Monday, 26 September 2011

Depression Questionnaire

Last time I went to the Dr, he did a questionnaire and I scored 14, he didnt do one today, so thought I would do my own - the results are below, and theres no surprises there. These results were after being truly honest with myself, not telling little lies like I did to the doc.

You have reached level 59 on the Goldberg scale.

0 - 9Depression unlikely21 - 35Minor to moderate depression
10 - 17Possibly minor depression36 - 53Moderate to severe depression
18 - 21On the verge of depression54+Severe depression


  1. What sort of questions are asked?

  2. Google it, there's many questionnaires, I did 4, all with similar results! If you look for Godberg scale you'll find this one.

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