Thursday, 29 January 2009


I lost 1 lb this week, taking total to 37lbs since October 08. AM very pleased with todays result as i dont feel i've had the best of weeks, and also its TOTM for the first time since Sept, so its 4 months worth (sorry to any fellas reading this!!). So i think a good result!

I think something that has helped this week is that the printer (approximately 10 steps from my desk) at work is broken so i've been using one upstairs! I think i'll carry this on even when the printer is fixed as its definitely boosted my steps this week. (Might have no choice if I.T dont pull their blinking fingers out!!)

Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Fun Time Had By All!

Well last night i was very brave and went roller skating at our local sports centre! I had so much fun. The pic is of me and my friend, Dawn. I managed to stay upright the whole time, although there were a couple of wobbly moments! I cant wait to go again!! Highly recommend it as a form of enjoyable exercise! I was shattered though very quickly, its very hard work!! The skating was followed by a few drinkies, well we had to walk past a few pubs on the way home - it'd be rude not to! Stayed in points though and must have earned a fair few activity points!
Just got back from the cinema with the kids. We watched Bedtime Stories, really enjoyed it. I somehow seemed to devour quite a lot of popcorn though - again its all pointed so no worries.
Going to spend tonight chillaxing! Feeling a bit delicate still after last nights escapades!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

I Need A New Target!

Well its that time of the week again! This week i lost 4lbs!! Am so happy! I got my 5th silver seven, 36lbs in total, and i am now 19 st 13lbs!
My targets for Jan were:
a) 10%
b) in the 19s
So both are done now! Havent given much thought to my next target weight wise, but i suppose with being a member of the 18st Wannabees my next target would be to get into the 18s! My NSV target is to wear my wedding ring again. I want to be able to do this by Valentines Day, keep trying it on but its not quiet there yet. Also have many more clothes to keep trying to squeeze myself into.
What did i do different this week (the leader always asks!)? I drank loooooaaads of water! I've gone from struggling with half a 500ml bottle to now having 2.5-3 a day. Also exercise! This weekends exercise will be tomorrow night - i'm going to a roller disco, and cannot wait! I'm sure i'll spend most of the night on me bum - good job its padded. Will try to get some photos and put them on.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

A Good Weekend

I've been an angel this weekend! Pass me the Mr Sheen for my halo! I have stuck rigidly to my points, I have drank water (which i never normally do when i'm at home!). And, i've exercised!

Yesterday I bought some new "exercise" clothes, a pair of jogging type pants (size 20, but are stretchy so not overly excited!), and a tshirt, also size 20 and verrrrry tight! Hubby likes the look of a certain part of me in it (or 2 certain parts!) So a new target for me is to have them fitting nicely.

I tried the Claire from Steps 5 Step Fat Attack DVD with Helen yesterday. It was good, a bit omplicated to get your hand round in some parts, and i really struggled with the combat section, stood still for most of it looking confuzzled! We had a good laugh - especially at the point i fell on the couch and bounced onto the floor!! Still i got through the whole DVD which was good. I have ordered Rosemary Conleys Fat Attack on DVD as i used to love it when on video. Also today huby and i went for a walk to our "local" Asda and back - a lot of it uphill on the way back! Am not convinced pedometer working properly as it registered only 9000 steps, which is about the same as last weeks walk and i know we went further today!

Hoping to keep this up all week for a good weigh in on Thursday.

Friday, 16 January 2009

What I Did At Work Today

Well i wouldnt normally post two days on the run, dont want to run out of things to say and ramble on...

Anyway, today at work i wiggled my bottom at everyone - to show of the fact i was wearing THE trousers - yes the ones I couldnt move in last week!! And i was soooooo happy!

I'm going to have to think of some new targets - i keep having to cross them all off my list!!!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Guess What I've Got???

Weigh In result for week 12 - i lost 2lbs - which means i got my 10% keyring. Woooooooo Woooooo Woooooo - i'm a little bit over the moon! It means such a lot that i got there, its the main target I set myself.
A fab result methinks after the disaster with points on Saturday. Things that have helped me thins week are cutting back on my points each day, so although i went massively over on Saturday i have pulled back enough points that i am actually a couple under for the weeks total.
Also this week i have been really going for it with the water! I struggled to drink even half a bottle but am now up to 2 bottles a day (at work) and a couple of glasses at home, so that helps loads.
Am to treat myself with a hot soak in the bath, i think i deserve it!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Sorry, couldnt think of a title - i'm sure one will come to me eventually (once i've finished typing the whole post).

Well the pedometer isnt going too well! I seem to struggle to do more than 6000 steps a day! Still i suppose that is a start and i am trying to be more active now i know i'm recording my steps. Yesterday, i upped my water intake too as i havent been drinking enough water. I did a total of 5424 steps yesterday and i think 4999 of them were going to the toilet and back!! So that must be why drinking water helps lose weight, all those extra steps!!

I've just signed up to the 18st wannabees so thats something else to keep me focused and motivated - hopefully i wont be a wannabee for too long!!

