Monday, 26 September 2011

Weekend and Monday

The weekend, all in all, wasn't too bad. I didn't cry all day Sat or Sunday, until about 30 minutes after jake came home from his regular Sunday at his Nanna's. I don't like to say this but he DRIVES ME CRAZY. I really can't cope with his behaviour, I will have to make a list of what he does, but basically, everything he does bugs me. He doesn't listen to a damn thing I ask him to do, his room and every other room he has been in is a wreck. He wets the bed most nights, so having to deal with that is annoying, although obviously I know it's not his fault.

On Sunday, myself and Darren and Olivia and Elliot went on a tour around Reebok Stadium, home of the (not so mighty) Bolton Wanderers. It was a good hour and a half, very interesting, although I wasn't too keen on having to climb 6 flights of stairs to get to the commentators gallery, 89 feet above the pitch!

I have been to the Dr today. Not much use really. He's given me some antidepressants, Citalapram, which I'm not sure if they sent me even more cuckoo last time I tried them. Have to go back and see him in two weeks.

Almost forgot. After the tour we went for a meal. I was opposite a mirror. Yuk. I look like my before picture again :(


  1. Just out of interest, do you think doctors should spend more time talking to people instead of issuing tablets. I'm asking because I saw a documentary about it and most of the people who went to the doctors didnt feel like they needed antidepressants as they didnt feel they worked properly, but they just someone to talk to instead.

  2. Yes, but they don't have time, he didnt even offer to refer me to someone so I could talk. I don't like docs who just shove a pack of tablets at you

  3. Hey Gemma, I think you're doing incredibly well. You've taken the brave steps to be honest with yourself and with us lot out here in the t'interweb and you're not suffering in silence. It's good to talk and you know we'll be as honest and as helpful as we can. I'm glad you're doing fun activities with your family, sounds like you had a good weekend. Take care MrsShilts xxx

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