Thursday, 12 March 2009

Fingers Crossed & Thinking Light Thoughts

I need a really good weigh in result tonight if i'm still to be on target for losing 50lbs before my birthday! I have had a really good week and been almost (!) angelic! My only slip up was yesterday really. I went to my Aunties funeral and despite my best intentions i got very drunk on white wine! But i didnt eat a lot (just 1 bowl of potato pie - without the delicious looking crust!!) When i got home i wanted a splurge and takeaway - i had 4 cadburys choc fingers instead! Was tucked up and snoring in bed by 9.30pm! Not exactly "fresh as a daisy today!"

I'm going to visit my friend Fatima today who had a baby girl, Mariam on 3rd March - am sooooooo excited! I love babies!!


  1. Good luck for WI tonight!

    J x x

  2. Hope WI is a good one, and enjoy those newborn snuggles! =)