Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tablets Now!

I finally picked up my tablets on Thursday. Yak, i've felt ill ever since the first one. All day yesterday my head was pounding (which, to be fair, I might've had a headache anyway), and things kept moving when I looked at them (walls and things!) I took the second one last night and was in bed 30 mins later, 8.30pm! So we'll see what today brings!

I haven't felt too bad this week actually. The non stop crying seems to have stopped, and the only time I felt anxious was before setting off to Alder Hey for Kieron's appointment. I have now convinced myself though that something is going to go wrong on Tuesday! All sorts of crazy thoughts going through my head, from the car breaking down, to getting stuck in traffic, to something actually going wrong in the op.

Went to the cinema on Weds, watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was ok. I'd recommend it when it's on tele if theres nothing else on at the same time! It's had great reviews, but I found it a bit slow going. I do like to not have to concentrate too much when at the cinema, but this was beyond easy watching!


  1. I'd stay in bed all day Tuesday just in case LOL

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