Thursday, 2 April 2009

Weigh In

I decided to still have my own little weigh in - it being Thursday! So waited until 6.30, jumped on the WiiFit - and was 18st 11 - thats 3lb on since last week - totally not happy, will have to go to Boots tomorrow, it might be more accurate! I've hardly eaten anything this week cos i feel so bleurgh all the time! Im thinking maybe its water retention or something.

I've been feeling nauseous pretty much 24/7, it starts off alright in the morning and gets progressively worse as the day goes on, meaning evenings are absolutely awful, i've been living off cereals and toast this week (maybe hence the 3lb gain?!). Today i have started to actually be sick, and in previous pregnancies have had sickness all the way through, maybe this one will be different and it'll disappear at 12 weeks like its supposed to! (please please please!)

Had my first midwife appointment today, it was the midwife who delivered my first nearly 10 years ago and my youngest nearly 5 years ago! I really like her so i'm very pleased to have seen her again! She has also made my booking in appointment (which will be at home), for 11th April, cos she knows she's on shift that day so it'll be her who comes. She's also booked me in for my first scan on 29th APril, yay!


  1. Oh my gosh! I missed the post where you're preggers. CONGRATULATIONS GEMMA!!! That's wonderful!

  2. Apparently the wii fit really isn't that accurate for weighing on so maybe the Boots scales are a good idea?

    I have no ideas how pregnancies work with the healthcare professionals being involved but sounds like you've had plenty of experience in the past! What on earth is a booking in appointment?

    I hate the idea of morning sickness, I think thats one of the things that has put me off so far!