Saturday, 22 January 2011

Day 1

So its Day 1 back on plan, its 9.40 am and I already feel like im struggling! Normally on day 1 I feel so empowered and raring to go and so positive. Right now I want crisps and chocolate, and to sit and eat nonstop like I have been doing.

Anyway so far I have had 4 points, porridge and milk. Im going to try really hard to stick at it, I know once i've got back into it the cravings will disappear and i'll be able to focus properly, and once I see the weight coming off again it'll keep me going.

AM going to try to get out for a walk today too, I havent been doing any exercise at all. It wont be easy with my 6 year old in tow, he gets upset by the end of the street, really doesnt like walking!!

As always, thank you all for your encouraging comments, im going to use them to spur me on and keep going.


  1. Do you have a park nearby where you can go with your 6 year old so you can both have fun?

  2. We have several parks - he doesnt like to walk to them though! He's happy as Larry as long as he can get there by car! I will take him to a park - on foot though ;)

  3. I found your blog by coincidence, and I wan just congratule you.
    You are a role model.
    keep going.

  4. I also found your blog by coincidence... through the "next blog" button. Looks like you've made some pretty incredible progress! Congratulations, and keep it up! :)