I'm doing well at pulling back my points after the overdose on points i had on Saturday, they should be all pulled back by time WI rolls round (2 days and counting down quickly!)

Had a huge NSV today - my MUM commented that she could see i've lost weight. She is my biggest critic and doesnt normally compliment me so i'm very chuffed that she has noticed!

On another note, off the topic of WW, my 7 year old, Elliot, has been undergoing tests for about a year due to difficult behaviour at school and i was struggling to cope with him too. Well at his final assessment today i was finally told that he has mild autism and ADHD. I'm happy that at last I have an answer, as i've said since he was about 1 that something wasnt right, but i keep bursting into tears about it. I think some of it is relief though that they havent told me i'm a neurotic mum and that he's just naughty! Not sure what the next step is, have to wait for the next appointment.

These things are sent to try us............

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Weekend Round Up

Not a very good weekend on the plan!! On Friday I managed to go over my points by 2, which isnt too bad in the grand scheme of things - easy to pull back the next day.

So Saturday - had my porridge for breakfast. Then went for a walk with the children, hubby and my friend Helen, and clocked up 5km on the pedometer. Very pleased with my little self! Had my usual Saturday lunch of a chicken & stuffing sandwich and a packet of french fries, all pointed and its all going well.

Then, went to Helen's for a girlie watching DVD night, and we decided to get takeaway. I had:-

2 poppadoms with mango chutney
1 medium onion bhaji
1 vegetable samosa
1 chappatti
korma with chicken & lamb (shared - half each)

Also had a fair bit of vodka, but did have diet lemonade!!

So all in all i have pointed the whole day at 50 points - a massive 21lbs over - eek!

So, halo is slightly battered and crumpled - but i will have it back in place and shining brightly by the time weigh in comes around.

Also, i forgot to mention i have bought a pedometer so i can keep an eye on my steps and check that i'm clocking up 10,000 a day - i managed it yesterday with the 5k walk but am a bit worried about just how far 10,000 steps is!! I'm sure it'll soon be second nature!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Official Post Christmas Weigh In

Not long back from weigh in. Have lost 3.5lbs since last official weigh in on 18th December, although only 1lb since weighing in at Boots on NYE.
Not sure what i think about it yet! Obviously its good, but think i was expecting more after having already lost 2.5lbs - even though i know they were different scales, different day, different time etc etc! Still its off - and wont be going back on again!!
On a plus point, i've had lots of comments over the last couple of days with people noticing i have lost weight and saying they can really see it now! Onwards and inwards i say!!
So total weight now lost is 30lbs (2 stone 2lbs). I want to lose 2lbs next week as i'm getting really impatient now for that 10% keyring!! The little shiny silver seven (4th one!), helped tonight though!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A Strange Day

I got up this morning and decided i would try on a pair of trousers that have been hung in my wardrobe gathering moth balls since i bought them (optimistcally) about 6 months ago. They are size 22 and wouldnt even go on. Annnnyway - they are now on!! I can fasten the zip and the button.....and then i cant move or breathe! But i am soooo chuffed they are on. I cant wait to wear them for work and wiggle my bum at everyone!!

This cheered me up after measuring myself the other night. This was after watching a programme about a pregnant lady whos bump measured 51inches, a couple of days before her due date. She gave birth to a 11lb 3oz baby!!!!! I thought she looked really big - then measured myself and discovered my "bump (he he)" is 54 inches and no baby to excuse it. I was devastated! But, in "glad game" mode, i'm glad i measured myself as i am now more determined than ever to lose weight!!

So i have been buzzing all day after my trouser try on. Then this evening i found out a close friend of my mums has died, aged 51. I feel strange, i suppose we all do when someone we know dies, even more so when they are young. Why do we all spend so much time worrying and stressing when we might not be here tomorrow. From now on my life is going to be for LIVING! i want to enjoy myself!

Anyway, enough of my ramble for one night! I just want to say thank you to everyone who is now following this, and especially to those who have taken the time to comment. If i help even one person it'll be good enough for me! Good luck all, i'll be back on thursday, post weigh in!!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

First Post of 2009!!

Well someone had to have one - and so they did - a picture of me at my biggest, which i have duly uploaded in its full horror for all to see! Ugh, hope no one has bad dreams after seeing it! I am wearing my "weighing in" outfit on this picture - i try to wear the same one every week. On the pic you can see it stretching accross my arms - it doesnt any more! HAHAHA!!

I'm making an effort to do more exercise and have been for two 3.5 mile walks, one on New Years Day and again today. Also went for a shorter walk on Friday - it all adds up.

Back to normal tomorrow, back to work - and the first two days back are going to be hell - very very busy. On the plus side at least i wont be thinking about food all day and should find it very easy to stick to plan!

Official WI on Thursday and i have fingers crossed for a good result. My first targets of 2009 are to get into the 19s and also to get my 10% badge! I aim to do this by end of Jan, which shouldnt be a problem (have i just jinxed myself!!)