Saturday, 28 February 2009

It Happened!

Last night (well yesterday),i had the blow out i was wanting and hopefully got it out of my system!
Went for lunch yesterday at an Italian, had 1/2 garlic bread, and canneloni (didnt turn down the parmesan cheese this time though!). It was lovely and i was stuffed so didnt really need anything else to eat for the rest of the day.

Didnt stop me though - had a takeaway pizza last night - 9 inch pepperoni and 1/2 portion of fries. I really blinkin enjoyed it too! Then i had a Creme Egg (as my treat!! ha!).

Still, i wasnt as bad as i could've been and will get back on track today as much as i can - although am at a 70th tonight so will probably go over. Damage limitation the rest of the week then!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Lost 2.5lbs this week, so last weeks gain is gone.

Am struggling today, my auntie died this morning, we didnt know anything was wrong and then all of sudden we were told she had hours to live so its all a bit of a shock.

I was badly affected by my uncle dying 8 years ago, and i'm feeling just like i felt when he died, in fact i'm thinking more about him. I've never had bereavement councilling but i think i'm going to have to look into it, i'm obviously not as over him as i thought i was. When Ken died i turned to food in a big way, and ended up 9 stone heavier. I dont want to undo all my hard work, but at the moment i just want a pizza and onion rings, and chocolate and crisps and cream cakes and all the things i shouldnt be having.

Have bought some carrots and humous to try and stave off these cravings.

Night Night God Bless Geraldine. 17.03.50 - 26.02.09

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sunday Walk

I just got back from this weeks walk. It was up another hill (mountain type thing!), but with fewer steps than last week. I found it hard but made it in the end! Some pics above. This is Peel Tower in Ramsbottom, Bury. The top one is when we made it to the top, the bottom one is in the car park at the bottom - eek!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Rarrrrr =(

Weigh in today. I put on 2.5lbs!!

I'm not too fussed cos the big picture is that i have still lost 43.5 lbs in 17 weeks. I think that last weeks result may have been a bit of a false one and that i didnt really lose 6lbs, cos i just think it was too much to lose in a week at this stage without having done anything drastically different.

Next week - 2.5lbs will BE GONE!!!!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Where I Walked today!

I just found this pic of where i walked up today! Oh My God - i cant believe i made it up those steps!! I am going to do this walk once a month - and soon i'll be jogging up them! Not turning puce and nearly passing out! I must add that this photo is taken from about half way up the steps!!!

Pics & My Sunday!

Current pics as of today - 46lbs lost. I also took measurements today, and have lost some inches. My belly has gone from 55 inches when i first measured to 48 inches. I forgot to do my measurements when i started though!
I went for a walk today that there is no chance i would've been able to do 4 months ago! I only just managed it today! It wasnt the distance - i think i only did 7000 steps - its the fact that it was more or less all uphill! Some very steep steps, i had to stop halfway up due to going so dizzy, but i got there in the end!
On the way home we decided to go for a meal out, and as i hadnt had any lunch, i decided to treat myself to fish and chips - mmmm. Anyway, they had no fish so i ended up with jacket potato and chicken! And i'm sure i enjoyed it more than i would fish and chips as i'd have felt so guilty! I didnt finish the meal anyway, and didnt even consider dessert. Good me!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Am Smiling!

I got a text today off my Weightwatchers leader - it says:-
"Hi Gemma its Toni. Could you dig out some old photos? You truly are an inspiration. I would love to share your success with everyone else in the class if you dont mind? COME ON 50!"

I am so chuffed that Toni has taken the time to do this. The problem will be finding some photos - i avoided cameras like the plague! I did go to a christening the weekend after i had joined WW, and all the family kept coming round taking pics so someone must have some. If i get hold of any i will post on here - along with some new ones i am planning when i get the magic 5-0!!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

This Weeks Weigh In

Wow, i cant believe it. I wanted to lose 2lbs this week in order to get my 3 stone mark. Well i blew that out the water and lost a huge 6lbs!! Thats the most i've lost in week since starting! I was asked what i have done this week to have such a good result. All i can say is "i dont know"! I have done exactly what i have done every week. I did feel when i got to the meeting though that i'd had a good week!

Have posted my weight tracker above to show how i've done over the time since i joined WW. 46 lbs now in 15 weeks. Wahey - only 4 lb to my 50lb target before my birthday!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Eating Out - Before WW!

Having eaten out twice in the last two days i thought i'd list what i ate now, and what i would've eaten before WWers!

Friday lunch - all you can eat Chinese buffet
Actually Ate:- 1 bowl chicken & sweetcorn soup,
3 small pieces prawn toast
Plate 2 - 1/4 plate boiled rice
pork and peppers (mainly peppers as i picked them out) in black bean sauce, 1 spoonful,
1 spoonful spicy peppered chicken
Dessert 3 cubes jelly, 2 small scoops ice cream

Before WW would have been
1st plate 6-8 pieces prawn toast
3 spring rolls
3-4 spicy chicken wings
2-3 large onion rings
2nd plate - 1/2 plate egg fried rice
3 spoonfuls sweet & sour chicken
3 spoonfuls honey lemon chicken
more prawn toast
Dessert 2 choc chip muffins
3 or 4 banana fritters
lots and lots of cream (and would then have gone back to work and had chocolate as still wouldnt be full)

Yesterday i had lunch at a lovely Italian restaurant
I had 2 pieces garlic bread
penne pasta arrabiata (sp?), (spicy sausage with garlic and chillies in a tomato sauce)
black coffee and 3 mint imperials

Before WWers i would've had:
full portion garlic bread with cheese
lasagne or canneloni, with loads of parmesan cheese (i declined it yesterday!)
a scoopful of mint imperials

So already a huge difference in the food choices i make - and no blinking wonder i got to 22 1/2 stone!

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Phew. I am so relieved. I went along to my meeting absolutely dreading it. I dont feel i've had a good week and was this close (...) to not going. I am sooooo glad i did, i lost 3lbs!! Woo! Thats 40lbs in total! Woo Woo!!
So, 2lbs next week (fingers crossed and it'll be 3 stone!)
I want to have lost 50lbs by my 31st birthday in March, 10 lbs to go and i have 6 weigh ins left so it is doable!!
I've bought some Weightwatchers scales so am looking forward to playing with them this weekend and finding out if i've been going wrong anywhere with my points.
Also have a walk planned for Saturday with Helen and the kids, needs to be a good one as i havent had a good walk for a few weeks now.
Back on track (not that i ever went off track it seems!), mentally at least!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

I Need Motivation!!

I'm struggling this weekend?! All i want to do is eat eat eat and i'm getting strong cravings for chocolate and crisps and lots of them! I havent succumbed, but am going to have to go to bed in a minute (its only 9pm!), or i'm going to start troughing!

A reminder to myself of what i hope to achieve:- i want to wear my wedding/engagement rings again, i want to lose 50lbs by my birthday in March

A reminder of what i have already achieved!
* A loss of 37lbs in 14 weeks, meaning 10% of my start weight gone
* I fit in clothes i didnt just three months ago
* People are starting to pay me compliments and i'm not hiding away as much
* I can climb stairs without feeling the need to pass out at the top
* I can fasten my own shoelaces and put on my own socks, without having to ask my 9 year old to help me
* I can shave my legs without the need to be a contortionist

And a final warning to myself - if i was to put on just 2lbs this week, i will be back in the 20's - something I have vowed to myself i will never be again!

So this week:
Back on plan from tomorrow, stop messing about.
Drink lots of water
Get in some exercise, at least 3 15 minute sessions (as per My Fitness Coach on Wii)