Thursday, 23 September 2010

Woop Woop :)

Well, having the class tracker seems to have done the trick for me!! I lost 4.5lbs this week! Yay yay yay!! Taking my total to 127 lbs, or 9 st 1 lb!! Am over the moon and back with that result.

SO what did i do different!!? I track every week so having the class tracker surely wouldnt make that much difference. Wrong!! As i knew other people would be seeing my tracker this week i made a concious effort to vary my foods, tomake sure i got my 5 portions of fruit vegy stuffs every day (most days having way more!). I also bought the "Fabulous & filling" recipe book and made a couple of things out of there. I made some 0 points soup to have, which lasted me from Saturday til today, and was gorgeous and filling!

It was my daughters 11th birthday yesterday, and i did all the same foods that i pigged out on last week. But because i had the tracker, i didnt have any of it. I had a ww ready meal instead, but treated myself to a crispy chocolate cookie and a chocolate orange brownie - both made from the recipe book, total of 2.5 points for both!!

Feeling fab and focussed and ready to go again!! Only 2 stones to go to my target :)


  1. Oh wow Gem, that's fab!! You've done so well. What an acheivement to of lost over 9 stones. You're an amazing lady. The rate you're going that final 2 stones will be off in no time!! Keep at it, you're blooming fantastic xxx