Thursday, 24 January 2013

Update :)

I updated my tracker last week, but forgot to write an update so here it is!

Last week I lost 2.5 lbs, meaning a total of 27.5lbs, and only 1/2 a lb away from the 2 stone award.

I had my first NSV (non scale victory), when I put on a pair of trousers which were waaaaaaaay too tight before Xmas, and they fit now, woop!

This week, I felt i've had a bad week.  On Sunday, my mum had made jam tarts for the children.  They had 3 between them, I had the rest (about 6 I think), and this led to me having a binge (crisps, biscuits and chocolate).  Then on Monday, because I was fed up of myself having a binge on Sunday, I had another one, not quiet so big this time.  A good thing I did on Monday was to take the boys sledging in the snow we had, due to school being closed.  So, I was walking for about 1.5 hours and it involved lots of hills.  This must have done me some good, because i've just been to weigh in and.....

.......I lost 3.5lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, i got my 2 stone award, and i've now also lost 10% of my start weight, so got my Club 10 award too.  Very pleased with that.

I also had my hair cut yesterday for the first time in almost 2 years!!  Feels much better, I need to dye it though, when did I get so old, these children are turning my hair grey very quickly!!


  1. well done on your losses. I hate that post-binge feeling its really horrible isnt it? But at least you have put it behind you and managed to lose weight. Good luck for this week.

  2. Go YOU! It just shows that if you eat healthily generally an occasional lapse isn't a tragedy. Good luck for the next week.

  3. Félicitation ! vous avez eu beaucoup de courage et sa vous va à merveille.