Thursday, 29 November 2012


My first weigh in after a week of slimming world, and i'm very pleased with how it's gone.  I lost 10lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been really good, and really enjoyed it too.  I have been doing actual cooking, from scratch, and its been a while since I did that!  On Sunday I made chilli beef noodles, it was lurverly!  On Monday I made chicken tikka massala (which wasn't quite so lurverly, but I was missing a few ingredients, haha!).  On Tuesday I made a chilli, and had it with rice and it was delish!!  I had left over chilli on a jacket potato last night.  All the recipes were from the Slimming World website.

So all in all, I have eaten well, I haven't once felt hungry, and it feels good to be back in control :)

It's bin day today, and when I was putting the bin out this morning I realised it was only 3/4's full, normally it's bursting at the seams.  The only thing I can think is it's because there's no takeaway packaging (been having 2-3 takeaways per week), fewer chocolate/crisp wrappers (there's still some as hubby hasn't joined in yet!), and no cake tubs etc!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Ahem, Is There Anybody Still Out There?

Hello, it's been quite a while, thought I would update.

I've had an awful time of things since August.  Things were pretty bad and i'm still recovering but getting there.  I became very depressed (I have been heading steadily down hill for nearly 2 years now), and got all suicidal.  I took a couple of overdoses and the crisis team were involved for a while.  I'm having CBT appointments now and things are getting better.  I'm being a good girl and sticking to my meds too.

I have gained back all the weight I lost on WW.  Last night I joined Slimming World.  I'm looking forward to getting back into and seeing my weight come off again.  Hopefully this will help a whole heap of things that have been depressing me and I can start living again, rather than just "being".

For anyone who has been reading my blog a while, Kieron turned 3 last Saturday, where the heck did those 3 years go!?!