Friday, 24 April 2009


I've spent most of the day in hospital today. As per my last couple of entries i've had really bad sickness. Anyways, Weds afternoon it got really bad and carried on all the way through yesterday and this morning. My doc advised me to go to A&E, who sent me onto the maternity ward.

Anyway, had an antisickness injection, and they've started me on tablets. I had 2 litres of fluid via a drip.

Anyways, they said they wanted to do a scan to check if i was carrying twins - gulp!

I wasnt! Theres only one! Im about 10 weeks, but have my official dating scan still next Weds.

Heres a pic!!


  1. awww poor you for bein so ill from it, its one of the things that puts me off pregnancy! The pic is cool though!!!

  2. sorry to hear you're suffering... I always think pregnancy is supposed to be such a wonderful experience and it's sad to see people go through it feeling like crap. Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy it!