Thursday, 21 March 2013

Weekly Round Up!

I've had a good week this week, have stuck to the plan and exercised too.  I had two takeaways on Fri and Sat night though, but both were inside my syns allowance so I wasn't too worried.

I went to the gym on Sunday - managed 8 minutes or so on the cross trainer (I do not like that machine!), and 30 mins on the treadmill, walking at a steady pace, with a few inclines too.

I went back to the gym on Monday, despite very achy legs and telling anyone who would listen (and probably a few who didn't listen) that I wasn't going.  But, when I signed up I promised to go every Monday so go I did.

Today at work, it was a leaving do, and there were cupcakes, chocolate gateau, carrot cake, doritos, pringles, dips, mini rolls - allsorts really, and I sat and ate my fruit and yoghurt while everyone tucked in!  Very pleased with myself!  I've also bought goodies to take in tomorrow for my birthday, but I won't be having any.  I will though, be having some of my birthday cake that my mum has made me (nothing beats my mum's cakes!), and having an uncounted chinese takeaway tomorrow night.  Then back on it 100% from Saturday.

I lost 2 lbs this week, so got to my 3 stone target before my birthday, just!!  So in my 9 week challenge to lose 18 lbs, I have lost 4 lbs, and have 14 lbs to go (7 weeks left)


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Keeping On Track

I'm still on the wagon! I've lost 2 lbs this week, after maintaining last week.  So all together I have lost 40.5lbs now.

I have joined a gym, although i've only been once so far!  I'm so unfit.  I managed 7 minutes on the cross trainer (those things are harder than they look!), 25 minutes on the treadmill (walking - not quiet up to running just yet!), 15 minutes on the exercise bike (was much easier when I got the seat at the right height for me!), and struggled to 2 minutes on the rowing machine (had to pretend the screen was broken to cover up being so embarrassed at only managing 2 minutes!).  I also went swimming yesterday and managed around 30 lengths (25 metre pool), although I lost count after 22.  Was very pleased with that, I thought i'd be dragging myself out after 2 lengths!

I am going to a wedding in 8 weeks time, so I have set myself a challenge (set it last week) to lose 18 lbs before then.  So after this weeks weigh in, I have 16 lbs to go.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

AWOL (again)

Mmm so I seem to have been a little bit missing in action.  The last month or so has been very up and down. I fell off the wagon, and despite running along behind it for 3 weeks, it took me a while to get back on again.

I missed two weigh ins, so by the time I went back I hadn't been to class for 3 weeks, and I didn't really try in those 3 weeks.  Went back to my bingeing ways, eating anything and everything.  I was dreading weigh in, really felt i'd have put about 10-14 lbs back on.  Anyway, big sigh of relief, I only gained 1.5 lbs (phew).  I had been feeling emotional and all over the place, so I got upset in class, hence being given hugs and tissues! Then Lisa (the consultant) asked if I would like to be "buddied" up with someone for the week, and straighaway a lovely lady, who is at her target weight, said she's help me.  Her name is Mel and she has been a star all week.  We have text every day with our menus for the day, and we've also kept in touch on FB.  I have been ill for most of the week, which meant I didn;t eat very much for 2 days (Tues and Thurs).  Back for weigh in, and i'd lost a huge 7 lbs.  Although very pleased with that, I will take it with a pinch of salt, as theres every chance I may gain a little back this week, now my appetite has reappeared.

Feeling a little more focused and back on track now.  I think i'm up to 2 st 10 lbs lost  :)