Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Behaving Myself!

First of all , thank you to Tim for such a lovely comment on my last post :)

My kick up the arris on Saturday seems to have done the trick so far! I have been eating healthier, and I have cut out all the rubbish (cakes, pastries, chocs, crisps, bombay mix, cola/cherryade), haven't had any all week so far.

I got the courage together to weigh myself on Sunday, on the Wii, and as expected I have gained 3 stones, since April :/ Im now back up to 18.5 stone or 258 lbs.

I think my body is on a crash down from it all though, I have been having headaches, and my stomach, without going into TMI, is off! Probably withdrawals from the thousands of calories and all the sugar/fats I was scoffing.

SO you can get an idea of what I was eating on a typical day (im doing this to shock myself too, it always looks worse written down)

Breakfast - 2 toasted teacakes drowning in butter
Morning snack - banoffee flapjack
Lunch - sandwich (usually a large baguette), or 2 pasties, followed by a cake or danish pastry
Afternoon stodge (too much for a snack) - packet crisps (usually a big Grab Bag), bar of choc (normal size), can of cherryade/cola. I have been known to buy 3 iced fingers or large cookies and eat them all
Dinner - lots of takeaways, either chicken burger & chips, or Mighty Meaty (10 imch) pizza, with onion rings & garlic bread, or a chinese/indian
Evening - packet bombay mix or large bag crisps, large bag M&M's or family size choc bar, and sometimes a double pack of cake (choux buns, new york cheesecake, raspberry turnovers)



  1. I could just repost that daily list of food on my blogpost because it was pretty similar to what I was eating too. Even now I can easily polish off most of that but i just have to fight the urge and find alternatives i.e. instead of coke, drink fizzy flavoured water or half the pizza and eat it with salad instead of onion rings but make sure I pile on lots of salad I like i.e. lots of tomatoes.

    Fair play to you for writing it all down, sometimes seeing it written down helps us realise what we are doing to ourselves and it often helps get back on the right path.

  2. Hi Gemma
    It's been a long time - just catching up on posts!
    I'm glad you have had a kick up the arris - look at your piccies on the right hand side - you can do it and I'm sure you will.
    I know its not all plain sailing, as I know only too well, and things do happen on our lives that throw up right off track but I am so glad you have kept with it and still blog and will get back on it.
    You gave me so much inspiration on my journey which has lapsed slighly with one thing and another.
    You can do it and you will!
    Come on Gems and get that arris into gear!!!
    Tina x

  3. Welcome back Gem - don't worry, I am in EXACTLY the same place as you - tipping the scales at 18st when I was 15st this time last year :( We can do this! xxx

  4. Вы большая молодец!!!!=) СУпер!!!

  5. Aye, but you went away again :) Come back!

    call New Zealand

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