Thursday, 31 March 2011

Woop :)

I lost 8.5 lbs this week!! SO pleased with that! It almost makes up for the fact that my hips are agony! May have slightly overdone the Wii Fit this week, oops!

It is my friends funeral tomorrow. We have been asked to wear Manchester United tops, but I just cant do that, im a devout Bolton Wanderers fan! I will however wear red, and a scarf I got a few weeks ago from Old Trafford when Bolton played there.

RIP Julian, hope you are sleeping well

It's Weigh Day!

Its weigh day already. Ive stuck to plan all week, I have managed on just my daily points allowance, and havent had any of the 49 weekly points, so I am hoping for a fab week 1 weigh in!

Ive been on Wii Fit a couple of times, and theres a weight loss on there so far! I was 16st 2lbs last week, so im hoping to be under 16st.

Feeling a lot better in general, now im back in control of my eating, everything else seems to fall into place around me too. Im actually off work at the moment with stress related illness, still struggling to come to terms with my stepdad's death. But i do feel much better already.

Will report back later :)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Survived :)

I survived Saturday night, and ended the day with 2 propoints leftover, and my 49 weekly points intact!

I also have managed to stick to it today. Although I have learnt a lesson! We ate out for lunch, and I ordered a jacket potato with tuna mayo, knowing it came with a salad. It also came with salad dressing, rarrrr. I didnt know what the dressing was and the place was mad busy so couldn't be bothered to find out! So I didnt eat the salad, and i've learnt to ask for no dressing next time!

We went for a walk today to one of our favourite places, Hollingworth Lake. So ive had a little activity today too. I would normally walk round at least twice, but with all the children we only did the one lap (its about 2.5 miles). But I did have a go on the adventure playground too, which involved lots of climbing and balancing and rope walking! I looked a right wally!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Eeek Its Saturday Night

It is notoriously my night for failing and falling spectacularly from the wagon.

Im doing well so far :) Me and hubby have a couple of DVDs to watch (Case 39 and Due Date), so I should be able to stop from munching. However I still have 9 propoints left, and havent touched my 49 weekly ones yet, so if i fancy something during the film I may indulge! I shouldnt go overboard as will be with hubby, and normally all my binge eating is done is secret, so that urge should stay away!

I did my WW challenge this morning with the children, we put a CD on and danced for about a half hour, I did build up quite a bit of a sweat so it did me some good! The children all thought I was a bit mad though!!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Getting Back On It!

I went back to my normal meeting last night. I weighed in at 16 st 2 lbs, so ive gone up quite dramatically, but then I knew I had.

I've got myself a brand shiny new ticker for my blog! And ive got everything new at the meetings, its a brand new start for me. Ive even reregistered on WW website as a new user (Im now tiny'smrs, instead of gems 2008).

The subject at this weeks meeting was increasing activity levels. We were all given little challenges to do, so examples are:-
* to do an exercise DVD twice
* to do some energetic housework (glad I didnt get this one!)
* to use a piece of exercise equipment

I got "put some music on and have a good boogie". Nothing too difficult there!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hello Again

I have quite clearly been MIA (missing in action), or non action as is the case. I once again spectacularly fell off the wagon.

I dont know what the damage is yet, but im going to go back to weightwatchers and find out. A friend died on Monday, ive know him for 15 years, but more recently we'd seen each other every week as we were both members at WW. He'd done very very well and had lost over 7 stone. He was so so happy, and he'd met someone special and anyone could see they were mental about each other. So sad that he's been taken so suddenly and when he was so happy. He was only 44. Its hearing about this that has made me determined to start living life again, starting with getting my ass back in gear and finally getting to my goal weight.

Im starting as a whole fresh new start at Weightwatchers, so fingers crossed :)

Friday, 4 March 2011

Good Girl Today!!

Ive had
Breakfast - Shredded Wheat bitesize & skimmed milk
Lunch - jacket potato with chicken curry (ate out at soft play centre), with side salad
Dinner - weightwatchers mexican chilli plus side salad
Snacks - apple, packet french fries, alpen light bar
Drinks - 3 teas, 1 coffee, 4 glasses water & a 500ml bottle water

I took Kieron to a soft play centre and spent a good hour climbing and chasing him, and sliding down slides!! Then we went to an outdoor park and after 10 minutes playing on there, we went for a walk around the lake to say hello to the ducks. Then we walked to the local shops, and picked Olivia, Elliot and Jake up from school, then went to another park on the way home. SO ive had quiet an active too. And i should sleep well tonight as im shattered :)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Better Today

Felt a bit better today, although still felt like kicking something while at work, but I guess we all feel like that now and then!

Today i've had:
Breakfast - special k & skimmed milk
Lunch - wholemeal baguette, tiny bit of mayonnaise, lettuce, red onion, chicken
Dinner - WW ocean pie, 2 slices bread
Snacks - banana, apple, grapes, packet french fries, packet yoghurt breaks
Drinks - 3 coffees, 2 teas, 6 glasses water, can diet coke

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hard Day Today

Ive really struggled through today. Its 5 weeks since Barry died, we got his post mortem report yesterday, and it says that he had a prolonged period of unconsciousness before death occured, which is very upsetting as we were told he died instantly. He still wouldnt have known anything about it, but its brought up a whole new heap of hurt and anger, and why's and what ifs.

I spent all day wanting to punch something or kick something or just to jump up and down and scream, but as I was at work I just cried instead. I also had to calculate some timesheets, the same group of timesheets I was calculating when I got the phone call to say he'd been found dead, so that brought it all back too.

Ive managed not to deal with today by eating though! Ive had another good day food wise.

Breakfast - Oats So Simple (apple & blueberry) & skimmed milk
Lunch - small baguette with hot beef and red onion (I'd run out of Ryvitas and didnt fancy soup on its own!!)
Dinner - pasta and bolognase
Snacks - small banana, apple, grapes, yoghurt breaks
Drinks - 4 (or 5, cant remember!) glasses water, 3 coffees, 1 tea

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day 2

Day 2 (again!!) and its gone ok I think!

Breakfast - Oats So Simple raspberry flavour with skimmed milk
Lunch - Tin vegetable soup and 4 ryvitas
Dinner - ww chicken curry and rice, 2 slices milk roll
Snacks - small banana, large portion grapes, Go Ahead yoghurt breaks (1 packet)
Drinks - 7 (ish) large glasses water, 2 coffees, 2 teas (yes i have been running to the loo all day too!)

In answer to Tims comment, I havent decided on a set routine yet, im just taking things day by day and seeing how it goes. I will try to get something more structured in place once im back in the swing of things.

Im looking for some sort of charity event to sign up to, that will inspire me to pick up my exercise and continue loosing weight so I can be successful at whatever I decide to do. I did a 10k Race For Life last year and really enjoyed it, so might sign up again for that.