Friday, 7 January 2011

Official Weigh In

I went to meeting last night, it was the first weigh in since 9th December, and i'd gained 9lbs! I was 13st 11 at Boots on Tuesday, but was 13st 6lbs last night, so i've either lost 5lbs since Tuesday or one of the sets of scales are a bit out!! As i've gone from eating all the crap I can get my hands on to sort of being good, I could very well have lost 5lbs since Tuesday.

Had another binge last night, but i think i got it out of my system! I had a HUGE Toblerone bar and made myself feel very sick!

So back onwards and inwards from today, thank you again for your encouragement! My initial target is to get the 9lbs i've gained off, by say mid Feb. Ive set myself a target of getting to goal weight by 12th July. Thats not a special date, i just pinched it off a friend of mine who is also aiming to get to goal by that date!!


  1. Nice one Gem! That's great news. Your July target is definitely achievable.

  2. You'll do it no problem chick! xxx

  3. Gemma just a msg to say you look great in the top pic (taken on 14th Oct) and you've come a long way with the weight, congrats and fair play to you!!
    Take care of yourself and if you dont walk, get out of the house and clear your head every day for 20 mins, take an ipod maybe and relax. Dont see it as a form of exercise, just a head-clearing 20 mins a day! (You may already walk, I havent read all your blog yet but well done on your achievements so far!!) x

  4. good job! :D hi5!

  5. I love your blog. I love your photos. You look great. I'm a baker, I have a baking blog with delicious things to look at that might make it hard for you. But good luck. I have weight issues too and find myself binging as well.