Thursday, 4 February 2010

Update and Blog Awards!

Well its flown round again - that time of the week! I lost 2lbs this week. Im oh so close to that 70lb mark - cant wait for next weeks weigh in, im sure to get it! (Fingers crossed!)

This week has been good. Ive eaten out twice and made sensible choices (choosing salad when offered chips or mash!!). Its my mums birthday today so i cut myself a slice of cake for after weigh in! Thought i had 3 points worth, but when i weighed it, it worked out at 8 points! Eek! So i cut off 5 points worth and just had the 3 instead! Once upon a time i would have just eaten the full slice. Not any more!

I went shopping on Saturday and bought my bridesmaid dress for my best mates wedding in June. Im currently a size 20, and ive bought the dress in a 16 - so i have something to aim for and im determined to get there (well i have to now i have the dress!) The dress was reduced from £90 to £27 in the sale so couldnt not buy it!

Ok, Karon gave me an award last week and i duly completed my 7 facts. Now i'd like to nominate my 7 people whose blogs i enjoy reading. So here goes:

Joanne - Jo's Journey

Enigmanda - Seeing A Little Less of Me

Phil - The Incredible Shrinking Man

Lanabanana24 - The Road To Success Is Not Straight

Natasha - Girl Stuck In a Rut

Mandy - I dont Skinny Dip - I Chunky Dunk

Shaz - Chewing The Fat

This week I have had a couple of goes on Biggest Loser on Wii and i also got Wii Fit plus which i am really enjoying. We've all been doing it together and having a good old giggle, am liking the calorie counter on Wii fit plus!


  1. Well done you and you're so close. you'll reach that milestone next week. Great idea buying the bridesmaid dress in a size 16. What an incentive to keep you on track. x

  2. How good are you only eating 3 points worth of cake! Well done, you really deserve good losses.
    Thanks for the nomination. xox