out twice and made sensible choices, and didnt feel as though i'd gone without at any point. Hopefully, fingers crossed, i've got this healthy eating lark sorted! Never again will i feel the need to eat multipacks of crisps, 6 packets in one sitting, washed down with 2 litres of cola and a family sized choc bar!

Onwards to the next certificate now - 100lbs here I come!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Another One Bites The Dust....

...another pound that is. I lost 1lb this week.

Havent had time to blog very often, but things are still going well. Ive now got a silver fitpiggy on Wii Fit Plus and havent missed a day in 3 weeks! On Sunday me and hubby took my mums dog for a 2 hour walk. I really enjoyed it, but think i've got damage to my pelvis from the complicated birth i had, so after half hour or so im in agony when walking. Soldiered on though, brave me!

Next goal is another pound next week to get me my 75lb certificate! Have got 2 lunches out this week so fingers crossed I can behave myself!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Oh - WOW!

I have been ever such a good girl this week! I was determined to loose 1/2 a lb, in order to get to 70lbs lost. My 5 stones mark.

I lost 3.5lbs! Yay, omg i nearly ran round the room, im so thrilled and excited! I have the biggest grin on my face! Ive now lost more weight than i have left to loose. Im over half way there!

I have made an extra effort this week to eat all or most of my points, as i wasnt really eating them all before, was probably 4-6 points under each day. So i think thats helped. Ive also been on the Wii Fit plus every day, and been a bit more adventurous than just playing the games! Ive been doing some of the yoga and muscle exercises too - and whats more ive been enjoying them.

Next target is to get my hands on that 75lb certificate! My leader said tonight that she would order it now, but i told her not to! Dont want anything to jinx me!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Update and Blog Awards!

Well its flown round again - that time of the week! I lost 2lbs this week. Im oh so close to that 70lb mark - cant wait for next weeks weigh in, im sure to get it! (Fingers crossed!)

This week has been good. Ive eaten out twice and made sensible choices (choosing salad when offered chips or mash!!). Its my mums birthday today so i cut myself a slice of cake for after weigh in! Thought i had 3 points worth, but when i weighed it, it worked out at 8 points! Eek! So i cut off 5 points worth and just had the 3 instead! Once upon a time i would have just eaten the full slice. Not any more!

I went shopping on Saturday and bought my bridesmaid dress for my best mates wedding in June. Im currently a size 20, and ive bought the dress in a 16 - so i have something to aim for and im determined to get there (well i have to now i have the dress!) The dress was reduced from £90 to £27 in the sale so couldnt not buy it!

Ok, Karon gave me an award last week and i duly completed my 7 facts. Now i'd like to nominate my 7 people whose blogs i enjoy reading. So here goes:

Joanne - Jo's Journey

Enigmanda - Seeing A Little Less of Me

Phil - The Incredible Shrinking Man

Lanabanana24 - The Road To Success Is Not Straight

Natasha - Girl Stuck In a Rut

Mandy - I dont Skinny Dip - I Chunky Dunk

Shaz - Chewing The Fat

This week I have had a couple of goes on Biggest Loser on Wii and i also got Wii Fit plus which i am really enjoying. We've all been doing it together and having a good old giggle, am liking the calorie counter on Wii fit plus!