Friday, 16 October 2009

5 Weeks To Go

or 7 at the absolute most!!!

I've now finished work - was supposed to finish today but ended up finishing last Thursday. I felt ill in work so rang the midwife who wanted to see me. Turns out my blood pressure was high, and as i've had pre eclampsia in 2 of my previous pregnancies i was sent to hospital. Im now on medication to lower my blood pressure, but after an appointment yesterday was again sent to hospital. I now have to go twice a week for monitoring, unless it settles down and stays down!

Baby is now behaving himself, is head down and is no longer measuring 4 weeks ahead - only 1 week ahead now - so maybe im not having the 13lber my hubby keeps saying i am!

Hopefully my bp will settle, or it'll make the next 5 weeks seem forever! I want to be able to relax before baby comes, not be rushing to hospital every other day!

Latest bump pic - taken this morning at 35 weeks


  1. What a beautiful bump :)
    Hope you can enjoy the next few weeks and not have to worry about your BP. It's so nice having a full month off work before birth (we get 1 week here...), hope you can relax and get everything ready for baby :)

  2. Not long to go now :o) Hope the BP settles!