Thursday, 2 December 2010


I dont know how but i've lost 2lbs this week!! I am more than happy with that as I havent had the best of weeks. I havent counted a point all week! So ive had a lucky escape, because i did overindulge at weekend. I ate loads of rubbish i shouldnt have eaten, but ive been good since Monday and have been going on the Wii Fit loads. I was hoping to stay the same so i could have danced with delight at the scales!!

Im now 12st 10lbs (or 178 lbs), i think this could be my lowest weight since I was school age, yay! Oh and i have new pyjamas - in a size 12-14, so chuffed, although my brain is still struggling to comprehend that im anywhere near a 12!!


  1. well done!! Ive just started reading your blog, you have done fantastically well, defo something for me to aim at xx

  2. Hey just think, if you were in America you would be a 10/12! Skinny mini!