Monday, 29 November 2010

Damage Limitation!

I am going for damage limitation this week! This is why I no longer go out drinking, when I do, its not just the night that I go off the rails for, its the rest of the week, well it would be the rest of the week but im getting back on it today. I wasnt ill on Saturday but i was most definitely feeling the effects of a night on the vodka! I ate whatever I wanted on Saturday and havent counted a propoint all weekend!

Im off work today with a poorly little one, so desperately trying to get back on track. I have to admit though to being totally bored and fed up of counting points! Fingers crossed for a stay the same this week , and getting back to it from today.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pic From Last Night

Just thought i'd share a pic from last night, you dont really get the full effect of the "little black dress" as I didnt get a full length pic, but I thought I scrubbed up all right, and I got lots of compliments :)

Friday, 26 November 2010


1 lb this week. Had a relatively good week. I had 11 of my weekly allowance points. Ive built up around 10 or so activity points, mainly through the walks i did, but ive also been on the WiiFit a couple of times.

Im going out tonight (shock horror!!), its a wedding reception - and im wearing a dress, eep! I havent wore a dress for years (apart from my wedding dress and the bridesmaid dress i wore in June!). Its a size 14, and if i get any half decent pics i will share!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Catch Up

I havent been able to get on for a couple of days. Thursday I had all 29 (ive dropped a point!) of my daily points and same again Friday, still no weekly allowance touched.

I didnt make it swimming on Friday, it was a gorgeous sunny day so i decided to go for a walk instead of swim, and walked about 3.5 miles (4 activity points), on saturday I went for another walk, about the same distance, so 4 more activity points. ALso on Saturday I broke into my weekly allowance, had 7 points over my daily allowance. This was mainly because i did pasta and bolognase for tea and it worked out at 11 points (shock horror!!), need to find some lower alternatives!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Niiiiiiice One!!

Those 11 lbs i gained last week = GONE!! I lost 11lbs this week, taking me back to 12 st 13lbs, im so glad to be back in the 12's, phew, that was scary being back in the obese category too!

Had a good day so far, should still come in under points and with none of my weekly allowance used.

Back to work tomorrow so the daily blogging might drop a bit, although i am finding it very helpful to write every day.

Day 6, Tick

Day 6 went well! Once again i havent used any of the weekly points allowance, and managed to have a piece of birthday cake!

I did a buffet for Kierons birthday and didnt pinch any sausage rolls, pork pies, egg butties or ham butties, or mini pizzas! I kept my mitts off the various crisps and cakes too. While everyone else tucked in i made myself a fully pointed chicken sandwich! Another thing that has disappeared from my childrens parties is alcohol!! I now drink water or i'll have a coffee!

Looking forward to weigh in tonight, it'll be a bloody big improvement on last week, lol!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day 5

Day 5 was another good day. My weekly allowance remains intact! I have something to thank my children for - my lack of social life means no dipping into the extra allowance!!

I had all my 30 points again, and was feeling peckish last night but had no points left, so I had an apple and a satsuma. Im so loving the zero points values on fruit (I know, I know i keep repeating that!), but I am eating so much more fruit, it can only be a good thing!

In other news, my baby boy is 1 today!! I cant believe where the last year has gone too, its flown by. Here's some pics to compare now and then!!! His first ever picture taken and one I took on Sunday. Happy Birthday my precious gorgeous Kieron!!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Day 4

Yesterday went well again. I had all 30 points, and once again none of my weekly allowance.

The funeral went ok, it was the strangest funeral though! There were 6 of us there, including the funeral director. We played Will Young, Evergreen as entrance music, then i said a few words, we played Mancunian Way by Take That as Dot was originally from Manchester and moved to Blackpool and theres a line about travelling the mancunian way, before the lights came and took us away - we thought fitting for Dot. Then my mum shared a few of her memories, as Auntie Dot was like a second mum to her, then we said the Lords Prayer and played Vera Lynn, We'll Meet Again. So very personal and touching, i hope we did her proud :)

I'm still of work so I finally went swimming this morning! I did 20 lengths of the 25 metre pool, it took me 25 minutes, and it was non stop. I did have a wobble when i got there and drove around the car park twice thinking "I cant do this". And when i was in the pool i had a brief moment of "everyones looking at the fat girl who obviously hasnt swam in years", but no one did really, its all in my very silly head!

Got a shock in the showers too. All the erm, older, ladies dont appear to have a care in the world, all stripped off and showering together! I kept my eyes to the front and my costume firmly in place :D

Monday, 15 November 2010

Day 3, In The Bag!

Another good day yesterday. I once again had all 30 points and none of my weekly allowance. I even managed to have a piece of birthday cake, I worked out the propoints for 100g and then weighed a 30g piece out, it worked out at 2 propoints :).

Activity wise, well, I spent an hour ironing! I took Jake to his party at the swimming pool and spent an hour splashing around in there, so probably not really enought to earn any activity points, but at least I was moving around.

