Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I have been sooooo bad at blogging that i thought i'd better nip on to catch up with everyone and post a little update.

Im still not really following the WW plan, im eating what i can when i can - and even that seems to come back half the time, i just feel soo rough, bleurgh. I havent weighed in for a few weeks as i havent been at work. I was off sick the week before Easter weekend, then on leave last week to look after my youngest, then this week i have been off again to look after youngest as he has chicken pox and an ear infection - luverly jubberly!

We went to a wedding on Saturday so thought i would post a couple of pics, it was a gorgeous day, and everything was fantastic. The groom is hubby's cousin Michael and the bride Angela. The other pic is off me wearing the mother of the grooms hat! Lovely!

Apart from feeling rough, all appears to be well with the pregnancy, i have my first scan on 29th April so i'm looking forward to that, i'll finally know how far along i am, when bubs is due and also how many are in there (please please please only be 1!)

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  1. Love the pic of you in the hat! Really nice picture. Keep us posted on the baby doc visit. Take care of yourself.