Friday, 30 October 2009

Fully Cooked!!

Well as of today I am 37 weeks, and therefore baby is now classed as full term! How the heck did that happen, its gone so fast the last few weeks!

Im still being montiored for my blood pressure but it seems to have settled down now and all is well with baby too.

Im not expecting anything to happen just yet, my other 3 babies have all been late, so im still expecting to have another month of pregnancy! If im induced at 10 days over it will be 30th November. If anything happens before then - bonus! :D

Latest bump pic

Friday, 16 October 2009

5 Weeks To Go

or 7 at the absolute most!!!

I've now finished work - was supposed to finish today but ended up finishing last Thursday. I felt ill in work so rang the midwife who wanted to see me. Turns out my blood pressure was high, and as i've had pre eclampsia in 2 of my previous pregnancies i was sent to hospital. Im now on medication to lower my blood pressure, but after an appointment yesterday was again sent to hospital. I now have to go twice a week for monitoring, unless it settles down and stays down!

Baby is now behaving himself, is head down and is no longer measuring 4 weeks ahead - only 1 week ahead now - so maybe im not having the 13lber my hubby keeps saying i am!

Hopefully my bp will settle, or it'll make the next 5 weeks seem forever! I want to be able to relax before baby comes, not be rushing to hospital every other day!

Latest bump pic - taken this morning at 35 weeks

Monday, 5 October 2009

Measurements & Weigh In

I've just measured myself for the first time in ages! Im very pleased to report that other than 4 inches i have gained around my belly/bump all other measurements are the same as when i last measured before finding out I was pregnant!! Woo! And my belly is still 3.5 inches smaller than when i first measured after joining weightwatchers - and i'd already lost a stone by then! This is quiet shocking to think that i was bigger than someone 9 months pregnant, and spurs me on to be rejoining once im allowed to!

I also got weighed last Friday - still 18st 11lbs - so no gain since last weigh in 2 weeks ago and still less than when i got pregnant. I know this has a lot to do with all the sickness coming back again, but im hoping to be lighter than i have been in a long time once this bambino is born!!