Thursday, 30 September 2010

Weekly News

I seem to only be reporting back on weigh ins at the moment! I havent really got a lot else going on at the moment to report on!

I lost 1lb this week. Ive been good and stuck to plan so a pound will do!

I went back to my old high school on Tuesday to have a look round for my daughter starting next September. It was so strange! Like stepping back in time, but it was soooo different too, i couldnt beleive how much its changed. Anyway the good thing is that Olivia is now looking forward to going, whereas before she went she didnt want to go there.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Woop Woop :)

Well, having the class tracker seems to have done the trick for me!! I lost 4.5lbs this week! Yay yay yay!! Taking my total to 127 lbs, or 9 st 1 lb!! Am over the moon and back with that result.

SO what did i do different!!? I track every week so having the class tracker surely wouldnt make that much difference. Wrong!! As i knew other people would be seeing my tracker this week i made a concious effort to vary my foods, tomake sure i got my 5 portions of fruit vegy stuffs every day (most days having way more!). I also bought the "Fabulous & filling" recipe book and made a couple of things out of there. I made some 0 points soup to have, which lasted me from Saturday til today, and was gorgeous and filling!

It was my daughters 11th birthday yesterday, and i did all the same foods that i pigged out on last week. But because i had the tracker, i didnt have any of it. I had a ww ready meal instead, but treated myself to a crispy chocolate cookie and a chocolate orange brownie - both made from the recipe book, total of 2.5 points for both!!

Feeling fab and focussed and ready to go again!! Only 2 stones to go to my target :)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Another Bad Week..

....last week! I was so angelic from Friday to Monday afternoon. It was my son Jake's 6th birthday on Monday, and i bought carrot sticks and humous for me to munch on.

Except I overidulged on mini pizzas, mini sausage rolls, potato wedges, cocktail sausages, pork pies, and to top it all off a jaffa cake bar and generous slice of birthday cake. Oh, and i forgot the onion rings and cheese puffs :/

This then led to me carrying on being "naughty" for the rest of the week, including all day Thursday. Got to scales and had gained 1.5 pounds, which I dont think was too bad after everything I put away. Im just hoping the "true" damage doesnt catch up to me this weeks weigh in.

I have the class tracker this week. Everyone who has had it so far has lost weight, and usually a good weight loss too, so no pressure!! I have been so so good so far, and hopefully having this tracker for the week will help me get back on track. Its my daughters birthday on Wednesday, so fingers crossed i can resist all the bad foods, and just eat my own meal that im going to make seperate from their "party" nibbles!

Saturday, 11 September 2010


Check out my ticker!! My BMI is now 29.9, im overweight! No longer obese!

This could all change next week though, I pigged out and binged my way through last week. Fell off the wagon in spectacular style. Scared me really as I thought I had all my food demons beaten, it seems not, they are still there, and they can come back to get me sometimes. But i've knocked them all on the head (I hope), again for a while and as of yesterday I am back pointing and tracking.

Weigh in - I lost a pound! I have no idea how, but due to all the binging I am not going to be surprised if I have a gain next week, even though I plan on being good!

I suppose what i should have done is come here to my blog or log on to the boards, I m sure that would have encouraged me to stop the binging, but i didnt think of it. I didnt think of anything other than what i could shove in my mouth next. I just don't understand why i do it, rarrr!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Having a bad week! Lost half a pound last week, will be totally unsurprised if i get away with a small gain this week! Hormones and emotions have resulted in me having a 2 day binge, but im now back to being good (although i haven't started tracking again - will do that after Thursdays weigh in!)