Thursday, 29 November 2012


My first weigh in after a week of slimming world, and i'm very pleased with how it's gone.  I lost 10lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been really good, and really enjoyed it too.  I have been doing actual cooking, from scratch, and its been a while since I did that!  On Sunday I made chilli beef noodles, it was lurverly!  On Monday I made chicken tikka massala (which wasn't quite so lurverly, but I was missing a few ingredients, haha!).  On Tuesday I made a chilli, and had it with rice and it was delish!!  I had left over chilli on a jacket potato last night.  All the recipes were from the Slimming World website.

So all in all, I have eaten well, I haven't once felt hungry, and it feels good to be back in control :)

It's bin day today, and when I was putting the bin out this morning I realised it was only 3/4's full, normally it's bursting at the seams.  The only thing I can think is it's because there's no takeaway packaging (been having 2-3 takeaways per week), fewer chocolate/crisp wrappers (there's still some as hubby hasn't joined in yet!), and no cake tubs etc!


  1. Hurrah!!! Great to have you back! I have been wondering how you are going and am so pleased to hear you are back in control. Bravo - and the first weeks results are amazing.

    Particularly great not not to be feeling hungry .... what a bonus! I think that is the really hard bit.

  2. hey...thats reaally did u do it?pls tell me the secret....i have been trying all along for many years in vain.