Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy 2013 :)

Happy New Year!

I have had a lovely Xmas and New Year.  It was very quiet and we didn't get up to very much.  The only time we went out was Xmas Day to my mum's, and Boxing Day to watch the local pantomime, our 10th year of going - i'm fairly sure they should be paying us for going now!!  I was a very proud mum as Jake got up on stage at the end to sing a song a show the actions, he was very good, no nerves, a future star I think!

I went to weigh in between Xmas and New Year and had gained 3 lbs.  Instead of that spurring me on to start being good again, I thought, well sod it, and carried on eating like a pig.  I have really pigged out, actually went to bed a couple of times with that overfull, I need to be sick feeling.  So I was dreading weigh in on Thursday, thinking up allsorts of excuses not to go!  In the end I went, and am glad I did, as I had only gained 1 lb!!  So 4lbs over the whole 2 weeks.  I can live with that.  Am trying my very hardest to get back on track, but my oven has broken so I can't cook anything, which is making things difficult!  We are waiting for an electrician to come and wire in our new one, he was supposed to be here an hour ago, am really hoping he turns up, I neeeeeeeeed my oven back!


  1. 4lbs over 2 weeks if you've decided to just go with it and accept a gain isn't too big a deal at all.

    Hope the electrician has been and sorted the oven and you can jump back on track and see that gain gone. ^_^

  2. Happy New Year Gemma, hope 2013 is a happy and healthy one for you and your family xx