Thursday, 13 August 2009

Do Do DO doooooo - The Final Countdown!!

99 days to go until Due Date - eek! Im 25+6 weeks pregnant. Had a midwife appointment this morning and all is well. Blood pressure still behaving so pleased about that. I am measuring 29 weeks though, so a little ahead of where i should be measuring. Midwife said nothing to worry about as last bubba was 9lb 7 and i parted with him no probs, so she reckons i'll be ok up to 10 and a half lbs!!!

Well this is a weightwatching blog - and that'd be a good result!! I got weighed this week and have gained a lb from last week, so 18 st 5lbs again (but havent stopped eating and have an uncontrollable craving for fruit cake!).

Heres the latest pic of me and my belly, taken on Sunday


  1. wowee hun, you're belly is growing!! What is your weight difference from when you got pregnant to now?

  2. You're looking ever so well. It seems to of flown by since you first mentioned you were expecting. Hope you're feeling well.
    Karon x

  3. Thanks ladies!! Bryher, i was 18st 11.5 when i got the positive test, and am now 18 st 5, so still 6.5lbs off! I think i've shrunk everywhere but my belly! I'll do some more measurements soon!

  4. Good on you for getting your weight down, most people would use it as an excuse! KEEP IT UP HUN.

    I was 25 weeks and 6 days pregnant when my twins were born! xox

  5. Wow your looking really well, and as for keeping the weight down, thats fantastic !! How r u doing that ? I put on 4 stone each pregnancy... !!! Your doing great x