Friday, 1 May 2009

Hospital No 2!!

Another little update! I had my dating scan on Wednesday, so now officially have a due date of 20th November! Am so excited - except i'll probably have a December baby cos i always seem to go 9 days over before things start happening. Although after all the problems i've had in the first 11 weeks, i think it only fair that i should get a nice early baby this time!!!!!!!!

I was weighed on Wednesday at the hospital and have lost 6lbs since i found out i was pregnant. I was 18st 8 lbs and am now 18 st 2 lbs! Think i know the reason for that though! When i attended my appointment i had been sick all day so had no food in me, and the day before i was sick a massive 13 times! Think thats a record for me! Anyway, needless to say i ended up back in hospital on a drip, had to stay in for 2 nights.

My consultant came to see me, and said she was most surprised at seeing me on the maternity unit. She saw me in September last year when i was being investigated due to my lack of periods (none for 7 months at that stage). I was 22.7 stones, and she advised me to lose weight. So the week later i joined WWers and, well you know the rest! She was very pleased for me, and said if i'd have told her i'd be pregnant in 6 months she'd have told me where to go! I was beaming under my little halo!


  1. Awww!
    That's such good news.
    And I bet you were grinning at the consultant!!

    GO YOU!!

  2. Yay! I love pregnancy stories :) Just hope you stop feeling sick soon!!