Thursday, 25 March 2010

Just A Quickie

Weigh in - lost 1.5lbs, total now 6 stone off!! Yay!

Ive changed my target weight to 11st 6lbs from 12st 7lbs. So Ive got a little further to go, but im ready for it (at the moment! No doubt it'll get harder and harder but im still focussed enough to feel its acheiveable right now!)

Monday, 22 March 2010


Some pics! Me while broken down on The Big One rollercoaster, you can see the engineer next to me, he was stood on the track!

My birthday cake, and the slice I allowed myself, oooooh it was gooooooood :)

Forgot to mention that one of my highlights yesterday was when we did a maze, we were all running (yes, I ran - me!!!) around racing each other to the middle and I havent laughed so much in a long time! We got totally lost and its only a diddy maze really! The picture is of my hubby and Olivia and Elliot at the centre!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Great Day!

Ive had such a great day today! We went to Blackpool to go on the Pleasure Beach, I havent been on there in years! A big factor was the fact that i struggled to get in the seats on the rides, if i managed to get through the turnstile in the first place! No such problems today!!!! I sailed through all the turnstiles and had no problems on any rides. Although i had to put the seat belt to maximum on the Pepsi Max Big One - i was so panicking thinking it wasnt going to fit, i'd have been mortified if i'd had to get off! It broke down the first time we were on it! We were just at the 50ft mark, stuck there for about 20 minutes!!

Food wise, we went to Burger King, i had a children's chicken bites meal, which i think works out at 10.5 points (im sure they gave me regular fries instead of small otherwise i'd have said 8 points!). When we got home we called at the chippy for chip barms - except i didnt get one and had a "good for you" ready meal instead!

Birthday tomorrow and ive just seen the cake my friend has made for me on Facebook!! Think i'll be having a very small piece, it looks very calorific! Will put some pics on tomorrow of cake and some taken today too.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wooop Woooop!

Weigh in - lost 3lbs this week!! Im now 16st 8.5lbs. I feel great! Im wearing my engagement ring again and it fits nicely now! Wedding ring is getting a little slack!!

Its my birthday on Monday, but i have no elaborate plans so hopefully wont be a problem for next weeks weigh in!

Im going to Blackpool on Sunday to go on the Pleasure Beach with my friend and her man, and my hubby and the 2 oldest children. I hope to do lots of walking and make sensible choices food wise, so again im hoping not to sabotage myself!

FIngers crossed for next weigh in!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day

To all mummies out there, especially my mummy who is the best!!

Im having a day off for Mothers Day! Olivia and Elliot are with their dad and Jake and Kieron are with their Nanna (my MIL) for the day so myself and hubby went for a walk. We decided to walk up Rivington Pike. We did this last year and i really struggled! Had to stop halfway up the steep steps right at the top. Anyway, today, i got up there without stopping! Yes, it hurt and yes it was hard work, but it was easier than last time and next time will be easier again!

Some pics, taken from about halfway up, from the bottom of the steps and of me being blown away right at the top!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Aww Poo!

Been to weigh in - I gained 1/2 a pound. D'oh! I thought i'd done enough to eradicate the burger & chips & cheesecake! Ive done so much walking (36,000 steps since Monday), thats loads more than i normally do! Ive stuck to my points all week apart from Saturday, but i think i severely under estimated the number of points I had in that meal - a 6oz burger alone is 18 points (gulp)

I also have time of the month so that doesnt help matters! But, lesson learnt. In future i need to make sensible choices. There was no need for me to choose burger & chips or the cheesecake, but I made that choice and I ate that food, no one made me do it.

Onwards to a loss this week!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunny Blackpool!

Ive had a lovely day today. We decided to go to Blackpool for a walk along the front. The weather was stunning, like a summers day (without the heat!!). We stopped for lunch and my choice was a little more sensible today - jacket potato & beans and chicken.

Heres a pic of me with Kieron - think this is the only pic we've had together and he's nearly 4 months :( Ive got loads of pics of him but i need to start getting in a few more with him!

Oooh and other news! One of my targets has been to be able to wear my engagement ring again! I got it on today! Im so chuffed. I had to take it off again after a while as it is just a little too tight! But it went all the way on which it hasnt in ages - a NSV!!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

My First Treat!

We went for a walk today, to my favourite walking place - Hollingworth Lake. We walked round twice, at a fastish pace as we had Elliot and Jake on their bikes, so I should have built up a fair few bonus points there!

And its a good job really! We stopped for a pub lunch at the end and i decided to have a treat - my first one since New Years Day! I had beef burger & chips (although i did give quite a few of my chips to Elliot so i wasnt totally bad!). I didnt share my New York cheesecake with anyone though - ooops! I really enjoyed it though, and wouldnt of had anything like that if i hadnt had the 3 or so mile walk first!

Ive just been to the shop and walked there too, so about a further mile!

I tried on my bridesmaid dress earlier - there'll be no more burgers or cheesecakes for me! I need to loose about 4 inches round my back and middle if im to get in it! 3 months and 4 days to go!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Silver 7s

I love silver 7s! I worked out tonight that I should now have 11 of them (I lost 4lbs this week taking my total to 80lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!), and when ive counted them up I only have 8! So im going to get 3 silver 7s next week!!

Its been a good week, ive tracked everything I should in the usual way. Dropping down a point this week, thats the only down side of loosing weight!!

Exercise hasnt been up to much this week. Ive hardly been on the Wii, I just dont seem to get time! I have increased my daily steps though! It must've been those that added to my weight loss. I was hoping for 1.5lbs this week so I could say i was in the 16s! As it turns out I am well into the 16's! Im at my lowest weight for about 5 years now i think.

Got a little note through the post this week from my ww leader. Little things like this keep me motivated!