Tuesday, 4 August 2009

OOps - Am Bad At Blogging!

I havent updated for a while. Im now 24 weeks 4 days pregnant. I got weighed today, and am 18st 4lbs. So still 4lbs lighter than when i first got pregnant! Im quiet pleased with that, i know im not gaining weight - apart from where it matters cos baby is growing well (as is my belly!)

Im still having the odd bout of sickness but i can cope with it now! Ive also been getting lots of headaches, and just really not enjoying myself at all!

Last week i ended up with swine flu so was in bed from Tues afternoon until Sat afternoon, it was not fun, had to keep myself isolated, but it seems to have paid off so far as none of the family have had it - really dont want the kids getting it! Think it may be this that has contributed to me not gaining weight, as last week the most calories i had in a day was 300! I managed without any anitvirals drugs and just paracetamol - so hopefully thats my lot now and i wont get it again! Ive had flu before and to be honest it was worse than last week, so whether i've had a mild dose or its just not as bad as the media would have us believe im not sure!

Feeling good now - although tired after a day at work - its a rarity these days to get a full day in!!


  1. Blimey, poor you catching swine flu!!! Glad to hear all is well with you, baby and your weight - that is fantastic I must say! Keep updating us, its nice to hear from you!

  2. Well done on the weight front! I'm hoping to get pregnant in a few months and my doctor has painted horrifying pictures of me gaining back the 2 stone I've lost, and then some... I still believe it must be possible to control the weight gain and still eat all the nutrients the baby needs, and you're living proof.
    Are you doing anything in particular? How many calories do you think you consume in a (normal) day?
    Sorry to hear you had the flu. It sounds like you beat the crap out of it though, lol!

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