Saturday, 7 March 2009

My Saturday

Been for a lovely walk today, at Hollingworth Lake in Rochdale. We walked all the way round it - and its no pond!! Its a lovely area, and we'll go again when the weather improves - was a bit rainy and windy today! We'll take a picnic in the summer! I liked it because there were no hills or steps (unlike where we may be going tomorrow, shhh OH might forget!)

A couple of pics from the day, a bit of scenery - and a rather scary picture of me being a bit blown away and rained on!

We went for tea at a lovely pub after the walk. I wish i'd have had what hubby had it looked delicious - he had a mixed grill followed by a humoungous ice cream/profiterole sundae thing (looked yummy!). But I had quorn chilli with rice and tortilla chips, followed by frozen low fat yoghurt with fruits of the forest (which i didnt finish, was lurvely but i was full!)

Pic of hubby's dessert! Not the best pic but you get the general idea - it was calorific!


  1. Chilli and rice yummy :)

  2. Those pictures brought back memories for me! I lived in Rochdale for a few years when i was small and i won a goldfish at the lake fair!

    Looks great and you can see that you've lost weight off your face already!

    Keep up the good work!

    J x

  3. The chilli sounds fab - I do like the look of your hubby's dessert too though!!