Monday, 30 March 2009

Been A Lazy Blogger!

I havent posted for over a week, deary me! One of the main reasons is that I am no longer weighing in on a Thursday at Weightwatchers - i have been kicked out and am not allowed to go any more :(

Over the next few months i'll be growing my belly back again (but hopefully nowhere else), cos im pregnant! Im only very early (about 6/7 weeks), so a long way to go yet.

So as i said above i am not allowed to be a member of WW anymore, but i know the plan now so i have no excuse for not sticking to it - apart from the sickness of course! I have been feeling sick in the mornings for nearly a week now, and today has been horrible! I felt a little bit sick this morning and it has got worse as the day has gone on :(

I made myself boiled rice and piri piri chicken for tea, sat down to eat and couldnt face it - so ended up with abowl of sultana bran instead! Think i may be living off cereals for the forseeable future if this carries on!!

I'll still be getting weighed as i dont want to gain loads of weight and have to loose it all again afterwards! And i'll be keeping my blog and still following everyone elses xx


  1. huge congrats =)

    Protein is key for healthy growth, as is eating little and often.

  2. That is fantastic news, congratulations! Keep us updated with how you get on and lets see some pics as your belly grows too - what a great place to keep a record!!

  3. Well done you!!! Your life is about to make the best turn and enjoy it.

  4. Hi Gemma. You are a star and I have no doubt that you will be absolutly fine........if you need it........have it!!

    Look forward to seeing you next year!

  5. A huge congratulations!

    Please please keep blogging and checking on your weight with us! I just let it go and gained another 5 stone! Use me as a cautionary tale LOL!

    I love hearing about pregnancy stuff!

    Big hug!

    Janine x x x