Sunday, 19 September 2010

Another Bad Week..

....last week! I was so angelic from Friday to Monday afternoon. It was my son Jake's 6th birthday on Monday, and i bought carrot sticks and humous for me to munch on.

Except I overidulged on mini pizzas, mini sausage rolls, potato wedges, cocktail sausages, pork pies, and to top it all off a jaffa cake bar and generous slice of birthday cake. Oh, and i forgot the onion rings and cheese puffs :/

This then led to me carrying on being "naughty" for the rest of the week, including all day Thursday. Got to scales and had gained 1.5 pounds, which I dont think was too bad after everything I put away. Im just hoping the "true" damage doesnt catch up to me this weeks weigh in.

I have the class tracker this week. Everyone who has had it so far has lost weight, and usually a good weight loss too, so no pressure!! I have been so so good so far, and hopefully having this tracker for the week will help me get back on track. Its my daughters birthday on Wednesday, so fingers crossed i can resist all the bad foods, and just eat my own meal that im going to make seperate from their "party" nibbles!

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