Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I had an appointment with my consultant today. I have 9 days until my due date, but have been backwards and forwards to hospital for monitoring of my blood pressure. It has been creeping higher again the last week to 10 days, and i've been feeling ill.

Anyways, im going to be induced on Friday!! (the 13th but im not superstitious!!) So all being well i'll have a baby before this weekend is out! Its my middle sons birthday on Saturday so he could be getting a baby brother for his birthday!! How unique a present!

Im so excited, yet scared and nervous too! But more than that, im just so relieved i'll have my body back! I've been sick every day for over 7 months, so i cant wait for that to stop!

I had a scan last Weds and baby was estimated to be approx 8.5lbs then, so he could be about 9lbs now, but i suppose i'll find out before long!!


  1. It's good to hear from you again. What a lovely present your son could have for his birthday. Good luck Gemma. xx

  2. Wow, good luck for tomorrow hun - look forward to photos!!