Saturday, 11 September 2010


Check out my ticker!! My BMI is now 29.9, im overweight! No longer obese!

This could all change next week though, I pigged out and binged my way through last week. Fell off the wagon in spectacular style. Scared me really as I thought I had all my food demons beaten, it seems not, they are still there, and they can come back to get me sometimes. But i've knocked them all on the head (I hope), again for a while and as of yesterday I am back pointing and tracking.

Weigh in - I lost a pound! I have no idea how, but due to all the binging I am not going to be surprised if I have a gain next week, even though I plan on being good!

I suppose what i should have done is come here to my blog or log on to the boards, I m sure that would have encouraged me to stop the binging, but i didnt think of it. I didnt think of anything other than what i could shove in my mouth next. I just don't understand why i do it, rarrr!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on being "overweight"
    i just dream of being tubby ;)