Had a few people round for Elliots birthday which involved cakes and crisps, but i didnt have any.

So, still going good. Today is Auntie Dot's funeral, i'm a bit nervous, she didnt want a minister or anything, so its up to one of us to say something. SHe only wanted family at the funeral, so thats me, my mum and my cousin Sharon. My mum will probably be too upset to speak and Sharon hasnt seen her for years and doesnt know her that well, so that leaves me. Im no good at speaking but there'll only be the few of us.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

So Far, So Good!

Day 2 done :) Once again i had all 30 points but none of my weekly allowance.

I went for a walk, but didnt go as far, still earned 2 activity points though. Not sure i'll get out today for a walk as Ihave a mountain of ironing to get through and its my eldest boys 9th birthday so have people coming round after. Need to get balloons and things up before he comes home from his dads, oh and wrap his presents, oops! Also Jake is going to a party this afternoon, its a swimming party though so i might get in with him, that's a bit of activity for me!

Had a sneaky peek at the Wii Fit last night and was 13 st 6lbs, so 4lbs down! Not sure how accurate that is, but its spurred me on anyway!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Day One - Tick!!

I had a good day yesterday. Right back on track and im enjoying it!! Fruit tastes so much better now it has zero points allowance!

The swimming didnt happen, got to the pool and it was closed for school lessons. But, it will happen, I am not back in work now until next Friday so I intend to go at least twice before then, and have also decided im going to start going on my way home from work on a Friday, I finish at lunch time and my mum has Kieron so she wont mind an extra hour with him!

I went shopping, as I unpacked everything I worked out the new points values and put all my little stickers on that we were given in the meeting. I am on 30 points per day and yesterday I had all 30 points, but didnt use any of my weekly points. Had a mini disaster when I dropped our tea all over the floor, but I had already served part of mine up so it just meant the rest of the family had takeaway!!

My friend Helen called round a we decided to go for a "little" walk, and we managed 3 miles, and we both enjoyed it. Am going to attempt some more walking today, although I will have Jake, my 6 year old, and he doesnt like walking much!! While we were walking we discussed my binge eating. It all started with 2 mini mars bars on halloween night, and i think i was chasing that fix again. The one thing i didnt have during my binge was chocolate - but maybe that would have sorted my cravings, mmmm, I dont know!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Kick Up The Bum....Tick!

Ok, so if anything is going to kick me up the backside and realise what i was doing to myself, its an 11lb gain. Ouch! I knew it was going to be bad and painful but bloody hell that hurt. Especially when the leader made a big deal of rechecking the scales to make sure they were right. Even though i told her i'd been bad and eaten everything in sight. She still seemed to think it was impossible to gain so much in 2 weeks.

Anyway, im raring to go this morning. I am fully armed with my calculator to go shopping and calculate the Propoints values of everything. I cant wait to have a banana or pear or some grapes knowing they're not costing me any points - it used to bug me having to spend 1.5 points on a banana when i could have a WW choc bar instead, lol!

But first, im going swimming! I am off work for a week, so I intend to get some me time in, once i've dropped Kieron off with childcare. The last time I swam was in 2007 on honeymoon, and that was just splashing around in the water really, today i intend to actually swim! Wish me luck!

Ive been awake since 4am planning receipes in my head! This new plan couldnt have come at a better time for me. New focus and something new to get my teeth into. Hopefully those 11lbs will very soon be vamooshed.

Ive also cleaned up the Wii Fit and am going to get reacquainted with it over the coming weeks. Weighed in last night and it is pretty accurate to the WW scales so will give me an idea how im doing over the next week.

Thursday, 11 November 2010




11lbs on

I certainly know how to binge eat :(

Wednesday, 10 November 2010



*kick* *up* *the* *backside* *BOOM*

I cant stop eating :( Im shovelling it in without even thinking about what im doing. Dreading weigh in tomorrow, but i know i'll have gained weight and hopefully it will kickstart me back into positive weight loss mode again. New plan = new start, fingers crossed.

Now wheres that needle and thread in the meantime to sew my bloody gob up............

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Bad Week

Ive had a terrible week. Ive got a cough which has kept me awake every night since Monday, Sunday night I was up throwing up all night, Sat night i was up with Kieron all night. My Great Auntie Dot passed away on Thursday, so ive had all sorts running through my brain since then. My mum and I will be sorting everything out for her, as we are the only family she still has. We got to see her before she passed which meant a lot as for the last 5 years or so she refused to let us visit her. She would talk on the phone and write, but when she agreed to see us on Thursday we were over the moon. She died just 4 hours after we left her. RIP Doris 12.12.1916 - 04.11.2010 :)

Im on a binge eat at the moment, it started on Thursday and im just eating so much crap its untrue. I dont want to do it, its like a compulsion, an itch that has to be scratched with bad food and the badder the better.

Will be back when im back on track and feeling positive!