Thursday, 14 March 2013

Keeping On Track

I'm still on the wagon! I've lost 2 lbs this week, after maintaining last week.  So all together I have lost 40.5lbs now.

I have joined a gym, although i've only been once so far!  I'm so unfit.  I managed 7 minutes on the cross trainer (those things are harder than they look!), 25 minutes on the treadmill (walking - not quiet up to running just yet!), 15 minutes on the exercise bike (was much easier when I got the seat at the right height for me!), and struggled to 2 minutes on the rowing machine (had to pretend the screen was broken to cover up being so embarrassed at only managing 2 minutes!).  I also went swimming yesterday and managed around 30 lengths (25 metre pool), although I lost count after 22.  Was very pleased with that, I thought i'd be dragging myself out after 2 lengths!

I am going to a wedding in 8 weeks time, so I have set myself a challenge (set it last week) to lose 18 lbs before then.  So after this weeks weigh in, I have 16 lbs to go.


  1. 40.5 lbs.... woweee. Great stuff!

  2. well done on your loss keep going. Youll find that your fitness will improve, add a minute each time you go and you'll get there!