Thursday, 11 February 2010

Oh - WOW!

I have been ever such a good girl this week! I was determined to loose 1/2 a lb, in order to get to 70lbs lost. My 5 stones mark.

I lost 3.5lbs! Yay, omg i nearly ran round the room, im so thrilled and excited! I have the biggest grin on my face! Ive now lost more weight than i have left to loose. Im over half way there!

I have made an extra effort this week to eat all or most of my points, as i wasnt really eating them all before, was probably 4-6 points under each day. So i think thats helped. Ive also been on the Wii Fit plus every day, and been a bit more adventurous than just playing the games! Ive been doing some of the yoga and muscle exercises too - and whats more ive been enjoying them.

Next target is to get my hands on that 75lb certificate! My leader said tonight that she would order it now, but i told her not to! Dont want anything to jinx me!


  1. That's just fantastic Gemma. Well done you!! I'm 4.5 lbs from getting my 75lb certificate too. I can't wait. With a bit of luck we'll have it by the end of the month. Have a great week hunny xxx

  2. Raar, hear you roar!! Fab stuff. You'll have your mitts on that certificate in no time.

  3. STUNNING news!!
    You have done soooo well!!
    (Only jokin')

    Seriously...well done you, now you're downhill all the way to goal!! YAY!

    *does cheerleader-y stuff*