Friday, 17 December 2010


Ive put on this week. I dont know how much, I didnt go to weigh in. Ive been binge eating again :( I really dont know whats wrong with me, think im a little bit depressed in general.

Also, am off sick from work with what i think is neuralgia - basically - face ache. It hurts so much, going to try to get to docs today, see if i can get me some stronger painkillers as paracetamol are doing naff all. I also have at least 4 mouth ulcers to which are agony, but on the plus side I dont want to eat :)


  1. Hi, was just flicking through blogs until I bumped into yours, although putting on seems like a disaster, look how much you have lost being from 22 to 13 stone. I think you are a true credit to all those dieters out there. Good luck x

  2. Hi! I was also flicking through blogs and came across yours. A true inspiration -- keep it up!